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    Print to PDF - Fit to 1 page wide + automate saved file name

    Hi Everyone, I am very new to VBA and need some help please. I have 2 work sheets which I want both to be saved into the 1 PDF. I can get this working with the following piece of code however I face 2 issues: 1) I can't seem to get it to fit to 1 page wide (I get only left half of worksheet in...
  2. J

    Convert PDF to Excel and Copy into existing excel sheet

    Hi, I want to convert a pdf file to excel and be able to transfer the data into another workbook using VBA. Based on research, converting pdf to excel can be done by first converting to Word document and then to excel. But I want to know if the excel conversion can be transferred into an...
  3. D

    Run-time error "53": File not found - How to fix?

    Hello everybody, I am currently running an excel file in which I have created an order form that people can fill out with their information and the products that they would like to order. I am using a VBA code (please let me know in the comments if you want me to attach the entire code)...
  4. B

    Print function set to Print to PDF

    Hi I have a form that I would like to have the print function defaulted to Print to PDF I also would like the person to be able to preview the print prior this is the code I presently have that allows me to preview but not sure what to add in order for it to default to "Print to PDF"...
  5. D

    Convert Excel to PDF before sending out automatically by email

    Hello Everybody, I am currently trying to create an Excel macro that converts my excel sheet into a PDF file and then sends it out by email. My current macro can do this, but it cannot convert it to a PDF file. I tried to merge my current VBA formula with the one here: to convert my excel...
  6. N

    How to set several dynamic print areas and create macro to save them in PDF format

    I am trying to automate one of my spreasheets. I have an idea but because I have never used macros before, I don't know how to do it. I have a file (Excel 2010 at the moment) "sales statements generator". On one tab it has 500 statements to various customers, one under another, (formulas in...
  7. S

    Import a pdf as image in Excel using vba

    Hi everyone. Iam using this code trying to add pdf in my sheet.My problem is that appears only the first page.Any ideas how to appear every page in pdf? Thanks in advance Sub insert_pdf_to_report() Dim ol As OLEObject Dim p As Page Set ol = ActiveSheet.OLEObjects.Add(...
  8. P

    Stuck, Need Help (please). Trying to export unstructured text from PDF to import into Excel separating/placing text into specific columns

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help with this work project. I have experience with formulas and pivot table and am somewhat familiar with Power Query but apparently not enough for it to help me with this work project. I've been trying to find an Excel work-around for this project to simplify it...
  9. C

    Save workbook as PDF when PDF is already open

    I'm trying to save a workbook on sharepoint as a PDF (which I have working using this path \\xxxx.sharepoint.com\sites\xxxx\Shared Documents\) but when someone has the PDF open on either a network share or sharepoint I get the "document not saved" error. My question is, do I just have to wait...
  10. C

    Modifying code hat inserts Digital Signature BLock into PDF Output form Excel using VBA

    Hi all, I tried to ask from the original post by John_w, but am guessing that no one is watching that so...here goes. This code was originally posted by John_w back in 2019, and works beautifully, but had modification questions... How could this be modified to allow for two (or more) signature...
  11. A

    List Files (Specific File Type) from Folder & Sub-folders to Excel w/ VBA

    Hi Guys, Anybody knows how to list all the PDF Files from a Folder and its Sub-folders to the Excel with VBA? Thank you
  12. O

    Open PDF from listed in column A, search for text in PDF that is in adjacent cell in Column B, and return a TRUE/FALSE Value

    All, I have a problem where several invoices may have the wrong information written into them. As long as the number in Column B is inside the PDF listed in Column A, I know that it is ok. So I would like to search the file listed in column A and see if the strin listed in the corresponding row...
  13. C

    Extract Images from a PDF using VBA

    I am trying to extract images from a PDF in Excel VBA. I am able to extract all of the text page by page with no problem (code below). I have searched for sample code or an explanation of how to extract images but the only sample code I found did not work. Does anybody know how to extract images...
  14. J

    Sign a PDF from Excel VBA

    I have been searching for an answer in different forums without success, so I decided to open a post. Currently, I generate a PDF file from a range or a worksheet in Excel. What I need is to include a signature in the PDF file. This is the code that I gather from different sources to open the...
  15. P

    VBA to save some sheets as xlxs and some as PDF

    Hi, I am hoping for some help to for VBA code to save some sheets as xlxs and some as pdf. I am using the below code to save all sheets as xlxs with a filename as the name of the sheet within the workbook. Sub SaveShtsAsBook() Dim Sheet As Worksheet, SheetName$, MyFilePath$, N&...
  16. T

    PDF to excel quagmire...in theory

    I've been assign a task where I need to map data from a PDF converted excel file to another exported excel file with pre-determined headers. The goal is to standardized the converted PDF so that the data can be extracted to the exported excel file in vba. One big issue I foresee is that the...
  17. J

    VBA - Updating Sheets and Sending Email to Multiple Recipients

    I am hoping for some help on this one. Looking for a VBA wizard to direct me . I have an email list where the Name/Address/Birthday/Todays Date is noted. On sheet2 I have a generic message. I need to send an email to all of the people on the list with the generic message as a PDF. This part is...
  18. T

    VBA for Save as PDF & Save file help

    Hi Guys, I have created a VBA which saves the active sheet of the specific workbook - this works perfectly but I also want to save the whole workbook alongside the PDF with the same filename as the PDF. How can I fit this in on the same macro? Please see below code: Sub PDFActiveSheet() Dim...
  19. I


    Hello Everyone, Good day I NEED MACRO TO MOVE PDF INVOICES INTO DIVISION MULTIPLE JOB#'s SUB-FOLDERS Everyone I’m new to EXCEL VBA I want to one VBA EXCEL MACRO that can move my PDF INVOICES (19361-11599-113) Files FROM SOURCE FOLDER (Y:\) into SHARED DESTINATION FOLDER (Z:\Billing...
  20. B

    use excel/outlook VBA open PDF file(password protected but have password to open it) and then click the link(on pdf file ) to open the file

    Hi All I need your Excel Excel/Outlook VBA expert to help. I knew how to build up outlook VBA to detect new email with attached file (i.e. PDF file) coming in the specific folder but have the following problem : The email has attached file that is PDF file with password...

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