1. M

    Access Web Contents forgets Organizational settings

    I frequently use Power Query in my role and I'm getting a frustrating error that occurs intermittently in my organisation. After first choosing "Organizational" from the options in Access Web Contents, after a random number of reopens, the file forgets these settings, stopping the data from...
  2. D

    VBA to add list of users to SharePoint site

    Hi, I am looking to add a list of users from excel onto a SharePoint site and grant them permissions in a specific group. My excel consists of the following information: GroupName UserAccountEmail It will just be users uploaded to one specific SharePoint site. Any assistance is...
  3. J

    Permission denied for particular user

    I have a script that works fine on my machine (Win 7, Office 2010) but not on another machine (Win 10, Office 2010). I get a runtime error 70 permission denied when it tries to copy the file at the end of the script portion below. The other user can read/write/delete in all folders in use. From...
  4. R

    Clear All Permissions in Data Source Settings Using VBA

    Sounds simple but I cannot find any information on how to clear all permissions in Data -- > Get Data -- > Data Source Settings --> Clear Permissions --> Clear All I have trawled the internet for a while but sadly to no avail. If anyone could atleast tell me where in the object model I can...
  5. 1

    Attachments - how do i change my permissions to allow me to attach a document please?

    Sorry i am very new, thank you for your time.
  6. X

    How to Prevent the Deletion of Hidden Cells after Enabling Sort Functions

    Hello, I have followed the process of locking my worksheet then enabling the relevant columns to Sort using the 'Allow Edit Ranges' function. I unchecked the 'Select Locked Cells' option when protecting the worksheet so nobody can select the cells and edit them. However when I hide the...
  7. S

    Which user permissions to check before writing files to disk?

    I've made an Excel add-in that's supposed to write its own settings folder and file to user's APPDATA folder under Windows 7+. What will be the preferred method to check permissions (folder or user? confused...) :confused: before saving data to that folder? Currently I use a simple line of code...
  8. A

    Can't drag down/right to automatically populate cells? Excel for Mac 15.32

    Hi all, Suddenly today, the little cursor to drag down to fill has "stopped working". I have a VBA-defined Name which is called by "FontColor" in my function as in the picture (I had to block out sensitive info). The code for FontColor in my defined name is: GET.CELL(24,Sheet1!X3:X252). The...
  9. B

    How to Post Attachments

    I just signed up, but am unable to load an attachment to my post. "You may not post attachments" shows at bottom of screen (permissions) How can I add attachments to my post
  10. B

    User Permissions bug

    I am setting up User Permissions for specific users and have checked "Allow" under "Edit range without a password." However, my co-worker says it's prompting her for a password. It thinks the person is unauthorized, even though her PC credential is the same email I added to the "Group or user...
  11. X

    Can I "lock" an Excel file from being uploaded to Google Sheets, or make it unusable/disable?

    Hello- Not sure this is the right spot for this one... I have issues with coworkers uploading an Excel file that I have password-protected into Google Sheets, which removes all of the protections I have created (sigh), and allows them to see hidden sheets, etc. I am wondering if there is some...
  12. I

    Cross referencing two User permission tables and presenting as a single table

    I'm analysing some system role based permissions, to understand and display which users have access to which permissions and perform a comparison. The way the data has been presented to me so far is such that I have one table that presents permissions mapped into groups permission profiles...
  13. R

    Combining data from multiple sheets and group them

    Hi Guys! I have a problem which I hope one of you can solve! I think it will be a tough one. I have an Excel with multiple tabs of users in subscriptions. Each tab contains different information about the users (account permissions, normal permissions and settings). I need to group the users...
  14. D

    Excel VBA Using FileSystemObject Problem

    I have a workbook where I work with Excel files via VBA which involves defining a variable as an object, then setting that object as a new filesystemobject. The code would look like this: Sub Test() Dim fso as Object Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") End Sub Of course...
  15. J

    Set "Access content programmatically" checkbox with vba

    Hello, I am trying to use VBA to set the "Access content programmatically" checkbox to true within the permissions of a file (File-> Protect Workbook -> Restrict Access -> Restricted Access) When you go to the Permission dialogue and select "More Options", it allows you to select several...
  16. T

    Collaborative workbook for student self assessment -- I need some ideas

    I have created a simple page for students to track their daily performance totals in class. I would like for students to be able to have access to this sheet and input their self assessed score each day for several weeks. Is it possible to share this workbook with 25ish students at one time...
  17. A

    Excel Online (O365) - Locking specific cells for editing by specific users or groups

    Hi all, It's possible to protect a workbook in such a way that only certain individuals are able to edit particular cells (Review tab, "Allow Users to Edit Ranges", and so on) however uploading this spreadsheet to my organisations O365 results in Excel Online seemingly ignoring these...
  18. O

    2007 XP to 2010 W7 - Encrypted Macro Problem! Please help!! :)

    Guys, On my work machine I was running XP and 2007 Excel. While we migrated to 2010 Excel and Windows 7 Enterprise I needed to use a few project plans. These contained a few macros and were password protected docs. I use Excel 2016 at home so just opened them on USB. Now when I try and open...
  19. M

    Permissions to users on other machines

    I'm using Excel 2013. I want the unlocked ranges to only be editable by me. I will send the file to other users (not on my domain/machine) and they should be able to open the file, but for read-only. Some of the users are using different OS (I'm using a Mac, they may be using Windows). The...
  20. R

    Excel Vba handling errors from Ado Connections/permissions to SQL server.

    Hi All, My spreadsheet is a front-end for users to execute queries/store procs against SQL server databases and output the rowset(s) to worksheets, this is all working well. It's the error handling I want to improve, currently my error handling consists of the usual "On error" and displays the...

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