1. R

    is there a way to password protect cells from being changed?

    I have created a multi-sheet workbook with several VBA codes running and I want to make sure people can't mess it up. Is there a way to make sure people can only input information into certain cells and run the codes from the buttons?
  2. J

    Using the AVERAGE function with IF.

    Hi, I have a lot of data in Column I, which relates to %'s. In Column F, I have data relating to the amount of times a participant took part in a race. I want to do an average of Column I. So normally I'd just put in =AVERAGE(I:I). However, I only want to get an AVERAGE of people who have...
  3. R

    pull data from sheet and put it into another sheet if that line is checked off

    I have a list of people with other information about that person and I want to get selected people and their columns of information into another sheet. Ideally I would like to have a column that I would put an x on the rows I want in the other sheet. Is there a way to do this?
  4. G

    Run-time error 438. Object doesn't support this property or method.

    Hello. I was unable to find any leads on this by searching. I have a workbook with a sheet containing several combo boxes. The combo boxes are populated by code in the This Workbook module when the file opens. Some people can open the workbook without problems. Some other people get a...
  5. D

    Weekly Team and Individual Leaderboard

    Hello, I'm lost (per usual) and have searched long enough that I'm starting to go insane so my next step is to post my questions here. Our sales team is needing/wanting a leader board to not only monitor and display the individual sales but also the team (groups of 4 people) sales. So every...
  6. C

    Count Discrete Text values in column if other column value

    I have a large set of data from which I am trying to generate information. I am having difficulty with the following example (obviously my data set is much larger than this): <tbody> Name Favorite Color # of Pets Joe yellow 4 Kelly green 3 David green 3 Richard orange 2 Vicki blue...
  7. N

    list missing people from a list

    I have a group of 10 people doing 5 roles in a spreadsheet. I would like a cell to contain the five people NOT doing a role. So the formula would check the five cells, compare with a reference containing all ten initials, and list the initials of people not in a role.
  8. L

    Formula for a seating plan

    Hi all, I have another task that i hope you can help me with :) I have a spreadsheet that looks like this. COLUMN A, COLUMN B, COLUMN C, COLUMN D, COLUMN E Firstname , Surname , Location , Grade , Table no. Bill , Smith , London , 1 , 1...
  9. P

    Help me stop hurting myself or others

    Hi there, I have a excel sheet that is used by others but they keep on deleting columns for no reason at all. I have attempted to fix this by locking certain columns and putting a password on the sheet to stop any form of deletion but still allow them to enter data. The only thing is that is it...
  10. T

    Help Countinting the number of sheets that have a value in a cell

    Hello, I have a workbook with 25 sheets (tabs), each representing a different project with data reporting the number of people reached by that project for a range of different activities. Not all projects did all activities. I have a consolidated sheet in which I need to count the total number...
  11. W

    Useful Excel formulas which people have shared

    Hello, Does MrExcel have a place to view useful formulas that people have shared over the years? If not, does anyone know of a good source for those types of formulas (hopefully categorized for easier/quicker finding)? I'm not referring to a list of Excel functions (which are readily available...
  12. M

    VBA Arrays

    Hello, I am using VBA arrays to select certain options in the list. For Example the Code below Selects five people in the table. What I want to do with the array is to select everything excluding the options already selected. So instead of selecting these five people, select everything else in...
  13. C

    Applying Worksheet_Change to lots of sheets

    Hello all, I have a workbook in which there are a large number of sheets - most of which are "Person Sheets" - duplicates of the same sheet, containing data about various people. You can differentiate the "person sheets" from the other sheets as they have an x in cell B1. Anyway, I need to...
  14. R

    A fix for counting empty cells!

    Hi all, I couldn't see a fix for this after doing a few forum searches, so I'm hoping you fine people can help. In column T of this spreadsheet I have put a formula in [ =(COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6)-COUNTIF(E6:S6,0))/COUNTA($E6,$H6,$K6,$N6,$Q6) ] which counts the amount of times text is...
  15. S

    weird cell behaviour with multiple lines in cell with restricted height

    I am working on a workbook for someone. The workbook is to schedule people in a duty roster. As the number of names is large, there is a big possibility of two or more people with the same name. That is why I want to store the ID number in the cell with the name. For clarity on the screen I...
  16. L

    Equation for Data filtering

    Hi I am after an equation either sumif or countif, whatever is best for the following two scenarios. Scenario One I have created a workbook on excel with several sheets that automatically filters names of people that have attached specific tasks they complete onto a summary sheet. The sheets...
  17. A

    In-person training/consulting available for small business?

    I'm new to this site and couldn't find anything regarding any type of personal/face to face consulting or training services. Does anyone know if this is something that's offered and if so what/who is best person to contact? I work for a small business (10-15 people) in Eastern NC and we could...
  18. K

    Applying Conditional Formatting To A schedule?

    I'm working on a Schedule with a couple hundred people and forecasting it out a couple months and am having trouble getting some conditional formatting to work with the table. The example is a 8 days (D3-L3 is 7/5-7/13). I would like the names of the people (in the column B4-B7) to be...
  19. M

    Meeting Mix Up

    I am struggling to find a way to solve the problem below and wondered if anyone has any ideas on the best way to solve this. I have a number of people, lets say 40 to start with, attending a meeting where there are 4 groups of 10 people. The goal is for the 40 people in the room, each will...
  20. Joesif


    Hi I just wanted some advice really. I'm pretty confident with excel formulas and working but never use VBA so just wondering where I best to start to learn myself. What have other people find works best for them. Are there any good guides knocking about to look at Cheers Joe

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