1. G

    Pause macro for user to do something in sheet

    I have a quite big macro, but some procedures need to be done manually by user because of API limitation of other program. I wonder whether it is possible to pause macro for user to do something in sheet then continue macro while maintaining previous variables? If I split the macro by subs for...
  2. G

    Continue working while loop does batches

    Hi folks, I am unable to figure out how to solve the following problem. I have a working loop that runs down a list of names in column B (Account) and retrieves data from individual account workbooks on our network (quite a few) and puts them on the main sheet like below. My problem is that...
  3. C


    I need to add time punches leaving out over lapping times Columns A time of punch D Queue E Agent Name F action (clock in or clock out) J total time between clock in and out I need to add up the times in column J that match an agent name and times do not over lap <colgroup><col...
  4. L

    How to create a stopwatch with pause function in VBA

    I'm trying to create a stopwatch with a pause function in VBA for my excel document, but I have little to no experience in VBA. The other threads I have found didn't work for me (probably because of my lack of knowledge). I just want a simple stopwatch without using user forms as I want the time...
  5. P

    Vlookup change column looking at

    HI, I have had a look round the site and couldnt see an answer on this what is probably a simple question. I have a table of data lets say 5 columns by 5 rows as a named range called data. I want to create a chart where the values loop through each column with a pause of lets say 5 seconds...
  6. A

    Excel pauses 2-3 seconds after enter data in a cell

    Hello. I'm having a problem with one specific Excel file. Excel seems to "pause" (become non-responsive) for 2-3 seconds after I type a number or text in a cell and then press "Enter" or an arrow key to move to another cell. It's almost as if Excel is recalculating - but recalculation is set...
  7. V

    VBA Form - Need Button - Time - Start & pause

    Dear All Is it possible to do start and pause the time on VBA Form..? For example, I have select any activity type from Combo box 1. Time start in Text box. after half an hour, user wants to take a break. Here, user can click a button say, "Pause". It will stop that time, and if he selects...
  8. V

    How to wait for text file to open before proceeding?

    Sub something() Dim FilePath As String Dim strFilename As String Dim strTextLine As String Dim iFile As Integer: iFile = FreeFile strFilename = "C:\desktop\file.txt" Open strFilename For Input As #iFile 'read each line in text individually Application.Wait (Now + 0.0000058) 'wait for about...
  9. K

    Excel2016 VBA to pause until PowerQuery has updated

    Sub PowerQueryRefresh() ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - Actuals").Refresh ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - SFDC").Refresh ActiveWorkbook.Connections("Query - PW Most Likely").Refresh End Sub Hi All, I have just upgraded to Excel 2016 and I am wondering if excel 2016...
  10. F

    VBA delay code?

    The problem I'm having is the vba is trying to process everything at once which is messing it up. I'm positive all the imputed code works. I need a way to pause the macro for a set time to allow it to finish processing a part of the code before continuing. Application.Wait does not work it does...
  11. D

    Pause macro for input then resume?

    As powerful as EXCEL is, I am hard put to believe that there is no way to have a macro pause, wait for user input (ended with a carriage return [the ENTER key for you young pups]), then continue the macro. Simply put, I want the macro to select a cell, wait for input and an [ENTER] then continue...
  12. B

    Vba code to wait until query & calculations are complete before proceeding

    I am looking for VBA code sample for the following situation.... My excel code currently does a REFRESH ALL DATA. At which point in the lower left is displayed the message, "RUNNING BACKGROUND QUERY ... (CLICK HERE TO CANCEL)". Also later at times when I refresh, I get a message...
  13. B

    Set Macro to Wait/Pause

    I used to have a macro show a picture in the middle of the code and then continue. The code I can't remember is how to put in a pause for a given time period. Any help?
  14. J

    Pause vba for manual action in excel

    I want to allow users to sort a protected worksheet. Apparently, this is not possible without unprotecting. This is the workaround I think about : user launches macro (button, shortcut,...) that unprotects for, say 15 seconds. user can now sort vba reprotrects after the 15 seconds In other...
  15. S

    VBA skipping to the next line without waiting file

    Hello guys, I have this piece of code that is used to access a Link. Once this link is open, an excel file is automatically downloaded. This file is big and takes about 2 mins to open. The problem is that vba does not wait for the file and continues to the next line of code, which creates a...
  16. D

    Wait for Calculations to Complete

    Hi everyone, I have an interesting problem. I thought Excel would not advance to the next line of the VBA code until all calculations were complete (assuming automatic calculations are turned on). However, that doesn't seem to be the case. So, I tried to add a while loop to allow it to run ALL...
  17. B


    The following macro is supposed to display the scores of a competition on a screen, moving down the scores until all have been displayed. It worked fine in Excel 2003 but in 2007 or 2010 the screen does not refresh after the cursor has moved down to the fouth or fifth line of the results. Sub...
  18. T

    Pause macro until print job has finished

    I have a macro as below that prints the sheet to a specific printer then it emails it to a recipiant selected from a userform "Email choice" This macro is the macro in the userform for the first button on the user form "Email Choice" I found that excel did not like running this if the print...
  19. B

    Start Process, Wait Until Finished, Resume

    I'm having some trouble with a workbook that I've set to only calculate when the user clicks a button to force a total calculation with an Application.CalculateFullRebuild line. The trouble is *I think* that the code continues to progress while the sheet is rebuilding/recalculating, so it's...
  20. C

    Stopwatch / Timer w/ pause function

    I'm looking for a way to create a stopwatch/timer that can be paused and restarted without resetting. What this is doing is calculating how long it takes an employee to complete certain tasks. Whence the timer is stopped I need data in specified cells to be logged on another sheet along with...

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