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    Please Assist With Formula That Looks at First Number

    My column C represents a list of phone numbers that are all 5 digits long. The list represents internal phone numbers of our company For example - 43140 would be how you could call within the company where as 4 is the last number of the NXX and 3140 would represent the line. What I want to do...
  2. M

    Extracting Multiple Phone Numbers and putting into list format

    Hi guys, I am trying to extract Phone Numbers ONLY from text that follows this common pattern within a single cell. Phone Numbers (510) 581-1111 Pacific Bell Telephone Company (5/1/1995 - 1/8/2019) CH, Other/Historic (510) 274-1111 Sbc Internet Services Inc (3/1/2017 - 6/1/2018)...
  3. J

    How can I filter cells that contain two or more strings like this 800-361-4827?

    I have several cells with only one phone number. How can I filter those which have more than one cell phone? For example, I want to find cells like this: MCCLANAHA Juan `RR I Box 1488 Alton 778-6076; Mcdonald S `1820 N Main St 417-926-4747 The amount of numbers in the phone number...
  4. R

    Adding International Calling Codes in front of a phone number

    Hi Everyone, I need some urgent help with an issue i am having right now. I have an excel file which has a telephone number of a country in column A and Country code in column B. The telephone number in column A is not in one particular order. Some of them have International code with them but...
  5. V

    Match Index array formula

    I am not getting the desired out with this array formula (Column D is phone num, Column G is count, column H is D&C, column J is amount {=IF((Sheet2!$D$5:$D$800000>=$B$3)*(Sheet2!$G$5:$G$800000<=$D$2)*(Sheet2!$H$2:$H$800000=$B$3&$D$2),Sheet2!$J$5:$J$80000)} In sheet1 it should search B3...
  6. A

    Web scraping

    Hi, is there anyone who knows how to get excel to search a list of phone numbers on the internet and return who they are for.
  7. R

    Copying from one worksheet to another with added complications

    Ok, I am trying to figure out a way to move records from one worksheet to another, my biggest problem is: Each row in the source worksheet can have up to 3 records, and those records have identical column header titles. I also only want to pull certain columns over to new worksheet. Here's how...
  8. U

    How to display a phone number in 3 TextBoxes?

    My UserFormDataEntry uses 3 TextBoxes to add the phone number to the cell as ########## My worksheet displays the formatted phone numbers as (###) ###-#### How do I extract the numbers from the worksheet cell into another UserForm with 3 Textboxes? This doesn’t work: Me.TextBox4.Value =...
  9. E

    Follow Hyperlink VBA Webscraping

    Hi guys, I'm trying to automate through vba a script that will follow a list of hyperlinks to Google search results and to copy the phone number listed for each link (phone numbers in google searches are listed on the right hand side). Example link showing the phone number on the right hand...
  10. T

    Assign ID number to blank address entries

    Hello, I was given a file to clean up. It has over 15,000 address entries in a row format: <tbody> ID Agency 201 Name Address 1 City,State, Zip Phone # </tbody> There is an id number assigned in the cell in column A at the Agency name. All the address fields start in column...
  11. R

    Combining lists - V Look Up - need help

    Hi, Thank You in advance for reading this and the help. I am not an expert in excel. I am sure this is an easy formula but I can not get it to work. I have two list that I am trying to combine. I would like the formula to search the list to the left and return the phone number for the matching...
  12. H

    VBA: Extract variable number of rows per variable number of phone numbers

    VBA: Extract variable number of rows per variable number of phone numbers We are looking to automate this process using Excel VBA/macros because we process two to ten spreadsheets a week. We want to extract a certain number of rows per a variable set of phone numbers...
  13. L

    vlookup - 2 files and then delete the second one

    Hi I have name, dept, and salary in workbook1 and name, and phone # in workbook2. I used vlookup function to find phone number and put it in workbook1. Everything worked fine. I deleted workbook2 and to my surprised the vlookup function still returning the right phone number? Why is that? did...
  14. I

    Vlookup Question

    Hello, here is my scenario I need help with please: I have one report that has names and titles in one excel tab. I have another report with names and phone numbers on another tab. The names are the shared element. What exact formula can I use so that the report with titles can search for a name...
  15. B

    Look up phone number by criteria

    Ok so I have an excel spreadsheet setup. A B C D State DEC Name Phone Number What I am trying to do is search for a number under column B and then return the Phone Number in column D that corresponds on the same row. =INDEX($B$2:$B$322...
  16. M

    Advanced Transposing

    Hello all. I need to take this in column a (imagine real data): <tbody> Name Adress City/State/Zip Phone Repeat 100s of times </tbody> and make it into this: <tbody> Name Address City/State/Zip Phone Name Address City/State/Zip...
  17. E

    Formatting phone number in Excel from Access

    I'm trying to enter a formula into an Excel worksheet using VBA in Access. Specifically, I'm trying to format the phone numbers located in an adjacent column to where I'm trying to put the formula. I'm using the REPLACE function but I'm getting error messages. Here's the line...
  18. D

    vbscript .find ignore spaces

    I have a script that searches phone numbers Set rngFind = .Find(What:=Trim(txtLookup.Text), LookIn:=xlValues, LookAt:=xlPart) Some of the numbers have spaces and some are just numbers. eg in the database a phone number may show up as "0218888888" or "021 888 888" Is there a way so when my...
  19. J

    Confusing Issue in 2016

    So I maintain a database of Property Address', Names and Phone Numbers. I have to frequently delete information, as it is no longer needed. From time to time I delete a phone number where an obvious duplicate is found. Each phone number is kept in it's own cell inline with it's respective owner...
  20. A

    count unique values if range meets criteria

    Hello Hope you can help me out of this conundrum I have a list constructed as follows <tbody> User ID Type Phone Numbers 2231 Incoming 01159796555 2231 Outgoing 01159796553 2296 Local 01159795983 2231 Toll 01159796523 3400 Outgoing 01159796123 </tbody> Id like a...

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