1. C

    Calculating a garde with portions weighted differently.

    This should be easy, but I keep messing it up. The quizzes in a class I'm teaching add up to 60% of the grade. The exam counts for 40 percent. Suggest a formula? Student has a 65 average for the quiz portion, 36 for the exam. Thanks in advance.
  2. H

    Populating a list based on two conditions.

    I am attempting to generate a ranked list of values based on two conditions; percent and count. The end goal is for me to be able to produce a graph whose values can be changed dynamically by altering two fields. The source data has a list of values, each one with a count (Column H) and a...
  3. T

    Entering a % or Amount to calculate a new number

    I am trying to figure out how to set up an excel calc to allow a user to enter a percentage or amount (see red text below) in adjacent cells to calculate a new value. If they enter a percent, it automatically calcs the amount and vis versa. It needs to be dynamic enough to go back and forth...
  4. B

    3 Axis chart with gantt

    Is it possible to create a chart like this in Excel? I was thinking making a bunch of individual charts and overlaying them with transparency and resizing them so they match up might work. But if there is a better way I would appreciate some assistance please. You see it is based on date across...
  5. S

    Additional Conditional Formatting for Gantt Project Planner

    Hi all. I'm using the Gantt Project Planner template. I know how to edit the defined custom formatting. My question is whether I can go a level further. For example, rather than just the one color showing the percent complete, if I add another column that shows the status, can I have the...
  6. B

    Set Excel Chart so maximum scale of y-axis is at least 100%

    Greetings, I have a bar graph with the y-axes expressed in percent. The minimum percent value is always 0%. However, the maximum percent value can exceed 100%. Sometimes, depending on the data, if I set the y-axes maximum scale for Auto, the chart may have a scale that is less than 100%. I...
  7. L

    Macro to line up tables based on cell content

    Hello, I am seeking assistance in writing a macro to help me line up data. The attached Excel file shows an example of what I have and what I want. Columns A:C are from 2017. Columns D:F are from 2018, just pasted next to it. I have the same variables in each year (Variable1, Variable2...
  8. D

    Chart Data Table

    I have FIVE data numbers for a chart (Four are numbers and one is a percent) I am trying to have JUST the percent show on a Data table. Is this possible? Thank you for your help.
  9. D

    Autofilter 10 percent of entire data vba

    Hi all, I am looking for vba whereby i can filter 10 percent of data for audit percent randomly. can anyone suggest the vba code for the same
  10. gymwrecker

    Conditional Formatting - Icon Sets

    By default, for 3 icons, Excel calculates the 67th percent and 33th percent. 67th percent = min + 0.67 * (max-min) = 2 + 0.67 * (95-2) = 64.31. 33th percent = min + 0.33 * (max-min) = 2 + 0.33 * (95-2) = 32.69. A green arrow will show for values equal to or greater than 64.31. A yellow arrow...
  11. B

    Multiple Lookups & Merged Cells

    Not sure where to even start on this one - hopefully someone can help direct me. I need to look up a person (i.e. Agent: 63517 Acker, James) then from there, find the section called "Total for xxxx" (i.e. Total for 63517 Acker, James), the find "Available and pull/get the Percent in Adherence...
  12. 2

    Percentage Weightings

    Hi all, I'm trying to get cell P11 to gauge a percentage from a figure typed into cell O11. O11 = a percentage, to 2 decimal points. There are five ranges that O11 will fall into: <35%, 35%-45%, 45%-55%, 55%-65%, 65%+ There are weightings attached to these ranges: 1.5%, 3%, 4.5%, 6%, 7.5%...
  13. 2

    Adding percentages that are produced by formulas

    I can't believe you can't just add percentages with the usual =SUM(A1:A10) formula!!! The percentages I want to add are all created by formulas, not typed into the cell itself. The total percentage at the bottom of the page is adding up the individual weightings from a number of entries. How...
  14. B

    Easy Formula?

    Is there a formula for percent of change between two numbers?
  15. A

    get percentages in pivot table?

    I have 3 columns of data: animal (deer, fish, bear) /completeness(incomplete,complete, fragment) /level(1,2,3,4,5) I wonder if there is a way to have a pivot table with animal down the side, level along the top and in the middle just the percent of "complete" for instance there in level 1...
  16. G

    % Sign to Show on a User Form

    Private Sub Percent_Button_Click() On Error GoTo ErrorHandler Percent_Input = 1 - (REV_Input / Budget_Input) Selection.Style = "Percent" Exit Sub ErrorHandler: MsgBox ("Both REV and Budget Fields Must Have a Number Input") End Sub Hello All, I have an annoying problem here with my user...
  17. T

    Calculating percentages for Annual Report

    good morning, i am trying to calculate percentages in excel, i am working on an annual report where the original report is generated for me with the proper percent. I have to remove numbers from the original and create a new percent, i am having trouble creating a new percent.i found that the...
  18. P

    Add borders within table based on formula

    Hi all, I've got a series of tables, one on each sheet, that generally look like this: Number Level Percent 1 1.0 2 2 1.0 3 3 1.4 6 4 1.9 5 5 2.3 2 6 2.8 0 8 3.0 8 9 3.5 9 10 4.0 2 With "Number" appearing in...
  19. B

    TRIMMEAN 5 percent and also exclude Zeros?

    Hello, What would the formula be if I wanted to find an average but exclude all zeros and exclude the top and bottom 5 percent? I know how to exclude the top and bottom 5 percent but I cant figure out how to ignore zeros.
  20. C

    Ranking percent formula based on goal

    Hello, I have a ranking sheet that I am currently using to rank employees based on performance. When it come to Talk time however you can either be at the target or below the target but never above. If the max percent you can get in the category is 25%, with a goal of 600, then if I am at 500...

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