picture in excel

  1. m_in_spain

    Pushing an image from Excel to Word along with other bookmarks

    Hi Everyone. Firstly let me say I am completely new to this and have found this forum just today. I have scratched around but cannot find some code for what i am trying to do. Next is the advance apologies if there already is an answer to this and also if i have not described my problem/what i...
  2. B

    insert picture in worksheet

    Hello. I am trying to run a code that after reading the value of cell "A:2" must display a picture in the active worksheet. This is my code: Public Sub insertpicture() If Intersect(Target, Range("A2")) Is Nothing Then Exit Sub End If Dim myPict As Picture With Range("A20:J20") 'Set myPict =...
  3. P

    Lock Size of picture/image but still be able to move

    Hi could anyone please let me know if there is a way to stop users resizing pictures/images in excel but still be able to move their position on in the worksheet. I am working with a touch screen display and am having difficulty with the user input being recognized as drag and drop or resize...
  4. D

    Is it Possible to Use a Vlookup to Pull In Image?

    Hello All! I want to see in this post if it is possible to have some images located on one worksheet and then use a vlookup formula to pull in images to another worksheet? I currently have a dropdown that changes cities in D6 on a worksheet. I want to have the functionality to adjust the...
  5. T

    Replace Text with Picture in Cell

    Hello. I would really appreciate any help I can get. A link to my spreadsheet is below. On the Labels tab, I want to replace text (aaa, bbb, ccc, ddd, eee) with the corresponding picture which is housed on the Pictures tab. The picture would need to be resized since the labels must stay the...
  6. C

    Compress Images in Save As box, a quirk?

    Hi everyone. Here is something I have noticed with using Compress Images in 2010. Hopefully there will be a solution to this that I have as yet not been able to find. When I run Compress Images from the save as dialog box in 2007, the file size is slightly larger than if I run it in 2010...
  7. P

    Place Picture in Cell In Excel 2003 Automatically From folder and become Part of Excel file.

    <tbody> I have an excel sheet where column A has a list of product codes. I also have a folder with pictures of each product and file name of the pictures are the product code. I would like to place the picture of each product in column B beside their respective codes. If possible, I would...
  8. J

    Placing pictures in 2010

    Hi Can anyone help me with this small problem. We updated excel from 2003 -> 2010 and this stopped working. We have a macro which takes pictures from a folder and pastes those pictures in the excel -sheet. At 2003 the pictures were correctly pasted to their positions, but at 2010 the...
  9. L

    Excel VBA Macro

    Hi, I have this code to be able to select a picture and then select a cell to insert the picture. Everything works until trying to put the picture in the cell. I receive the following error: "Unable to get the Insert property of the Pictures class". Cannot figure out what I am doing...
  10. K

    How to insert a picture from a designated folder

    Hello, first time poster so I apologize if I get something wrong here. My goal I hope to achieve here is to have excel read the contents of cell A1, which contains the file name of the picture, then go to the folder which has 9728 different pictures inside and find the one with that file name...
  11. G

    Macro to insert picture in cell

    I have this macro that works very well to insert pic in any cell once on the cell a double click opens the directory for selection of picture. After selection the picture is inserted and resized according to cell size. If you play with height or width of cell after the pic is always...
  12. V

    Dynamically Updating Image (ActiveX Image Control?)

    Hello thank you for looking at this thread! My workbook simply has multiple columns of data which will be summarized visually in a tag cloud (I have the tag cloud part taken care of already creating either a jpg or png, I simply have to change the extension within a batch file to change between...
  13. A

    Moving pictures in Excel

    I often insert pictures in excel either from file or from a screen shot. These don't maintain their position or size between sessions and sometimes appear on printouts in a different position to that on screen.:( How can I tame pictures in Excel?:confused:
  14. A

    Hyperlink to show picture

    Hello Guys, I got the following code given to me on this forum to show pictures in a sheet. Option Explicit Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() Dim oPic As Picture Me.Pictures.Visible = False With Range("B1") For Each oPic In Me.Pictures If oPic.Name = .Text Then With Range("H1") oPic.Visible =...
  15. H

    HELP with picture in excel 2007

    Hello In cell A9 I have the name "Bob" and in cell B9 I have the name "Smith". In cell A10 I would like the picture for "Bob Smith" to appear. Here is the formula that I am trying but its not working. The picture is named Bob Smith.jpg and is currently located c:\Bob\Golf\Golf Tracker\...

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