1. O

    PasteSpecial how to

    Hi everyone, The below bit of code will copy then paste dates that are less than or equal to 6 months from today's date. The data on "sheet1" is formatted differently to where the data will be pasted on "sheet2". How can i make it so it will only paste the values and not copying the format too...
  2. A

    VBA code to copy data from columns paste in new worksheet and save.

    Hello, Would like to ask if you possibly know VBA code to copy data from columns SKU, Title, Picture then paste it in new workbook and save it on desktop as a file name results?. Thanks for help in advance.
  3. G

    Macro - Command Button Issue

    Hello! I've got the following code to copy two columns on the front page and then paste it horizontally (copied vertically) on another page and then assign the date. Just did this through Record Macro. Works fine with normal buttons but I'd prefer a Command Button -- but it wont work, what's...
  4. C

    VBA Paste into blank row

    I have little knowledge of VBA but I think this should be a simple request. I would like to copy data from all rows (Columns B:K) in which Column B contains text, starting in B9 on Sheet2. I would like to paste this data into the first row after B12 in which Column B has a blank cell on Sheet1.
  5. J

    Macro to copy 1 row in excel, to multiple rows in another sheet

    I'm thinking this is something simple, but I can't seem to figure it out. My macro goes to a sheet to copy some data, and then I want to it to go to another sheet and paste that data on the next 14 available rows. I tried selecting a range and then pasting, but it would only paste in a single...
  6. J

    Stop Copy and paste

    Hi How do i stop users pasting data from one workbook into another. When i disable copypaste in the workbook it stops pasting within the workbook but when i copy from another workbook it lets me paste Can anyone help?
  7. C

    Copy one row from one sheet and past into different sheet on next blank row in a given range in VBA

    Hey! So I have been looking everywhere on here and cant find anything that helps my problem to do excactly what I need it to do. I have been trying to find any types of macro code that allows me to copy the row from one sheet, an the data in this row changes periodically, to a seperate sheet...
  8. A

    Access 2013 Copy & Paste from one form to another

    Hello, I'm looking to copy particular information from one form and paste it into another form in access 2013. Does anyone know of an easy way to accomplish this? I'm a novice when it comes to access, I just use the basic functions. Thank you in advance.
  9. T

    VBA - Copy Paste using index match to determine paste location

    All tabs on same .xls file. Tab CurrentCases has named table with active cases, client name, contact info, follow up date, ect. Tab Outbound is working space, cell K3 references another cell so it contains the next business day. I have a drop down box on Outbound with data validation to...
  10. D

    IF help

    I have a formula =IF(A6="","",B5) when i copy and paste it it changes the B5 to b6 b7 b8 ect how can i keep it b5?
  11. N

    Paste range without conditional formatting doesn't work

    I have this code to filter a table and paste the used range to another sheet. However, I only want the values to be pasted and nothing else. My code incorrectly copies the format and conditional formatting. any ideas why ? many thanks! Set lo_b1 = x_bf1.ListObjects("Feed1") s_date =...
  12. A

    Clipboard Annoyance

    For some reason when I copy an item it is not showing up in my clipboard. It has been working flawlessly until now. When I copy a cell the Paste All and Clear all buttons are ghosted. It will copy and paste using the buttons on the toolbar but nothing shows on Clipboard pane. Thanks.
  13. W

    Copy a cell value and paste into another column into 25 cells

    Hello Team, I am have data int two columns(A & B). And I want to see the data in column A and if it starts "#" then past in the new cloumn C frm C1:C25 and chck again the data at Column A(A26, now) if it start from "#" again paste the A26 Value t column C from C26 to C50 and same way i ave to do...
  14. F

    Cut & Paste Special Cells from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2, Then Delete Blanks

    Hi, I'm currently working on a macro which would allow me to cut & paste filtered data from one sheet to another, then come back to the original sheet and get rid of the blank rows that are left. Originally, I was able to get around the problem of cutting unwanted data by sorting several columns...
  15. T

    VBA Copy and Paste failing to copy to second sheet

    Hi All, I have managed somehow to write some VBA code which does most of what I want but unfortunately only the last value from column 35 is being picked up and placed against the first item and I can't see why. The spreadsheet has 38 columns and I want to: 1. Press a button and have it look...
  16. D

    Simple Copy Paste Formula Question

    Hi, I have a question, in my A1 cell thare is a value 35 no formula but if I copy it then paste > formula to B1 the value 35 from A1 is also copied why is that? I was expecting blank. Thanks
  17. A

    Paste x times

    Hi how can i copy a value and paste it lets say 10 times underneath with vba? Thanks, AAT
  18. H

    Paste to Same Row as Highlighted Cell

    Hi - How do I use the highlighted cell as the row to paste into? So if some highlights Cell A10, then items would be pasted into row 10. thanks!
  19. L

    Cells with Resize - Copy and Paste Values only

    Hi Iam using the below code ( I found on the internet) and does work great but some of the fields are formulas and I only want to paste the values. I have tried copy.value but get an object required error Thank you Dim bottomB As Integer bottomA = Range("B" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row...
  20. T

    VBA - pasting data in the last cell of a column

    Hi, I'm trying to paste data from cell L1 (the word "Rental") to the last cell in column G, but it's pasting in the wrong cell, it should paste in cell G40 as that is the last blank cell, but it's pasting in cell G6988 and then I want it to copy the word "Rental" to the last cell that has data...

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