piviot table

  1. S

    Mass extraction of multiple Pivot table setup conditions

    I inherited 5 excel files between them have >100 individual pivot tables across multiple worksheets. Some sheets have multiple tables. I’d like to extract the file name, worksheet, cell location and most importantly, pivot table setup conditions (filter selections, rows, columns & values) for...
  2. V

    Grand total in numbers

    I applied % of row total calculation in pivot table, it is showing grand total in % form Instead I want grand total to be displayed in numbers
  3. R

    Help with pivot table or other solution

    So i am trying to make a pivot table that i can create graphs and other reporting off of-- what i need is the first column listed out ( there are more then jus the 2 shown) and the second column to show a number so what i want is it to report like this the total can be on the right side if...
  4. B

    MS Query or is there another way of combining data into one list?

    Hi all, This might not be possible to do as I am unable to find a way to combine the information in a table into a Query to sort in a pivot table. Below is extract of my table columns A - G, rows 1 -15, etc It is currently in table format to produce a Query and Pivot Table, but what I would...
  5. S

    Create pivot table irrespective of worksheet name

    Hello! I'm brand new here and I'm a newb when it comes to VBA, so I appreciate your patience and your time. High-level overview: I've got two categories of files/reports that auto-generate every day, let's call them Category 1 and Category 2. All of the worksheets in Category 1 are named...
  6. P

    Do I need Power BI or Power Pivot?

    I am trying to use relationships or data models instead of using Vlookups, as Vlookups are slowing down the spreadsheet. 60,000 formulas for a 15,000 row spreadsheet. I am having difficulty getting the information I want. Table 1 is named GL. Table 2 is named CreditCard. The ID is the foreign...
  7. L

    Aggregate data from multiple workbooks into one

    Hi All, I'm looking to aggregate data from multiple workbooks (20+) into one represented by graphs. All workbooks have worksheets by day. We want to create daily trend graphs with data from each sheet within that workbook. Oppose to creating one master workbook that has all this data (which...
  8. S

    Pivot Table Help - Is this even possible???

    I have a large data set and I am hoping to create a pivot table off of it. My concern is that I don't think it is possible to do how I am envisioning it. I keep getting a big red "X" and denied sound in my head when I think about how to create this pivot table. My data table has multiple...
  9. C

    How to link data from multiple worksheets which uses the same cells values

    Hello Excel World: I have a problem. I want to extract data to create a list from workbook (B) into another workbook (A). NB: Using the "=" sign is hard and long to extract data. So my point is: On workbook (A), I have a list of countries names from row A2 to row A51 Next. On workbook (B)...
  10. S

    Conditional formatting for individual subcategory ?

    Is it possible to automatically apply data bars to pivot table like this? As you can see there are individual data bars for every subcategory (dates) , and they are not related to each other on category level (item) To make it more clear on what I mean, here is how it would look like if I used...
  11. S

    DAX last date Prior to a specific date

    Hi I'm trying to figure out what the last discount was on a Prior date. I have the following: tblInvPriceDisc that has a list of all the dates and discounts for all sku's tblInvSkuMaster that has a list of all sku's in the company ConfigurationTable that has the date i'm looking up. I would...
  12. D

    Pivot Table % with a difference

    Hello I have a question regarding pivot table percentages I have PivotTables similar to the below QTY. % row1. 15. 15.00% row2. 10. 10.00% row3. 75. 75.00% The percentages are set as percentages of grand total, I would like to be able to add...
  13. A

    Getting Data from Pivot Table

    Hi, I've got a series of pivot tables in my spreadsheet that show the records on a set of shelves in various different ways. I've written code so that when my workbook opens a right click command called 'edit record' appears on all pivot tables.. I'm trying to use vba to populate a userform so...
  14. D

    Pivot Table to show CC data between two monthly dates

    Hello Cannot seem to find an answer on here unless i am poor at searching. I bring my data into PQuery clean it and send it back to Excel. I then run a PVTable but like all Credit Cards they run between two dates. Mine is 19th to 18th of next month. I am trying to show in a PVTable a table...
  15. B

    Pivot table macro and text instead of numbers help

    Hi Guys, I am very new to pivot tables and I was just wondering if anyone can help. I have a pivot table set up at the moment for out of stock orders. Report Filter - Account number Example : 12008003 Row Labels - Order Number Example 818042187 Row Labels - Item Description Example Apples...
  16. J

    Pivot Graphs

    Hi, I am hoping that someone can help me figure out how to accomplish this. I am trying to make a dashboard in a way. I need to have 11 graphs as follows: graph 1 is going to be over all sales for a category Example "Women's" that will have a slicer with it so they can pick what category...
  17. S

    Need help Filtering a pivot table with a range from another pivot table. HELP!

    Hi I have 2 pivot tables. Pivot table 1 (TOPn) filters my top "BRAND - MODEL" field. I would like to use the results from that table. Let say a named range as the list can vary in length. Use those results in Pivot table 2 to filter the same field name "BRAND - MODEL". I've tried code from...
  18. U

    Filter search and post up results... VBA issue "424"

    Hi all I'm trying to create a function to filter and search through a large table on another sheet, and then post out the results which match the criteria. I've got this, but keep getting a 424 error: Sub AutoFilterBackoutput() Dim LRO As Integer With Worksheets("USD-Bonds")...
  19. A

    Pivot Table - ungroup similar items

    I would like to ungroup similar items in the pivot table that is grouped by default, for example, I have in an invoice column on a worksheet 2 x the same invoice number (12345) the pivot table row will recognize it once, how can I change that and pivot table should list that twice? Thanks In...
  20. I

    Auto refresh pivot tables vba code

    Hi. with VBA code i need that the all pivot tables in workbook updated when any make change in the sheets not with any button to click .just instantly changes happen when change the data. Many Thanks

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