1. S

    Issues referencing other sheets name manager

    hello all this is the formula i have which works great which references a worksheet but i also need it to perform the same commands and keys but from another worksheet IFERROR(INDEX(T_LEAVE56[TYPE OF UNIFORMS],SUMPRODUCT(--(T_LEAVE56[EMPLOYEE NAME]=$B9),--(T_LEAVE56[START...
  2. D

    Center Across Selection Instead of Merging Cells

    Hi all, Here is a way to display long statements in any Excel rows instead of using merged cells. It works perfectly ''horizontally'' Does anyone know how to adapt it ''vertically'' ? It drives me crazy ... :( Here is the link...
  3. C

    Conditional formatting issues 2.0

    Hi, Please see screenshot: I have so many issues with this condiational formatting, now I am facing this. Everything looks perfectly correct to me but the conditional formatting still colors the cell, why?
  4. J

    Center a character automatically based on the formula

    Below is the formula. I was wondering if there's a way to make the asterisk center in the cell instead of being at the top so that it's perfectly inline with the value that generates from A!D10 =IF(A!D10=100,A!D10,A!D10&" *")
  5. M

    VLOOKUP - Stuck on N/A Message

    Hello, this forum has been great. You all helped me with many functions including the VLOOKUP. However, I'm stump on one issue and I need some assistance as to what i'm doing wrong. I was able to get the VLOOKUP function to work perfectly. Now I want to add another VLOOKUP with the column index...
  6. 1

    Advance filter; referencing a cell outside of the list range

    I have an advance filter which works perfectly if I use this formula =AND(J16>=0.607,J16<=0.627) I does not work if I us this formula =AND(J16>=O6,J16<=P6) O6 and P6 are not in the List or Criteria range. O6 contains a formula that return 0.607 and P6 contains a formula that returns 0.627. So...
  7. A

    Why is this not working?

    Hi! I just can't figure this one out so hope someone here can help! This straightforward formula works fine: =COUNTIF( INDIRECT( "Z" & L10 & ":Z" &M10),"=1") I want to replace the "Z" part with this formula that automatically finds the column - SUBSTITUTE(ADDRESS(1,COLUMN(),4),"1","") So...
  8. J

    Windows Script Host

    Hello everyone, I made a Macro and it uses many user forms depending on the buttons you clic. The point is that I use a .vbs script to run it without having to open the excel workbook. It displays the login userform and everything works perfectly. The problem is that after you are done using...
  9. R

    Excel 2016 oversizing once perfectly sized (in Excel 2013) userforms

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet written in Excel 2013 in Windows 7 at 1920x1080 with a userform that fits my screen perfectly (Height = 725, Width = 1161). Recently installed Excel 2016 in Windows 10 and ran the userform and it's quite a bit larger - so much so that information on the bottom of the...
  10. R

    Else/If statement

    trying to create a else/if statement, at least I think so. Cell D4, D5, D6, D7, D8 and D9 may or may not have a number,in this case a number such as 5%, 6% etc. I’ll work with line 7 for demonstration purposes. D7 currently has the value of 5%. In cell E7 I’m using this formula: =($G16*D7)/12...
  11. B

    How to get graph Grid with millimeters in chart

    i have xy-direction values which i want to plot in Excel Chart with Graph Grid is it possible to draw something on Graph Chart? can it be Perfectly Matched with the Reference of cell? Iam eagerly waiting for this answer Thank you in Advance
  12. A

    Only Expert Can Give Simple Explanation How This time management metric is working.

    The "Prioritized To-do list" is arranging the To-do list items as they are segmented in the first workbook to-do list. It's perfectly working but I want to know how the formula is working? How can I breakdown this complex formula? =ArrayFormula(IF(ROWS(D$4:D4)>$D$2,"",INDEX('Brian''s To-Do...
  13. A

    Excel pivot table - possible to use/display just row total for one of the fields?

    Hi all, I may have a bit of a strange question - is it possible to create a pivot of two fields (in rows), over months/weeks (columns) and after their rowTotals have another total? This additional total would be row total for a third field but I just need the row total, not values over columns...
  14. H

    GetPivot table 91 + will not work

    I have a pivot tale & am trying to use =getpivottable to extract the value of 91 + in Col G =SUM(GETPIVOTDATA(A4,("*91 +*"))) I get N/A#, even though thereare value in this column. The previous column 60-90 works perfectly when using = getpivottable It would be appreciated if someone...

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