1. M

    Help with nested IF statement

    Employee A , aged 62 is in a pension plan, the rules of which in 2015 were: Payout = 1/2 of Salary or 15000 whichever is less, in 2019, the rules changed payout = 1/2 of Salary or Social Security limit whichever is less but if Employee A is above the age of 62, the rule has always been payout =...
  2. T

    Dynamic Lookup Depending on Criteria

    Hello, I hope someone can help, as I have brain freeze over this. I have a worksheet with a series of payout curves:!AiTfuC9hs0NdnnjZczIuwXQxVYDA And a second with a summary of sales by person:!AiTfuC9hs0NdnnmeguWNe1F12q0_ (Sorry, I can't seem to put...
  3. T

    VBA Excel - If word in this column delete contents from another column

    I'm trying to say; if the word payout is in column c, delete contents from column b. I"m getting an error message @ If (Not Intersect(Target, Rows(3)) Is Payout) And (Target.Count = 3) Then Sub Filter1() Dim lRow As Long Dim ts As Date If AutoFilterMode = True And FilterMode = True Then...
  4. O

    Economics - Payout Date Formula, Ending Balance goes to 0 Date Formula

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I will let you know if any proposed solutions work. What excel formula (non-VBA) will calculate the:(1) the first date where the cumulative cash flow goes from negative or zero... to positive (i.e. Undiscounted Payback date). There is the possibility...
  5. L

    Tiered Commissions Calc

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me with this. I have a tiered commissions structure as follows: 0-100% attainment (Total payout of 100% of eligible %) 100-125% (total payout of 1.5% of eligible %) 125%+ (total payout of 2.5% of eligible %) accelerated commission rate not to exceed 15%...
  6. E

    Simplified SUMIF

    Hi everyone - Happy Monday! Apologies in advance as this is a little convoluted. Wanted to see if anyone has advice on a formula I'm about to write in regards to a SUMIF. Basically, I am working with 4 quarters of result data (result in my vernacular means a dollar payout for context). Each...
  7. Z

    Complex problem involving payout calculation based on multiple inputs from several different inputs

    Hey guys, I have a major project that is giving me a run for my money. I need to build a report that will allow us to copy a report from another excel workbook into this one, then have it automatically put out the expected payout based on the breakout of codes used in a visit type and the...
  8. E

    Leverage Payouts on Percentages

    Hi everyone, Happy Friday! I'm trying to work out a couple of things regarding leveraged payouts, i.e. if I hit 120% of X production, I get paid out 140% of my X dollar payout. Scenario: performance score of $1M. My bonus payout is targeted at $50,000 but the production of $1M represents a...
  9. E

    Payouts Commission

    Hi everyone! Anyone know what kind of formula I could use to work out a score between tiers of achievement? I.e. if 100% Payout Target = $50,000 the breakdown is as follows: 0% Achievement (A) Score = 0% Payout 35% A Score = 25% Payout 100% A Score = 100% Payout 140% A Score = 225% Payout...
  10. P

    Calculating Returns for an insurance with annual rate and fees

    Hey! I am working on an excel model where i want to be able to compare the returns from different retirement insurances where I want to be able to calculate the returns based on a few different variables. Lets say I have the underlying amount of $1000 with 1) Expected to grow at 5% per year...
  11. V

    Target based acheivement

    Hi all, I am facing some issue while setting up formula for target based incentive. Problem set has 3 classes: Below 80% achievement - payout is 0% at 92.5% achievement - payout is 100% Between 80% to 92.5% - payout is proportion (basically the gap between 80% and 92.5% represents 100%) At...
  12. J

    Sales Tracker Questions on Combining Figures

    <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--></style>I want to make a formula that changes the value of cars 1-14 to 250 when a person inputs a Vehicle in cell 15. I want the payout to calulate the total as cars get put into the vechicle cells. (Line 1 payout would be 200...
  13. V

    What is this formula doing? (Min/Max)

    I have inherited the below formula. I believe it is wrong but I don't really know what's it's doing. It is supposed to take sales amounts and depending on where the sales person is in regards to their quota payout on a percentage tiered approach. Can someone rewrite this formula so it works...
  14. G

    Payout for Divisions

    I am working on a sheet where players are listed per division. Once scored the goal is to pay out a percentage of the top players in each division. I've gotten as far as determining each players "place" within their division but am stumped as to how to extract to top 33% and allocate the...
  15. W

    Help with office pool payout table

    Hello all, I'm trying to put together a general payout schedule for office pools showing percentages that each place would get paid out depending on # of entries. Looking to put together something that can range from 10-300 entries and show payout %'s for either 10 or 15% of total entries...
  16. K

    Calculating tiered payout with cumulative numbers

    Hello, I took a look at the tiered payout problems posted but I could not apply same solution as my problems differs as below: <tbody> Annual New client (no: of clients) Payout in $ per client 0-40 50 41-60 100 61-90 200 91+ 250 </tbody> In my problem, I have something called...

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