1. Nelson78

    Extract numeric value from a cell

    Hello everybody. I've a problem about one of my Excel works that I'm trying to solve unsuccessfully. There are two columns (F and G) populated by phone numbers. Unfortunately, these phone numbers are "alterated" by alphabetic characters, spaces (" ") or special characters ("/", "_", ecc)...
  2. A

    Replace specific matched rows on different sheets

    Hello everyone, I am trying to find a specific row on sheet 2 using a unique id (phone Number) and have that row replaced with the row on sheet 1 which has the same unique id (phone number). The reason this is complicated is because (sheet 1) is the filtered results for certain conditions of...
  3. T

    Creating a text to phone macro?

    Hello, I have data coming in from a form and will need to be updated regularly - I was hoping to create a macro that combines the data for those needing it. Once imported, I will have an excel file that has phone numbers and carriers (eg TMobile, ATT etc). In order to send texts, we need to...
  4. A

    phone call data - findng common numbers called or recieved between different callers in pivot

    Hi, I’m a newbie, with mid-level excel experience. I am an analyst and need to analyse phone call data records. I have solved my problem half way in pivot but wish to make it better as it is not fit for purpose and time consuming and hard to read. See table 1 below for raw dummy data. Pivot...
  5. W

    VBA Autodialer from active cell via Ctrl-J on com-3 standard modem

    My modem makes successful calls using "store bought" software, but needed is VBA code to do the simple dialing. I have a spreadsheet with many phone numbers and use it throughout the day. I would rather not port the data to Access to accomplish this. Many thanks in advance.
  6. S

    Excel Pivot Table / Chart Question - Five Variables

    Hello. I'm attempting to create an easy to understand chart or Pivot Table but struggling to determine the best approach to use. Use Case: A company purchases consumer telephone numbers from third party data companies ('Product') in attempt to get the consumer on the phone. The company is...
  7. 9tanstaafl9

    Can you restrict the used columns in VBA TextToColumns so that it won't overwrite other data?

    I frequently have to clean up phone numbers for data import. I got everything to work perfectly, EXCEPT for the rare instances where there might be more than one delimiter between a phone number and an extension. So these work fine: 444-444-4444 ext: 2345 333-1111 #2224456 cindy But this...
  8. N

    Formula For Separating Phone Numbers From Extensions?

    Hey Everyone, I have a list of 7000 contacts. This list includes separate columns for first names, last names, addresses, zip codes, etc. In the phone number column the extension is also included. However, I need the extensions to be separated into their own column. Is there any trick to doing...
  9. S

    Sales Quota distribution factoring in % of phone hours

    Hi, I am having difficutly building a formula to distribute overall sales quotas to employees base on each employees expected phone hours. Total Sales Target : 1000 Total Employees : 15 Total Phone Hours for Dept : 2000 Employee 1 : 161 hours (8.05%) Employee 2 : 123 hours (6.15%) Employee 3 ...
  10. N

    Move Address and Phone number to adjacent column

    Hi,I have a spreadsheet of names, addresses and phone numbers in this format (with a blank row between each) <tbody> John Doe 49 Alice Lane, Sandton (011) 4518522 Paul Hoff 78 Jimmy Street, Durban (031) 7484152 Harry Smith 748 George Avenue, Cape Town (021) 6394187...
  11. V

    Identify Indian Mobile Number from the List of Numbers in Column

    I am wondering for Identify Indian Mobile Number from the List of Numbers in Column. Now, I have made a formula to identify the mobile number which closer to correct but not 100% correct if any body have better idea to have the formula more accurate without using any look up or Database...
  12. J

    Excel internet search engine code

    Hello, I have a list of people for whom I would like to get phone numbers. Instead of searching one by one through the white pages or another phone site, does anyone know of a macro or function that I could enter into excel and provide an "I feel lucky" type search for the phone number? I...
  13. G

    Stripping (but retaining) Phone Extensions

    We're doing a data migration and I have a phone number field with no standard of format. Some phone numbers have (-) dashes some have (.) periods between sets of numbers, and some have phone extensions on the end with either x###, X ####, ext ###, and some other variatoins. The extensions will...
  14. trevorbranton

    Format Telephone Numbers

    Hi All First of all, if this has already been posted and resolved, SORRY!. I could not find it when searching. My question is quite simple, yet, I cant find an answer/solution as yet. I wish to enter a phone number in to excel (using 2007 version) in the following way, (01234) 456789 (5...
  15. R

    Phone Number Format Changes

    I have phone numbers entered in the (222) 333-4444 format and need to change them to the 222-333-4444 format. Is there a Find/Replace or other formula that can accomplish this? If so, please provide an example. Thx!
  16. J

    Phone # w/Letter formatting

    I have a spreadsheet of 138 phone #'s (including area codes). About 10 of the #'s have a letter in them (i.e. 734-R42-7422) (and no, I can't just change the R to "7" - that would be too easy):rolleyes: Obviously, since they have both text and numerical characters, they won't format properly...

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