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    VBA copying data from pdf file - using Ctrl A only copies first page!

    Hi I have recently ventured into extracting data from files other than excel and am using send keys: 'Select All and Copy from PDF SendKeys "^a^c", True Could anybody please help with the problem I am experiencing which is that only the first page is being selected and copied over Thanks...
  2. R

    Downloading a document in Explorer

    I currently have the below macro which opens up a pdf in explorer is there a way to now download the pdf to a file path? Thank you! Sub Testa() Dim x As String x = Sheet1.Range("c2").Value Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") IE.Navigate (x) 'navigate IE.Visible =...
  3. E

    VBA save excel worksheet with workbook name plus text as a PDF

    This code only saves with the workbook name and not the text "Sample". What am I doing wrong? All answers appreciated Thanks, Ed Sub SamplePDF() Dim strFolder As String Dim i As Long 'Find the position of the period in the file name i = InStr(ActiveWorkbook.Name, ".") Filename...
  4. E

    How do I add a PDF attachment to my mail via VBA?

    At the moment my code works like this: when you click on play it automatically saves the file to PDF, then it opens the mail itself with a title, etc and also with a XLSM file. now I want it to add the same file as PDF instead of XLSM.. how do I do that if the title of the PDF is the cellname...
  5. E

    PDF sent by VBA to outlook as attachment doesnt work/open

    I want to send the worksheet what im working on as PDF in outlook by using VBA, when I test this out it does make an attachment but the PDF file is broken and wont open.. anyone know how to fix this? Sub saveandsend() Dim Path As String Dim filename As String Path = "DIRECTORY" filename =...
  6. L

    Outlook 2016 multiple PDF attachemet has stopped working since the office upgrade.

    Hi everyone, I have a excel sheet which called "Multi" and by using an UserForm I can activate the Word invoice path on Colum F in the excel sheet, create a PDF version of the invoice then attach to an email. This can be multiple paths triggered, multiple word version invoice converted to Pdf...
  7. G

    Creating a PDF From a Chart

    Hello All, I'm trying something I've never ever attempted, and don't know where to start. Creating a PDF from a Chart. I have an excel sheet, with 8 tabs Each tab has data that is used to make a simple line chart I want to have code, that takes each tab, one-by-one, and creates a chart in PDF...
  8. K

    VBA: Search in PDF and print a page as PDF.

    Hi, I have an Excel file with a lot of data. In one of the columns there are values ​​that I should search for in a specific pdf file (c:\temp\test.pdf). Once the value has been found, only that page in the PDF should be saved as a separate file. The file name should be the search value...
  9. R

    one PDF file with multiple sheet

    Hi , I want to write the VBA code which can generate one pdf file with multiple sheet with specific range. I have excel file with 3 sheets: Accounting ,Management and invoice. I want generate pdf file which has data from Accounting from range A2:I43, from Management from range A1:H25 and from...
  10. M

    Auto create PDF at set time AND have it change the file name each time

    Hi all, Hopefully this is possible. I have a workbook containing around 100 or so sheets. The first sheet is the summary sheet, that contains amounts owed by each customer. These are displayed as a list from top to bottom, with the amounts owed beside each name in the adjacent column. What I...
  11. N

    Exporting multiple ranges in alternating orientations to multiple page pdf

    Hi Everyone, My apologies in advance if this has already been answered; my searching has proven fruitless! I am attempting to export different ranges of the same sheet as separate pages of a single pdf document. What I am after is: Page 1 of the pdf: With ActiveSheet.PageSetup...
  12. V

    Export PDF on multiple sheets

    Dear members, my situation: I have multiple charts and other stuff on multiple worksheets. For example: Sheet 1: Range A1-C9, Sheet 1 Range F9:K13 and sheet 2: Range A1-F12 What i want to do: I want to put every element on ONE side in a PDF-document. My problem: I can export in PDF and i...
  13. J

    Printing selected sheets as PDF

    Hello Everyone! I regularly follow the threads on this forum and I has found many times great solutions! But now I need a liitle help. I found a perfect "Walkenbach-solution" for my problem. I have a workbook with many sheets. I want to select sheet using a selectbox (VBA) an these sheet must be...
  14. F

    Excel VB to send Email to multiple Recipeints

    Good Day I have this code that sends a email to recipients. I have created a Sheet called Emails with a few a few email addresses. The code works however it does not send to all email addresses, only the first address is selected. Thanks Private Sub Image12_Click()...
  15. S

    Print Different Cell Range from Multiple Excel Worksheets to one PDF

    Hi, I have been trying very hard to find a way to print to PDF different cell ranges from two different worksheets in the same workbook to one PDF file without using VBA. Is this even possible?
  16. R

    Attach all files in folder not working fully

    Hello experts, I have a macro that creates an email, attaches two excel files and all the pdf files in a specified folder. The macro does not return any errors, but there are certain pdf files that don't get attached. Those files have in the name "‐". This is not a normal hyphen. When I use...
  17. V

    Change pdf files names in folder with VBA

    Hello all, i have this: <tbody> A-scan B-Name Scan01 GR18987564-Plat1 Scan02 GR18987564-Plat2 Scan03 SR-85-18987654654-PL1 Scan04 SR-85-18987654654-PL2 Scan05 GT6576846465-Plat1 Scan06 GT6576846465-Plat2 Scan08 GR18987798-Plat1 GR18987798-Plat2 Scan07 GR18897-Plat1...
  18. R

    how to set hidden sheet as object

    Hello, The code below works fine for me. Now I just want to get output in PDF of "PDFVersion" Sheet which is now "very hidden". So without activating or opening it I want to get PDF of the said sheet. Note: I don't want user can see the said sheet or able to unhide it so I made it very hidden...
  19. T

    Vba to Inport PDF Creates one Column?

    Hi Everyone, I have this code to import data from a PDF to Excel Sheet. The problem is it imports all the data as one column is there something im missing ? anyone know of a way to import from a pdf and have it look the same? here my code Sub PDFinport1() Dim wsLog As Worksheet, wsOutp...
  20. L

    Can you make a GUI in Excel?

    Hi! I am creating a mental health management system for a school. It needs to use software that the school already uses (MS programs / PDF). Right now, I am using PDF form mental health questionnaires, an Access database where the questionnaire data is dumped (and other info like Student...

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