1. Z

    VBA rotate picture then then set the properties after the rotation

    im trying to get a picture uploaded then rotated then set properties. this gets my pic uploaded to the properties i want, but not rotated <code class="_34q3PgLsx9zIU5BiSOjFoM" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-style: inherit; font-variant: inherit; font-stretch: inherit...
  2. O

    Export Excel CSV to MS word with specific table format

    Im a bit out of my comfort zone with excel so was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction of how this could be accomplished? We have a CSV file that contains multiple columns, some rows however have additional columns that need to be inside that specific row ONLY and not...
  3. V

    VBA problems after upgrading to Excel 2016

    Hi. I've got a worksheet with many macros that have worked fine in Excel 2010 that i've just stopped using buy many colleagues still are. Here is an example of some code that will no longer run. Sub deleteimages()Dim s As String Dim pic As Picture Dim rng As Range ' Set ws = ActiveSheet Set...
  4. C

    Find and replace 1st matching value of every row in a table

    Hi, I have a table which shows the monthly roster of my employees. Their shifts are marked as M1, M2, A1, A2, N1, N2 (depending on what time their shift starts), X for days-off and V for vacation. https://ibb.co/pQdnH2p (For simplicity I only put the first 6 days of the month in the pic). I'm...
  5. D

    Code to delete some images

    I have this code to delete some images on my spreadsheet, but there are now 2 images I don't want the code to delete. The names of them are Image1 and Image2. How can I change it so that it won't delete those images? Private Sub cmdNoSig_Click() ActiveSheet.Unprotect Password:="npssadmin" Dim...
  6. O

    VBA to Insert Pictures into the Cell based on the value in another coln.

    Hey guys Can someone please help me fix up my VBA code ? :'( Here is my current code: Sub PlacePics() Dim Path As String, Pics As Range, Pic As Range, Pix As Picture On Error Resume Next Path = "C:\Users\Panda\Pictures\" Set Pics = ActiveSheet.Range("A9:A504")...
  7. H

    Sort Data by colored cell.

    Hi mrexcel forum. I registered here by googling only to solve my problem. If this problem is solve than my task would be much much easier. I have data on two column till 600 rows. first 300 is grayed and 2nd 300 is white. I want some kind of conditional formatting or filter or rule or anything...
  8. D

    VBA to choose pic, and insert into specified merged cell

    Hi All I need help with a code that i want to apply to my Button that does as such. Choose a pic from desktop, and insert it into specified Cell(Merged). The pic should then be centered in the cell, and enlarged/shrank to fit, while maintaining it's aspect ratio. Appreciate any help that you...
  9. M

    positioning image by using VBA

    Hello everyone, I am writing a VBA code in order to insert an image in a specific cell. everything works properly except the horizontal position; no matter what cell I define in the code, it always appear a bit to the left. can someone please tell me what's wrong? Thank you in advance! here is...
  10. I

    Edit to currently working Macro

    Afternoon, I have the code in use shown below. Can we edit this code so upon the Macro button press it would then put the image into the cell as opposed to me manually doing it each time. Here is some info that might help you. Part number is always in Column & currently A3 then done the list...
  11. L

    loading a pic into UserForm - vba

    Hi I followed a video on how to put a pic in a UserForm. A combobox has (dog,cat, car) as a list and if user select cat, a pic of cat will appear in the from. I did exactly and it is working. But the code I did not understand is this Private Sub ComboBox1_Change() Image1.Picture =...
  12. I

    Insert picture into cell Macro edit request

    Hi, I am using the Macro code shown below. Currently when i press the button a box pops up & i then need to browse to where the picture is. I would like to be able to press the button where this time when the box pops up just take me to the folder. The path for the folder is called...
  13. M

    How to remove $ and - from unused cells

    Hi folks, as the title says, how can I remove the $ and - from unused cells on my spreadsheet? I've uploaded a pic of what I mean - https://imgur.com/a/hsRQyPV Thanks again,
  14. H

    Picture Look-Up

    Hi, I am novice in world of excel. I am preparing a table in which I have to look-up images based on a cell value. Is there any way to do it, with the google help I am able to lookup pictures if I lock a cell in defined name formula and then change it's value but when I unlock the cell to work...
  15. H

    Picture Look-Up

    Hi, I am novice in world of excel. I am preparing a table in which I have to look-up images based on a cell value. Is there any way to do it, with the google help I am able to lookup pictures if I lock a cell in defined name formula and then change it's value but when I unlock the cell to work...
  16. M

    Find the latest cell that I have value, for a given name, which will equal another cell.

    Hi guys, I am pretty sure there is multiple functions to this but I can't get the proper formula. I have tWo sheet. Important data Sheet 1: TABLE1[DATE] : TABLE1[PIC] : TABLE1[SIC] : TABLE1[NUMBER OF LANDINGS] : TABLE1[NUMBER OF LANDINGS3] 1. TABLE1[DATE] is -12 column from PIC, and...
  17. B

    Paste "live date" as picture with specific name

    On my sheet, I have a cell with today's date "=TODAY()" ... I have another cell with a picture of the live date (as a date reference) from last time. Whenever I run the Macro, I want it to delete the old date pic (named "Picture 20"), copy the "live date", and paste it as a new pic where the old...
  18. L

    Inserting Image Into Cell From URL Graphical Error?

    Hi, I have a big piece of code that inserts pictures into a template using an URL, now sometimes it works and then somehow offsets itself upon the next run and I'm unsure why. This is the code simplified but on the line of.. Set Pic = .Parent.Pictures.Insert(URL) It doesn't paste directly...
  19. R

    Insert Pic based on Selection

    I have a sheet called "Main" In Cell B3 I have a drop down list, Whatever I choose here I want a picture to appear on Main starting in Cell E3 I can either have the pictures stored on another Sheet or from a Folder which ever is easiest, by choice i'd like it to locate the pic from another...
  20. L

    Error Handling - 2nd Loop Doesn't Pick It Up

    ** RESOLVED with Resume ResumeCode under "rngPicPosition = "IMAGE UNAVAILABLE"" Hi, I'm trying to import a picture using an URL, if the picture isn't found then go to my Error Handling code. Which works fine on the first loop but then fails on the 2nd +. Any suggestions? I'm 100% sure it's...

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