1. T

    Save Backup Workbook With Macro

    Hello there, I'm trying to find a macro that I can add to my quick access toolbar to be able to save the file as, with the current file name and the date and time added. to this path C:\Users\wwollaston\Documents\Files\Backups\ For Example, I'm in a workbook named Workbook1 and I run the...
  2. R

    MacScript calll with POSIX path of filename fails in 2011 vba macro

    I running on macOS 10.10.5 with Office 2011. I'm having a problem with this macro. I cannot get MacScript to return the POSIX path of a mac file path. Sub tryOut() Dim cValue As String Dim thePath As String Dim allData As String Dim unixDesktopPath As String Debug.Print...
  3. N

    how to run autoit file from excel

    im getting a path error for somre reason. what is wrong with my path? Sub Autoit() Dim FileName1 As String FileName1 = "C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\AutoIt3.exe e:\1\glassshatter.au3" runscript = Shell(FileName1) End Sub
  4. wadergirl

    Lookup value in another "random" workbook

    So, I'm not even sure if this is possible. I would like a formula (or maybe could do a macro if needed), but what I'm trying to do is basically this: In cell B1: 1. Take a value from cell A1 in Workbook A. 2. Search for that value on ANY tab in ANY workbook in file path "P:\shared\2019" which...
  5. shg

    Default import/export path

    When I import or export modules from the VBE, my default path was where I wanted it until this past week when I somehow hosed it, and now I have to navigate to get back to it each time I restart Excel (it remains stable in each session). Does anyone know how to change the default path...
  6. A

    Getting File Path Too Long Error But It Can't Be Accurate

    I'm getting run-time error '1004': The file path you entere is too long. Enter a shorter file name or select a shorter file path, and then try saving the file again. When I debug I get taken to "ThisWorkbook.SaveAs StandardFile" However, I'm only getting this error when a particular user on...
  7. S

    Directory VBA does not work.. please help..

    Please Help im having trouble with following code, the only issue is the code that is bold, FlName = Path & c1 & "-" & c2 & ".txt", problem is that "path" does not work, for some reason it does not find the directory of the file...but when i replace "Path" with the actual directory it works...
  8. Y

    Load a custom DLL programmatically from another path

    I have a DLL with I don't want to put it in the system folder. I do I let VBA, how do I load dll from the path I want?
  9. BrianGGG

    Cell("Filename") returns URL rather than filename

    Hello. I have had the below formula in a spreadsheet for quite some time now. The purpose of this formula is to determine the name of the Excel file that holds the formula. A table called "t_Parameters" holds the name of a subdirectory that is appended to the end of the the directory. So, if...
  10. J

    VLookup path coding to point to another workbook

    This code below works when I was going to keep the LoginDatabase sheet 1 in the same workbook. Any thoughts on modifying u = to point the VLookup to the LoginDatabase sheet 1 in another workbook. I know I need to add a path to where the workbook is located “C:\CE Program\Database.xlsm”...
  11. R

    GetOpenFileName, then display that Filename in a box?

    Hi all, have a box with a button next to it, the idea is, user clicks the button which opens the directory where the Mailing Lists are stored, then the user selects the Mailing List and it stores the path + filename as "facml" I then want the box to fill in *just the file name* Here's my code...
  12. K

    Copy data from another workbook into current workbook when the path and filename can change

    I have a workbook that creates pivot tables and charts from data that changes weekly. The data is downloaded from a customer database and exported into its own Excel spreadsheet. I am trying to copy data from that spreadsheet into a worksheet in my pivot table workbook. The name and location...
  13. P

    Code saves file in wrong location

    I am new to macros and VBA. I built a macro by scraping a few bits of code I found online so this may look a bit messy but it is very close to working for me. My macro basically takes a column in excel and pastes it into a new workbook in order to save it as a .msg file (opens in notepad as the...
  14. S

    Get folder path if you know folder name only

    Hi All, How with VBA to get folder path if you know folder name only ? For example if you know that somewhere in computer there is a folder named “Invoices_2019” Thank you in advance
  15. X

    VBA for searching a folder and deleting files based on a pre-determined list of file names

    Hi all, I would very much appreciate your help with the following: Description of problem: I have 1 tab in my Workbook ('File Names List') which has a list file names and the corresponding path listed. File Names are listed in Col. A starting row 3 and File Path are listed in Col,B also...
  16. O

    Cannot find this file. Verify the path and file name are correct

    Hi all, I have a macro that will open an email template that contains two images as attachments. when putting the images on my local drive the macro runs perfectly. I'm looking to add the images to a shared drive so multiple users can run the macro but when i try adding the new path i'm getting...
  17. P

    Error on inserting picture on active cell

    I get error 1004 on this Unable to get the insert property of the Pictures class i searched all forums to get a solution butno luck funny thing is it worked well and sudenly it doesn't work anymore Sub AddPicture() Dim img As Object Dim Path As String Path =...
  18. D

    is file open

    Is there a way to check if a file is open but without the path, in other words, if I have a file text.xlsm, how do i check if it is open without needing the full path like c:/text.xlsm, just test.xlsm?
  19. R

    Finding the latest saved sub folders in the folder to copy and paste to another folder on daily based work

    Hi all, i'm new to vba work and i'm looking for an help! Question: In x path, on daily basis my team member saves the folders with loan number and today's date ex (7894561023 6-1-2019). they can be more than 25 or some times none on single day. so i want to copy the based on latest date...
  20. G

    Multiple attachments to send in outlook at one shot

    Hi everyone, Here i am trying to send multiple attachments at one shot but as i compiled and check its exiting at the point of attachment at the send time Any one suggest me with what changes i should do???? Here is my code Sub Mail() Dim myApp As Outlook.Application, mymail As...

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