pivot calculation

  1. P

    URGENT: Pivot table from set with repeat data, blank cells

    Attached is a sample of the data set I am working with. I am trying to figure out how to create a pivot table so I can easily filter and see numbers like: -How many dogs vs cats were adopted -Who adopted the most number pets -Which city had most number of pets up for adoption -Of those, how...
  2. M

    Percentage of work over time

    Hi Experts, I am having trouble displaying work as a percentage over time. I tried several things but I can't seem to figure it out. I have the following tables: <tbody> People PersonID Name Title 1 John Manager 2 Jane Manager 3 Tom Analyst Work...
  3. B

    Pivot Table Calculated FIeld HELP

    All, I just joined this forum so sorry if this is not posted in the right place. First of all while i just joined I've used this form for years to find answers to questions in excel so i'd like to give you an overdue thank you. I have finally come across a problem that I can not solve by...
  4. J

    Calculating difference between totals in different pivot tables, where some fields do not match

    I have a single table of data that contains a number of different numerical/text fields against a record. They also have a calculated yes/no indicator depending on whether that record meets a particular criteria. I then have a number of pivot tables on another worksheet that calculates the...
  5. V

    How to summarise time values in a Pivot table?

    Hi there, I try to create a Pivot table from these data: <tbody> Area TT Site Work time Month A INC000000177407 1687 25:08:51 2 B INC000000183547 2771 24:24:38 3 B INC000000132330 1075 19:31:04 3 C INC000000231001 2709 18:31:27 5 A INC000000254227 4079 27:04:10 7 A...
  6. B

    Pivot Table - Need 2 set of data in the value section (Max & Value)

    Hi, I need to a create a pivot, where I have Planned dates for different activities per country. Now, my leads requirement is to track progress as per the 1st planned date of each Country (regardless of the activity) and display a RAG. I have created a pivot which displays the min date of...
  7. J

    GETPIVOTDATA Value From Specific Row

    Hey guys, I am currently using the below formula to pull data from a pivot table - =PivotSheet!J5 However, the column that I want to get the data from may be dynamic. As an example, I may have 5 columns in my new table: AB, CH, FR, BL, RN. Columns in the pivot table will have the same...
  8. V

    PIVOT - column comparison

    Hello, Quick issue with Pivots please! I have Monthly sales data for 2014 and 2015 organized in PIVOT. In this report, I want to present two particular columns. The columns would depend upon the selection (data validation or checkboxes). So, if they select January 2015, then automatically...
  9. R

    Calculated Field / Column / Item in Pivot Table

    Hello, I need to calucate growth from the single column data in the pivot table. I have Sales Amount data for the year 2014 and 2015 in the single column and year and month details in the different columns. Need to create growth % column from the Sales Amount column. If I had Sales Amount...
  10. E

    Excel Pivot table - to show the total on rows not working?

    In Design menu, I select Grand totals and On Rows and Column. But only Total on column is calculated. I want to see the total of the row too (cost by month). THANKS for your help - I'm a beginner with Pivot Table!!!!
  11. D

    Pivot Table Subtotal calculations

    Hello, I am working on creating a report using a pivot and I can't seem to get the subtotal to calculate properly. I have broken out each departments totals by its group and I used a calculated item to create the combined field ( group a + group b + group c + group d). I need to have to...
  12. A

    Excel2013 Pivot Table: Get Percentage of one value to another value

    I have a pivot based on raw data where each line is a person and their characteristics. What I'd want to achieve: I'd like the percentage of a value depending on various subgroups and locations. I want something like a calculated field. IE: =Sum of Laptop/Count of Index. That doesn't seem to...
  13. S

    On copying pivot table and changing datasource some calculated formulas disappear

    I have 10 datatables on 10 tabs in a workbook, each tab named 1 to 10. Each pulls in the same data types by column, the data in the rows being diffferent. Each datatable will pull in various number of rows of data. As such I created named ranges (data1 for tab 1 data; etc.) and use an offset...
  14. A

    Calculate % from 2 count values in Pivot Chart

    Greetings all, I have the following pivot table; <tbody> Row Lables Count of Eligible Count of Enrolled Manual Calculation (Enrolled/Eligible)* a 6 4 66% b 4 1 25% d 3 2 66% Grand Total 13 7 </tbody> * Outside of pivot table with =GetPivotData My first goal is I would like to...
  15. D

    Pre-Formatted Pivot Table

    Hello all-- Wondering if there is a way to pre-format a pivot table for an analysis template I'm working on. I have a data template tab titled Raw Data and in column M is my Origin State to track a shipment. The range that I'm working with is M3:M20002. The goal I am looking for is to be...
  16. U

    Pivot Charts: Presenting a list of fields that have a particular value in one row but not the other

    I have a set of data for our company's sales representatives in each country, the amount of data is huge and I'm trying to find a way to represent in a pivot chart (or table) the list of countries that have female representatives but no male representatives.. So I've made a pivot table with the...
  17. M

    pivot chart, how to show all others

    Hi I have a pivot table/chart that I need to show the sums as top 20 (or any other number) and All others How can I do this. I have an example file here: https://app.box.com/s/mb6xl82bjn6t6ahqrzax
  18. J

    GrantTotal Row for Pivot Table is using SUM not COUNT

    My pivot table has account numbers as the row label and the COUNT of Account numbers as the values. The Count of Account number has a value for the amount of times the account is repeated in the source data. The grand total for the pivot table shows the SUM of the values of Count for Account...
  19. E

    question and use of pivot table

    I have unemployment numbers for many counties by a month basis over several years. The counties are the columns and the months are the rows. I need to average the unemployment numbers for the months of each year so that i can produce an average unemployment for each year. Would a pivot table...
  20. R

    How to pull part of a pivot table field

    I'm working in a pivot table in Excel 2010 with a field called 'GLNum' that holds a General Ledger Number which looks like this: '101-4567-999'. I'd like to create some sort of calculation in the pivot table which will return the first 3 characters of the GLNum. I tried to do this as a...

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