1. K

    UserForm textbox to textbox in sheet

    Hello there, I'm pretty new with VBA and I am trying to make a Userform to add comments to an excel sheet. I have a combo box with initials (of the person making the comment) and a text box where they will write the comment. Now if the person clicks the OK button I want it to start a new line...
  2. D

    How to Sum the Frequency of column dependent on another column.

    Hi, I am trying to solve a problem I am have trying to add the days of shifts for multiple people but running into a issue it will correctly workout the number of shifts excluding dates that are the same but I need it read a repeating date if that person name is different. I have all this...
  3. S

    Counting Columns of x

    I have been racking my brain. I am trying to get a formula to count columns that contain an x. If it does I only want to column to be counted as 1. For the example below I want a count of 5. Thanks in advance! <style type="text/css"> table.tableizer-table { font-size: 12px; border: 1px...
  4. T

    Multiple rows Map to Multiple rows

    Hi this is my first post, firat of all thank you to eveyone here this site is always a great source of infiormation and help. :) Here is my problem I have a list of People and a list of items, each item has to aligned to the person - Multiple persons - Unique Item Thanks in advance...
  5. D

    Problem with opening multiple instances of file on a network

    I have been creating several spreadsheets at work and there is a problem with opening more than 1 instance of them at the same time on a network. I have one spreadsheet called "quoting tool" that generates quotes. When quotes are finalised they are sent to separate spreadsheets called allocation...
  6. M

    insert photo into cell baseb on a person name

    Hi does anyone know if it’s possible to insert photos into a cell based person name adjacent to the cell. EG I have a number of cells, range C7:C27 that get a person name pasted in using a VBA Code and what I would like to see happen is in cell, range AA7:AA27 are the photos of that person...
  7. T

    Highlighting duplicate person name on the bais of creterias, I am working on one huge file. where I have duplicate person name in col. B. I am looking for a code which highlight these names if same person has same deptt and same PO issue date. Like person we have three ZZZ person name but...
  8. Trevor3007

    colour row

    I have worksheet A2:L50 which gets updated regular. When I insert ‘Yes’ in cell k2, I would like the ‘whole row (a2:l2) to fill colour to light blue. Would some kind person be able to help & sort for me? MTIA Trevor3007 :cool:
  9. C

    VLOOKUP help (not SUMIF)

    I've seen a few of the forums in here with similar requests - how to take a column of data and where there's matches, total the sum of those cells. The consensus seems to be to use SUMIF instead, but I do think I need to use VLOOKUP. My goal is to analyze the data, and output a tallied set of...
  10. M

    VBA Arrays

    Hello, I am using VBA arrays to select certain options in the list. For Example the Code below Selects five people in the table. What I want to do with the array is to select everything excluding the options already selected. So instead of selecting these five people, select everything else in...
  11. C

    Applying Worksheet_Change to lots of sheets

    Hello all, I have a workbook in which there are a large number of sheets - most of which are "Person Sheets" - duplicates of the same sheet, containing data about various people. You can differentiate the "person sheets" from the other sheets as they have an x in cell B1. Anyway, I need to...
  12. E

    Highlight Partial Duplicates

    Hi, I am trying to create a schedule, and want the cell to highlight when there is a duplicate. My problem is that sometimes the cell has one person, and sometimes it has multiple people, and I want to highlight when a person has been put into more than one task. e.g. <tbody> Task Person...
  13. M

    Formula to keep adding a 1 to a cell based on another cell value

    Hi can anyone tell me if there is a formula that constantly adds a 1 to a cell value each time a 1 appears in another cell. EG columnA Row 2:4 has 3 people’s names in each cell , column B row 2:4 as a 1 in each cell, each time the person in column A leaves the building, what I want to do is in...
  14. F

    Next person due ?

    Hi I have 3 columns A and B and C I enter details sometimes weekly or monthly each row For A the date B the person and C the shift start and finish time I have accumulated a number of rows over time from 2015 I have about 250 rows of data How can I have excel propose the next person due...
  15. M

    Counting based on other criteria - COUNTIFS maybe?

    Good Morning All I have inherited a huge spreadsheet of one worksheet (called ManningPlot) detailing the manpower situation across a number of departments across the business. This spreadsheet has one row per person and details a lot of info regarding that person and his/her position. There...
  16. C

    Get Second to Last from List

    I have attempted to get a formula to pick up the second from last entry of a particular selection from a list, however appears not perfect. =index(b2:b1000,sumproduct(max(row(a2:a1000)*(h2A2:A1000))-2)) H2=Selection / Column B= Result Person) / Column A= Data. I would appreciate any pointers...
  17. S

    scatter with movement tracking

    Hi all I'd like to build a scatter graph with a slight difference. In the source data there are 2 variables for each person, and both can shift in either direction (up or down). Normally we plot a single point for each person on a scatter and just have different scatters for different data...
  18. P

    Days/rows since 'certain value' for individuals

    Hi, running PowerPivot in excel 2016, say I have a group of 10 persons, and for every day the 10 persons record a score. I'm wanting to find how many days (or rows given that each row is a different day for the individual person) since each person recorded a score of say 60. So in the example...
  19. L

    Excel Online

    Here is my struggles. I had macros in my excel document which everything was working fine. We kept coming up with the problem that in order for someone to use it and they worked from home they had to vpn in. Next thing was if someone has to use it and make a change and another user has it open...
  20. A

    generating named data based on values

    Hi Guys I am creating a master spreadsheet and need some formula help. I am trying to pull through names of employees based on if they have a value against a project For example A,B,C are three projects on three seperate tabs. Person D,E,F are employees. Person D and F have logged time...

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