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    Can I get this macro to run all the code before opening the PDF?

    Hi Everyone, I have a macro below that works great but looks ugly, what i mean is it opens the pdf half way through the macro, so when you close the pdf it shows me a half loaded screen and a looks ugly before it runs the rest of the macro when everything looks great again. So I was wondering...
  2. G

    Dynamic print range VBA

    Hey there, I am trying to create a macro that will "read" the range from a cell such as "02" (A1:M39) and export that range as a PDF, however I have only been able to set the range directly in the VBA code, is it even possible to have it read a range that changes dynamically? For comparison...
  3. G

    Need to Upload a PDF into the Web page

    Hi , I m New to VB and I was struggling to the code for upload a PDF into the web page. I need to upload a PDF in (https://draftable.com/compare) in this website please help here and provide any code to upload a PDF using VBA. I have tried to upload PDF but getting error when "Choose File...
  4. T

    VBA to create pdf thats 2007 compatable

    Hi Everyone, I need a macro to create a pdf of active sheet but it needs to work on 2007 version as well anyone remember the code to do this? please help if you can Thanks Tony
  5. D

    save excel sheets as pdf via vba

    i need to re-arrange the tabs so that it saves the PDF in that order....is there way to do this without manually moving the worksheets? i tried re-arranging the sheet names in the vba array code, but that didnt seem to do the trickl
  6. D

    PDF to Excel

    Hello, Can I convert (10) pages PDF file to a one excel sheet ? Thank you in advance
  7. H

    opening all .msg files from a folder and saving them as pdf

    Hi, i have saved almost 500 mail copies in a folder. the task is to open all the mail copies and save them as pdf. the below code loops through the folder. however, i need help so that i can save each mail item as pdf. help would be highly appreciated Sub bla_OK() Dim objOL As Object Dim Msg...
  8. H

    VBA - Open PDF file

    Hello All, How can we open this pdf file with VBA macro. C:\Users\i ' M\Desktop\PDF\test file 123-234.pdf Any help would be appreciated Regards, Humayun
  9. A

    Send excel as pdf

    Dear Team, I want to send Excel sheet as pdf attachment through system's email button Please help Dinesh Saha
  10. R

    Auto save to PDF and email macro

    Hi all, I've confused myself once again and can't figure this one out. I'm trying to figure out the macro to save file as a PDF in the Set Printing Area and attach the PDF file to new email template in outlook so that way the user can write who it's got to be emailed to. And if it's possible...
  11. A

    Auto formatting issue...

    Hi guys, I have a CSV exporter which converts a PDF into excel where the PDF file has customer details like Name, Guardian name, House no, Gender etc., Now the problem is whenever i use the CSV exporter the zero in house no removes automatically For example: Actual data of House no in PDF...
  12. S

    RunTime Error 462 while converting word docx to PDF

    '******* EmpFolder is a Global Variable containing Folder Path ************************* Sub BatchConvertDocxToPDF() Dim objDoc1 As Document Dim strFile As String, strFolder As String 'Initialization strFolder = EmpFolder & "" strFile = Dir(strFolder & "*.docx", vbNormal)...
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    Send individualized PDF to each recipient from a list

    Hello All, I use a macro that generates a PDF summary of sales made by each seller. Then, I send each individual PDF to each seller. I do it manually. :-( I would like to modify the current macro (or create another one if easier) to automatize the sending process. Each individual PDF should...
  14. A

    How to scrape data from PDF to Excel using VBA?

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() Dim pdfFile As Variant Dim selPDF As Variant pdfFile = Application.GetSaveAsFilename(InitialFileName:=ThisWorkbook.ActiveSheet.name, FileFilter:="PDF Files (*.pdf), *.pdf") pdfPath.Value = pdfFile pdfPath.Locked = True End Sub Well, this...
  15. M

    VBA to create PDF's of two worksheets when a condition is met

    Hi, I hope that you can help me once again.... I have a VBA code which produces a PDF of a worksheet and attaches it to an email (with other details in the email found in the worksheet) when a single condition is met in cell Y32 of the active worksheet. I want to add some additional VBA to...
  16. D

    save as pdf

    I need a procedure to save a document as pdf. The default file name needs to be the value that is entered in cell G7 + value entered in H5 as one word. Could someone help me with this please?
  17. R

    PDF to Excel conversion through VBA

    Hi All, Can anyone suggest if PDF to excel conversion is possible through VBA. I search many websites about that but got no solution. Please note my PDF can be multiple pages.
  18. C

    Modify existing vba to always print as PDF

    Hi guys I am using the VBA code below which works fine but it only prints to the last used printer, instead of ALWAYS printing to PDF: Sub NewQuoteGenerate() Dim sourceSheet As Worksheet Set sourceSheet = ActiveSheet Application.ScreenUpdating = False Dim response As...
  19. J

    Automatic attachment and email to be sent

    Dear Expert, I need an help from you. I need a VBA code from you for the below scenario. Currently I am doing it manually and i want to automate it. Current Scenario: I am from invoicing Team and i Generate multiple invoices for the day. I store all these Invoices in PDF mode and save it under...
  20. S

    VBA Loop to PDF

    Hi, I have a list of value in tab "List" A2:A## I want to update the tab "summary" "A1" with each value from the list which updates the summary Tab with data. I then want to copy this print area from the tab "summary" to a new workbook until every value in the Tab "List" is used. I then...

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