1. R

    Phone Number Data Validation

    I need some help with some data validation. I have a form that populates with data from a worksheet. Part of this data is a phone number. I've tried the code below, but I can't seem to get it to work. What I want: If the value in txt_Phone is numeric and 10 digits, the value gets formatted...
  2. HeRoseInThree

    Preferred method - advice

    I just got a new company phone and do not want to have to add all of the numbers I need into it individually. I have their information in an Excel spreadsheet - so I was wondering if there was a way to convert XLSX to VCF. I discovered several ways online, but am concerned about putting their...
  3. U

    Finding the most frequent value with certain criteria - MAXIF?

    Hello, I have a table of data showing emails and phone calls done by different agents during different months. If I wanted to show the lowest or highest number of emails/calls done by an individual in each month, what function should I use? <colgroup><col width="64" span="3"...
  4. M

    Remove symbols only in certain segments of a string

    Hello, Suppose that in my chain there is: "phone.numbers: 365.23.55 & 222.55.47 &" I would like to delete the "." only for phone numbers and replace them with a space, to get this: "phone.numbers: 365 23 55 & 222 55 47 & 06 32 55 88" Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
  5. K

    selecting first 500 numbers basis unique values in column A

    I have 3 column Column A has different City Name Column B has name of Person Column C has Phone numbers Need a VBA code that can select city name that has phone numbers count greater than 500 , and delete number count that are greater than 500 , For example : City London has Phone number...
  6. MrByte

    Move/Copy select rows to new workbook and SaveAs a CSV file

    I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this project. I would like to accomplish it through VBA which seems to be the obvious simplest way. I know I can do it manually but that seems to take more time. Here is the facts. 1) There are more than 3400 records. 2) Each record belongs to...
  7. B

    online based excel?

    i have created a macro based xlsm file and want to know if there some way it can be run online via a web page or something? id like to be able to do it online through my phone if i'm unable to access the pc or basically am i limited to a phone app that cant handle marco versions of excel properly?
  8. S

    VBA for sending SMS in excel

    I am looking for help from anyone have expertise with VBA to send sms/text in Excel to phone numbers in US based on certain conditions with my current VBA. Thanks
  9. B

    address book app that allows mulitple addresses etc

    Hi everyone I’m trying to write a program and I’d like to know if what I’d like to do is possible. A program that contains an address book worksheet that allows for multiple addresses, phone #s and emails. I’d like to have only one record per person and an in cell dropdown lists for those...
  10. B

    Using Drop downs to creat schedule and assignments

    I’m trying to make our work schedule easier to make. If you look at the picture. I want it so if the hours in the drop down match the hours on the phone schedule it copies their last name into the box next to the time in the phone schedule. You’ll see that if I do it in order by top to bottom it...
  11. M

    Retrieve Employee details from Outlook

    I have the excel data which includes Outlook email IDs. I wanted to retrieve details from outlook like Designation, Office Location and Office phone number into excel. Excel data: <tbody> Email IDs Office Location Designation Office Phone Number </tbody>...
  12. J

    Solve the Problem of the day?

    I am using Index/Match to utilize a lookup of phone numbers. HOWEVER - - - If there is a misspelling or an addition of Jr, Sr... etc.... It clearly does not work. I am looking to use a wildcard function in my search but running into road blocks. A = Names B= Phone Numbers Look up = C1...
  13. R

    Combine two Tables, both have account numbers

    I have two sheets, both sheets have the client account numbers, but one has the phone, email and name, and the other has the name and address. I need to add the address to the sheet with the phone and email. There are other a thousand records so doing this manually is not ideal. Can someone...
  14. L

    Taking Two columns and doing matching with Phone Numbers

    Hello Mr Excel Wizards, I have been trying to figure this out and have been unable to do so on my end. I have two columns in a spreadsheet. Column A - A unique Identifier for a record Column B - The phone number for the record What I am trying to do is sort the records based on the phone...
  15. S

    Text Deliminate with conditions

    Hi ,and thanks for your help I currently do a series of cleans of phones number using text deliminate and a series of formulas etc. I would like to automate the process in a macro as much as possible Data Types; 212345678 312345678 712345678 812345678 412345678 For active cells/ those...
  16. B

    Work Number Field - show only phone numbers not extensions

    I need two separate pieces of information based upon the phone number field, the phone number itself and the extension in a separate field. I hope asking 2 questions in 1 is okay - I apologize in advance if this is against forum rules. #1 I have a report where I 'm trying to show work numbers...
  17. C

    VBA Textbox For Phone Numbers

    -In my Userform, I have a textbox where a user is to input their phone number -Upon clicking the Submit command button in the Userform, the phone number is then inputed into a table cell -I want the Phone Number column to be formatted: (###) ###-#### Herein lies the problem: -The phone number...
  18. E

    Counting Values from a Single Column

    I have an unfortunately formatted report of repeat callers. It's a single column, with the phone number, and then all the dates/times it called in the cells blow it, and then the next number, and all the dates/times it called, etc... for thousands of cells. What I need to do is somehow count all...
  19. B

    Check Phone Number List against website and return Phone Line Type

    I have a list of phone numbers that I want to determine if Cell, Landline, or VOIP. I have a website that will do this but will only check one at a time. The website is After entering a phone number it comes back to...
  20. kelly mort

    VBA to dial a phone number through a connected modem

    Hello All, This idea just came to me and I wanna verify if it holds. I wanna dial a phone line through a connected modem by a VBA code. If this is possible please let me know. Thanks Kelly

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