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    use excel/outlook VBA open PDF file(password protected but have password to open it) and then click the link(on pdf file ) to open the file

    Hi All I need your Excel Excel/Outlook VBA expert to help. I knew how to build up outlook VBA to detect new email with attached file (i.e. PDF file) coming in the specific folder but have the following problem : The email has attached file that is PDF file with password...
  2. A

    PDF Attachments

    Hi All, I need to attach a series of PDF's to an Outlook item in excel. I have a command button which will open up a outlook message but I need to know how/where can I store the PDF files if I was to access the spreadsheet sung a dofferent machine that I do not have to change any folder paths...
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    VBA command to open PDF

    Hi All, my first post here :) I am trying to create an interface to select and open PDF reports from Excel. Currently I have got 4 drop down boxes where users can select which report they would like to see. Currently the options are drop down box 1 : Europe, America and Pacific drop down...
  4. R

    Combine mutliple file in one PDF through VBA

    Hi All, I want to combine multiple files into one PDF. I found one code which is working fine if my all files in PDF format. Here my concern is, I have PNG files as well and the code is not able to combine PNG file however if i am combining manually then it combines all the PDF and PNG files...
  5. K

    Code has error in email to PDF

    Sub AttachActiveSheetPDF() Dim IsCreated As Boolean Dim i As Long Dim PdfFile As String, Title As String Dim OutlApp As Object ' Not sure for what the Title is Title = Range("A1") ' Define PDF filename PdfFile = "Sharp_Air_Estimate" i = InStrRev(PdfFile, ".") If i > 1...
  6. R

    automate save workbook as PDF and email to a fixed address.

    Has anyone written a script that would save the 4 sheets of a workbook as a 4 page PDF and then email that PDF to a specific address from my gmail address? Ideally I would like that PDF file to have today's date in the name.
  7. M

    VBA - Send Email with PDF attached + picture/table in the body

    Hi, I want to send an Outlook email from my workbook with: 1. a PDF attached = from one workbook sheet called "DbD Month". 2. a picture of a table in a range in the sheet called "Pickup". The current challenges are: 1. My current Macro pastes the "pickup" table in the Body but the size is...
  8. Y

    Macro to send email based on ComboBox

    Would it be possible to have your help to create a macro that allows to send an email notification based on the assigned name on ComboBox3 where I can modify the subject and automatically attached a pdf file that it is previously created. The path of the pdf file changes depending on the entry...
  9. S

    Export excel sheet as PDF to an existing folder

    Hello, I am looking for a code that allows to export an excel sheet as PDF that has name TARA-19-001 to an existing folder that was previously created with the same name in the following directory C:\Users\SSF1590\Desktop\TARA Project\Folders . The name of the file will change every time a new...
  10. B

    VBA: Open PDF with GGS in filename

    I was wandering if someone could help me edit the code below to open the pdf in the file that has the letters GGS in the file name? Public Sub openJOBLIST() Dim path As String Dim PDFfile As String path = "\\hq\dfsdata\Data\UserHomes\jamey.eerson\My Documents\pdf-NEW\Latest...
  11. S

    Excel VBA - Export the same range changed by a function to a PDF file

    I have tried to find the solution everywhere, but I only find functions to export several sheets in a single PDF. I want to export the same sheet and the same range, which is changing through a function, in a single PDF file. For example, in the following code there is a loop that changes the...
  12. G

    save PDF file into sub-folder

    I have a macro to save a worksheet and protect it. It then also saves the new worksheet as a PDF. I want to save the PDF into a particular subfolder called "Invoices" The sub folder will always be in the main folder. I cant use a spefic path at the main folder needs to work on different...
  13. H

    PDF Manipulation in VBA

    This my be outside the scope of this messageboard. I have a number of automation processes running many reports and such. One of the tasks that needs to be done is to save an word file as a PDF. This is, of course, trivial in VBA. However... What I really need to do is use Acrobat DC ability...
  14. H

    Increase Print Size on PDF export

    I have a sheet that I export to PDF using a macro below I would like to amend this to increase the PDF doc to 150% before exporting the doc Sub Export_Summary_as_PDF() Application.ScreenUpdating = False Range("Summary").Select ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF...
  15. F

    Open Folder - Cannot find folder

    Hi My code checks to see if a folder exists and creates one if it doesn't before going on to produced a dynamic number of PDF documents and save them in the folder. The Code works, but I decided to try and be clever and give the user the opportunity of opening the folder once all the PDFs had...
  16. G

    VBA to create new worksheet based on cell info and also save as a PDF file.

    Hi all< I have a vba which creates the new worksheet no problem. But I want to add to the VBA by having it also save as a pdf file in the following location: Ged\Disability\2019-2020\invoices. I also want the PDF file to be named the same as the worksheet that was created. This is what I...
  17. D

    creating multiple PDFs by looping through number list

    The code below is part of a macro being used to create a list of numbers and then loop through those numbers one at a time, place the number into cell I1 which is linked to numerous other sheets. Each of those sheets has a formula in cell Z1 that sets to "Yes" or "No" depending on if the...
  18. F

    VBA code - Save file to folder within workbook path

    I have a code that creates a pdf and saves it in the folder where the workbook is saved. I have a sub folder PDF FILES. Is there a way to save to the PDF folder without using a full patch like c:\user\workbook\pdf files? Below is the code I have so far. Any help would be greatly appreciated...
  19. B

    Excel Macro - Save as PDF

    Hello, I have been looking around for a macro that will save an excel sheet as a PDF with the following requirements: Named the same as the sheet Add current date select folder location I have been messing around with the following code: Sub Save_ActSht_as_Pdf() ' Saves active sheet as PDF...
  20. G

    A little code help on Excel Save to PDF

    I'm new at coding. I have put together a code to save several worksheets to a pdf file and it is working except I can't figure out how to have it let me pick the filename and path. As it is it just overwrites the previously saved file. TIA Public Sub SaveSheetsAsPDF() Dim wksAllSheets As...

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