pivot table 2003

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    Pivot Table: Count total instances across columns

    Hi, I'm trying to do the equivalent of a count() function across the columns of a pivot table, but I can't seem to come up with the right formulation. For example, I have a list with salesperson, product, sale price, and date. I want to generate a pivot table that looks like this: <tbody>...
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    Pivot Table - Excel 2003

    Hi, This is my first post, and taking into consideration this new job I have started it could be one of many! Question: I have 2 tabs open, "sheet1" "sheet2" sheet2 is were my pivot data is held and I have implemented my pivot table to show on sheet1, (trying to keep things tidy). Also on...
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    Create a Pivot Table That Aggregates Equal Data from Separate Categories

    Is it possible to aggregate data in a pivot table from different categories? I have excel 2003. For PURE illustration, I have 6 columns, A-F, respectively: "TV Show", 4 columns for names of people who watched the show (Persons 1, 2, 3, and/or 4), and finally, the duration / "Time" of the...
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    Transpose two columns of a three column pivot table

    Hi All. I'm using Excel 2003 and want to transpose the data fields and associated values from the vertical format to the horizontal format with the associated values that correspond to each unique record under each column heading. My method was to copy the pivot table with the spacing...
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    Need to create a macro using pivot table values and totals (not headers)

    Greetings, I need help. I have searched the web and have thus far come up with nothing. This is what I need to do. I need to create a macro using pivot table values and totals. The macro will need to determine the cell contents and based on the type of cell contents either perform a...
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    Question re: podcast 281 Daily to Monthly

    I am trying to do exactly what is being demonstrated in podcast 281. I get all my data be daily date. I want it separated by month. I followed the directions on this podcast, but it won't work. When I right click on date and select group, I get an error box that says, "Cannot group that...
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    Pivot Table Filter by Specific Criteria

    Hi, I'm trying to write a part within a macro which will filter down a Pivot Table to show 4 or 5 choices particular to the user from a list of around 30. When i've recorded this it shows it the opposite way as below, ie. visible = false, i've tried doing it the opposite way and put...
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    Pivot Table is Excel '03 Reference is not Valid

    Hi, I've written a macro that works perfectly in Excel 07, it literally drops some data onto sheet "ShepherdBookedCases" and then refreshes the Pivot Table on sheet "Pivot" Sadly the majority of people using this will be using Excel '03. I keep coming over an issue whereby the macro will run...
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    Pivot table - automatically hide rows that meet specific criteria

    Hi - I'm trying to use pivot tables to check the integrity of some data. I've figured out a quasi-automatic way to do it, but I need help figuring out how to fully automate the process. A simple example of the types of pivot tables I work with is below (sorry, I couldn't figure out how to...
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    Subtotals with Pivot Tables

    With Excel 2003 is it possible to stop a pivot table from automatically adding in subtotals. Thanks
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    How to Make Range Name Label Appear in Pivot Table

    Hello spreadsheet gurus, Can one of you help me to get my range name to appear as a column header in a pivot table? I am trying to get a range name to appear as a column header in my pivot table, but the pivot table column header is instead showing a data value as the column header. My...
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    Can't rename Group in Excel Pivot Table

    I am using Excel 2003 and Windows XP. My issue is that I can't rename a group within a Pivot Table I'm using. Other groups within the level can be renamed, but the one I am having trouble with just goes back to it's original name (e.g., Group6) or something like that. If I enter a leading...
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    How to deploy EXcel 2003 Pivot Table format in Excel 2007? Please Help!

    I am very much comfortable with Excel 2003 Pivot table. But i am using Excel 2007. The problem with excel 2007 pivot table is for each Row Position is not showing in Seperate column (only tab space is coming). If i try to copy & paste the Pivot table in a new sheet, then each row is not copied...

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