1. D

    Counting number of Times a number appears and depending on how many other numbers in the cell it receives a value.

    For Example I would paste a list of values in A1 reading: <colgroup><col></colgroup><tbody> 048 - 909 048 - 841 153 *014 - 022 879 - 719 - 102 On Sheet 2 I need it to read: A B <tbody> 909 .5 153 1 048 1 841 .5 879 .33 719 .33 102 .33 </tbody> Each Cell represents...
  2. D

    Worksheet Code to auto cut/paste if a specific cell contains a value

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some help on how to write a specific sheet code and I am having a difficult time finding the right coding. What I am trying to accomplish is if a particular option is chosen from a drop down field that I have built, then the contents of cell B6 and C6 will be...
  3. J

    Active cell row delete

    Hi I'm pasting a range into a sheet, however it s top left corner of the pasted range could be pasted in any row of column 'A". With the pasted range still active (Highlighted) I want to Run a MACRo that will delete the first 14 rows of this newly pasted range! For Example, the following code...
  4. H

    Copy/Paste rows if contains specific text, in a list

    Hi all I'm stuck on this problem and hoping someone can help. I have a list of data- (up to 1000 rows) I want to find text “Address” and each time it’s found, copy and paste 4 rows (address and the 3 rows below). It would be great if these could be pasted under the cell containing the word...
  5. azizrasul

    Data not showing in combo box

    I have a form where I have 3 combo boxes and the data shows up. However when I copied the 3 combo boxes which are within a frame and pasted it into another form, the data doesn't appear?
  6. J

    VBA Code Editing Help Requested

    Every morning, I copy data from an external source and paste into Excel. This gives me work order information from the previous day except for one problem: I do not need the pasted data in column G. Starting from a blank worksheet, I run this code to paste the data: Sub Paste_Copied_Data()...
  7. S

    VBA: Change Sheet to VALUES

    Hello, I can't find anything online/in these forums about how to change the values of a sheet so it only accepts (and or changes) anything that is copied and pasted into the sheet into a "value". I'd love to either set up a sheet so it: Automatically changes anything that is pasted into it...
  8. N

    Help Needed for Drop Down Validation

    Friends, I need a little help, if you can please do. In below link, I have attached my sheet. In Column E, i have given a drop down list from where any value can be pasted. but whenever I copy some value from other sheet and paste, it is also accepting values other than listed in drop down...
  9. Johnny Thunder

    VBA Question - Deselect after Paste - Excel 2010

    Hi guys, Stuck on a problem with my code, I am creating a new sheet and then doing a copy paste function to get the data onto my newly created workbook/Sheet but for some reasons I can't deselect the pasted cells. Maybe someone can see a problem or a solution for my issue. My code: With...
  10. I

    Copy/Paste Formula -> Value Loop

    Hello, First time poster, long time listener. I'm am looking to do the below: 1) Formulas located in A2:S43 2) Copy/Paste those formulas in row 46 (leaving row 44 & 45 blank) 3) Copy A46:S87 (just pasted box), and paste the values and formatting into itself (A46:S87) 4) Loop 1-3 times the...
  11. Sharid

    Extract emails from a string

    I have this formula that extracts emails from a string in a row, this works fine. I need this to run on a command button so when the command button is clicked, the formula is pasted into column B as main times as there are rows in column A with data e.g column A has 200 rows of data, formula...
  12. A

    Paste in Word with Numbering

    Hello, I am using a macro that creates a Word document and pastes data from Excel in it. I would like two things: 1)Paste the data without the table, but keep the formatting 2)make the pasted data have numbering in the Word document Could someone please help me with the properties to be added...
  13. J

    Page Boarder

    So I have spent a fair amount of time creating Lockout Tagout Procedures, And I did this using Excel. (i still don't know why anyone uses word for anything. document layout is so much easier in excel) but now my boss wants me to put a "Warning Boarder" around the edge. Like 1/2 inch diagonal...
  14. R

    Macro to transfer Cells from File1 to File2 where a Y is typed in Col K

    Hello All, I am using Excel 2013 and have the following problem. I have two workbooks which I use for Data entry and for updating the master Data Sheet Both the workbooks are open at the time of Data Entry. Data Entry is done on the Active Sheet of File1 eg: File1.xlsx – From file...
  15. F

    VBA copy row of data based on column value

    I have a spreadsheet that i would like to have a row copied from sheet 1 if the value in column f is "L" in that same row. then have the entire row pasted into sheet 2. Please help
  16. C

    Five digit Date Year

    I have a file that in the date it gives me: 4/1/20162, 5/1/20163... I have used every date format imaginable. Copy and Pasted values of new dates, cleared all including formats...and nothing fixes this??? Any ideas?
  17. M

    Simple Activate workbooks code not working

    Hi I have some basic code which should activate two different open workbooks. But I get a run time error ("Subscript out of range") when I execute the code. Any ideas why? The code is below and I copied and pasted the file names into the code. Thanks in advance. Sub...
  18. N

    Importing .out files to excel in different columns

    Hi, I have huge .out files placed in a separate folder and I want to import all the files to different columns in an excel sheet. Each .out file is having 1000 rows of records with serial numbers and values. The delimiter is space. The first two lines in the .out files are to be ignored. While...
  19. H

    VBA Macro on copy pasting from one workbook to another with loop and conditions

    <colgroup><col span="5"></colgroup><tbody> Hi, Can you help me with my problem, I want to automate the creation of a DTR given the schedule they have. I have the file where the schedule is in together with all other information called "DTR Creator" and a "DTR Sample" where the...
  20. S

    Exporting from Excel to Word

    Hi there, I'm new to VBA and I have find myself stuck with trying to export data from Excel to Word using VBA. Basically, what I need is a piece of code that opens Word, copies a dynamic range in my sheet (which I have defined): .Range("A12:J" & Range("A65536").End(xlUp).Row) Then, the...

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