1. I

    User supplied path to open text file with vba

    Hello all I am having trouble with a code to let the user set a path in VBA Right now I have Dim filePathRop_Gamma As Variant filePathRop_Gamma = ThisWorkbook.Worksheets("Setup Tab").Range("K4").Value 'user supplied path 'code to open the file Workbooks.OpenText Filename:=filePathRop_Gamma...
  2. W

    Selecting File Path & inputting to cell

    All - Beginning coder attempting to write macro to attach to a CommandButton to store a selected file path (folder or file from MS File Explorer) into a specific cell "B2". Currently having issues with the code below: Sub GetFilePath2() Dim filename As String filename =...
  3. H

    VBA copy from different files

    Hi, I am trying to copy into an excel file the data stored into two different excel files. I am doing this process in a very repetitive way and I would like to automatize most of it. The macro basically have to: 1) Ask me which is the file A. 2) Ask me which is the file B. 3) Copy some values...
  4. Y

    Open a Work Book where the name is variable

    Hi. I am looking for a way to open a work book that is in a constantly named folder but the name may alter. i.e. Roof V4.1.xlsm but a later version could be Roof V5.6.xlsm The path to the folder won't change, just the file name. I have tried to make it a string so I can use a wild card but it...
  5. M

    File/Path Access Issue (VERY ODD)

    I have code that accesses a file that exists in SharePoint. I am referencing the path as a network path (ie. \\\xxxxxx\sites\etc) On a fresh reboot of a system, a user will opening the workbook that runs the code will receive an access error, because the system thinks the...
  6. P

    Change Source Data with a Pivot Range excel 2010

    Hi - is there a simple way of knowing where the Table range is looking at if the file path is long and the file path is not in the same file - when I click in I cant see and then the file path stats changing Thanks
  7. B

    Hyper link to file location

    How do I write a formula to insert a hyperlink to the folder that the file is in, and still show the full path name?
  8. Y

    Perfection of file list userform

    I have a userform code that open file lists. I need the following help in perfecting it. 1) the code for the search box to automatically search as soon as i type 2) the path called 'PathLabel', the code to get folder path 3) the code that changes the file list each time I change the folder path...
  9. JenniferMurphy

    Moving code from one add-in module to another

    I want to move several UDFs from one module in one of my add-ins to another module in the same add-in. I created the new module and moved the code, but now all of the calls to those UDFs get a Name error. From what I have read, this is an addressing problem in that the calls have an invisible...
  10. A

    VBA to save file as a Name & Cell Vaue

    I am trying to have the file name, be made automatic as we save it I would like this file to be named: "Meriden Online 04-23-2019" When finished I keep getting a save as method failed error here is what I have so far Dim Path As String Dim filename As String...
  11. J

    VBA code to attach a Single file to different Cells on Multiple Sheets

    Hi all, I am a complete novice with VBA but I am loving the learning curve. I have been searching for ever for a solution to my post but I have been unable to find one. At the moment I have put together the code below that works but the issue with it is that you need to keep selecting the folder...
  12. J

    VBA: how to create new txt file name?

    The code below demonstrates how I wanted to create a new txt file name. But apparently, GetOpenFilename works only for existing files. (That is, when I enter a non-existing file name, I get the error "File not found".) How can I get an API like GetOpenFilename, but for entering non-existing...
  13. J

    Extract File Name from a Full Path in a Cell

    I need to see how to extract on the file name from a columns that contains the full path using Power Query. C:\Users\Desktop\Test\PMOD-0001.doc Thanks,
  14. VBE313

    What is wrong with my code? The line that is not responding is underlined and bolded.

    Dim path1 As String Dim Filename1 As String Application.ScreenUpdating = False path1 = Range("I7").Text Range("A1:f40").Select Selection.Copy Sheets("Laser").Select Sheets.Add After:=ActiveSheet Selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone...
  15. VBE313

    File Name and Path refer to cells

    Is there a way to change the path name depending on what the user types in? I know you can do that with the file name.
  16. J

    build source file path through multiple parameters?

    Hi all, I'm trying to learn how i might be able to use parameters to build my source file paths for a variety of queries using Power Query... I think i'm most of the way there, but getting tripped up on the last one, which is a query type parameter that i want to generate a list of values...
  17. M

    Auto save problems with a Excel Dashboard over a mounted share directory.

    I hope somebody can be of assistance as i am rather lost. My issue is the following. The company is deploying a custom excel dashboard to access file shares and incorporate several quote forms that the user can fill and save the information. The xlsx dashboard and fileshare directory is...
  18. C

    VLOOKUP asking for path update, where is the error?

    Range("F26").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=VLOOKUP(RC[-1],'F:\infestor profiles\UK Holdings BP\[Things things things.xlsx]Sheet1'!C3:C5,2,FALSE)" Range("G26").Select ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = _ "=VLOOKUP(RC[-2],F:\infestor profiles\UK Holdings BP\[Things things...
  19. T

    Saving Workbook as .pdf with specific path and filename

    I have a workbook template that saves to a specific path and filename when the save button is activated. I'd like it to also save it as a .pdf to a different path with the same filename when the save button is activated. I hope that makes sense and I've posted this correctly... The existing...
  20. N

    How to avoid #value when some files don't exist yet?

    Hi all. I have the following formula in a sheet I update each month: =IFS(TEXT(NUMBERVALUE(P2);"00")="01";'K:\MD\_data\Fim do Mês\Data\2019\2019-01\[Orders On Hand 2019-01.XLSX]Sheet1'!$N$2/1000;TEXT(NUMBERVALUE(P2);"00")="02";'[Orders On Hand...

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