1. D

    advanced filter than copy and paste

    ok i ran into something far when i do an advnaced filter via vba and then copy and pasted the filtered default the code would only copy the visible cells even though i have the code written as range("a2:p" & finalrow).copy that is, even the the first row of filtered rate...
  2. C

    Evertything seems to paste only in column A

    I was hoping someone can help me. It seems that lately every time, I copy from a source (such as SQL Server), to Excel it puts everything in to column A, instead of separating everything into the multiple columns like how SQL is showing the data. Before this worked, but it just seems like...
  3. mumps

    When copying data from Forum threads, data is pasted into only one column

    The title really says it all. If I copy data from a posted table or any form of posted data and paste it into an Excel worksheet, each column of data is pasted into one column, one underneath the other, instead of into rows and columns. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. G

    Copy Specific Columns Using VBA

    I am trying to copy a row in a table that includes some hidden date. I want to be able to past the row below creating another row in the table. When the columns are hidden I want them to also be copied and pasted below. How can I make sure that all my data in that row is copied including the...
  5. E

    lastRow Function

    Hi all, So I have sheet that has data pasted in column A. There is a lot of data. In Column B I have a formula and I want this formula to be pasted in all cells in which A has a value. So for example if column A's last row used is 1000, I want this code to paste the code in B but only to 1000...
  6. K

    Code that will copy range from one worksheet and pastes it to another... but with a 'twist'

    I need my code to copy a range (which is a single column) from one worksheet, and then paste it to another worksheet, but when and if the number of rows that is being copied is more than 15 rows, it will paste row 16 in another column (so it cant go below row 16)... and then if its still longer...
  7. C

    Copy n Paste into the next available column

    I need a small VBA to copy and paste from one sheet to another, with a catch... Sheet1 is the source sheet and has dynamic data ( Numbers ) from d11 to d110. Sheet2 is the destination sheet and the data needs to be pasted in d11. Later... new data is input into Sheet1....this new data from...
  8. J

    Paste Code no longer working

    Hey everyone, I have a sheet, that we copy data from a website and then it gets pasted into the excel sheet. I have plenty of lines to accept all the data, the rows that it gets pasted into are hidden except for the first row. It was literally working 5 minutes ago on two different workbooks...
  9. M

    Putting speech marks and comma after pasted range

    I have the following line of code Worksheets("Sheet1").Cells(RowNo, ColNo).Copy Worksheets("Sheet2").Range("B" & (DstRowOffset + ColNo + 1)) I would like to paste the cell with "pasted cell", CHR(34)&Value&CHR(34)&CHR(44) Any one know how to do this ?
  10. Richard U

    Validate data pasted to a textbox

    Simple question, I hope. I need to be able to check a textbox to see if the data pasted to it is numeric. I know to use the isnumeric function, I just can't figure out which event to put it under. I don't need much help, just help in figuring out how to check the box if someone does a CTL + v...
  11. G

    Pasted Cells (Linked) show up cut off?

    Hello everyone, I am working to create a Powerpoint that has many linked cells from an Excel workbook (like 100+). Whenever I click "update links" when opening the PowerPoint, the cells all shift slightly and they also cut off so you can only read half of the cell. Originally, these pasted and...
  12. W

    pasted Link Syntax

    I am using the link below to rea a cell in another closed wb. And it works. Except I need to fill a range and when I look at the formula in the cell it is posting as $A$2 instead of A2 so I can not drag it. What's wrong? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Z:\.. M C T...
  13. N

    Data Validation Formula for Phone Numbers

    I am having an issue with a lot of hands in the pot on the workbook I am working with. One area is the phone number area. Everyone puts it in different and I need it to show up in one format even if it is copied and pasted over with the 123 pasted option. When pasting with that option it takes...
  14. R

    Working with images

    Hi All I have several pictures of equipment to the side of a sheet that is like a library. When I need to grab these pictures, I scroll over to look for it and then copy it and paste it to where I need it. I'm looking for a shortcut that I'm guessing isn't possible. Something like: Type the...
  15. M

    How to paste formulas down to the end of a range using VBA

    Hi Guys! I'll provide a simple example of what I'd like to do: I have some formulae in cells E1 and F1 and I'd like to copy and paste them to cell E2 to F2 AFTER data has been pasted in the preceding columns (A:D) until the end of the range of the data in columns A to D. The data in columns...
  16. B

    GEOMEAN when I already know how many I have of each

    My first post here... please be gentle So I have a very, very large data set that I have distilled down to a table of 500 lines, summarized according to some COUNTIFS statements. Now what I need is the geometric mean of the totals. For example, in the first row I have pasted below, I know I...
  17. J

    Resizing pictures already pasted to cells

    I have pictures already pasted into excel cells. I just want to write a macro that will let me change their sizes when I select them. I don't want to paste any new ones and everything I try gives me a 438 error object doesn't support this.
  18. mumps

    Insert 'pound' sign in forum response

    When I copy/pasted a suggested macro into a response to another forum member, the macro contained a 'pound' sign but when pasted into the response, it came out as a question mark. Is there a way to have it pasted while keeping the original format?
  19. T

    Macro Stopped Working

    I tried to merge three macros into one to conserve steps, and it worked at first. I combined this macro with a copy/paste special/value macro and a delete contents of empty cells in a column. Sub MergeColumns() Columns("F:G").Insert Range("F2:F" & Range("E2").End(xlDown).Row).Formula =...
  20. R

    Copying Large columns and rows not working

    Hi, I have 90,000 rows in a spreadsheet, some are blank and some contain text. I want to copy all 90,000 rows for the column to another spreadsheet, but when I paste it in the other spreadsheet, only about 1200 rows get pasted, and the rest do not. Does anyone know why this is happening and...

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