1. M

    Listing multiple diseases for a single patient

    Hi I have an SQL extract table of patients with one or more diseases recorded for them. Each patient/disease information is a separate record/line. Through a pivot, I can see which patient has more than one disease recorded and which diseases are included. However, the pivot contains all...
  2. E

    Ordered Count for each Unique Entry

    I have data in longitudinal format for patients. Each row denotes a treatment with patient column for Patient ID and date of treatment. I need a formula to work out an ordered count for each patient for their first treatment, second treatment, third treatment etc.
  3. W

    Lookup and add info

    Hello, I have a list of 5000 patients in column A. I have a form that i want the user to be able to enter patients name found in column A then in textbox 2 and 3 populate column B and C of that patient and also be able to add information on that current patient that he searched for Columns...
  4. F

    howto: search for values in a range of cells where the range is depending on a comparison

    hi, i can not seem to find a solution for this. thank you in advance for tips or links to a solution. the situation is as follows: i have 3 tables that are connected through different cells. i give an example: table1: patient, age 1, 36 2, 67 3, 43 table 2 (patient occur more than once...
  5. F

    Lookup where a single date may fall within a range

    Hi folks. I'm new to this board so please forgive any minor transgressions. I have tried searching for the answer but without success. I have two datasets: the first contains a large number of records each containing a unique identifier which relates to something happening between a start and...
  6. L

    Looking up all values in a table and returning each value's column header / row title in a separate row

    <colgroup><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Name disp date lloyds homecare paracetamol aspirin omeprazole iron tabs sudafed Patient A 01-09-17 lloyds 50 50 Patient B 03-09-17 homecare 20 23 6 Patient C 03-09-17 homecare 100 56 30 Patient D 10-10-17...
  7. C

    Possible IF formula help, trying to link data across worksheet

    I work in a medical office and am trying to track patient visits. I have One worksheet (SheetA) that has all the patient Names and demographic info in a table, and also includes how many visits that patient has been authorized to receive and a column with the number of visits remaining. In...
  8. R

    Multiple Rows with Same Values - Isolate to one

    Looking to solve the following: When column CLAIM_NUM and CLAIM_BAL match BUT in Column DENIAL_TYPE, the row equals "Technical Denial", input CLAIM_BALANCE into the Adjusted Claim Balance column BUT only one time, all other cells should remain zero. This will give me an accurate claim balance...
  9. F

    Trouble with hyperilnks and sorting rows

    Hello everyone, I have a bit of a situation that I can't seem to be able to resolve. I'm currently using excel to keep track and sort 50 patients at the same time for research purposes. So in my main worksheet, A1:A50 are the patient's "station number" and B1:B50 are the patient's names. Columns...
  10. S

    trying to return value based on more than 1 criteria

    Hi everyone! On my Excel workbook, I am attempting to determine doctor's name based on patient ID and the Date of Service(DOS). I have three sheets at the moment: main, Doc1 and Doc2 All three sheets contain patient ID and DOS. They may appear multiple times , especially on Doc1 and Doc 2...
  11. I


    <tbody> Patient T1 T2 T3 V4 T5 T6 T7 T8 V1 1 5 1 6 1 7 2 10 11 15 16 17 3 14 3 15 4 11 5 18 5 19 </tbody> i want all result in perpenducular <tbody> Patient test result 1 T1 5 1 T2 6 1 T3 7 2 T2 10...
  12. G

    Index Match Returns Non-Blank - Causes Date Calculation To Falsely Return True

    I'm working with a large set of data where I need to match a name to another name and get the associated date. Column C returns the looked up date, however, even though I've added a catch to blank out results not found, it's actually inserting a character (it's unclear what the character is)...
  13. W

    Vlookup with multiple conditions

    I have a document which lists patient id numbers, equipment ID, and diagnostic codes. In the document I am working on I want to return the correct diagnostic code but the correct code depends on the equipment ID. How can I accomplish this with formulas? If I use a vlookup it will return the...
  14. P

    Need function name for using one spreadsheet data to calculate values for a separate spreadsheet

    Newbie question alert: I'm trying to do the following: I have a large set of patients and each one has a medical record (MR) number. At the end of every day I enter the names of the patients I saw that day into a spreadsheet, as well as their MR number. Each patient is entered on a new row every...
  15. L

    Age calculation with three columns

    Hi! I want to be able to calculate a person's age with the columns below. The columns may or many not be filled in. See the table below.What I need is a calculation in the forth column that will give me the current age if anyone of the three columns have data and leave the cell blank if all...
  16. B

    Identifying all rows where conflicting entries exist

    Hi, I'm looking for a way of identifying all entries for a Patient ID where the Patient ID's have conflicting "Country of Birth" entries recorded. Entries for each Patient ID may all say either ZZZ or GBR, but they cannot say both. The problem with identifying them being that: Rows may...
  17. Y

    Help with formula...if I knew how to correctly word it, I may already know how to fix it

    Example: =sum('Home/Away'!D5/'Home/Away'!G25*(-100)) This gives me a number. I need to add to this and I am not sure how... I need this to calculate... but then I also need a "if that answer is > than 100, then add 200 to the answer. Any help is very much appreciated! I am sure it is...
  18. S

    Excel for Patient Appointment Management

    However labor intensive, to what extent can Excel be utilized to effectively manage patient pre-operative clinic appointments (in a near automated manner) whilst also: * controlling the allotment of surgical clinic slots (as a percentage of total pre-operative clinic slots) *...

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