pivot table 2007

  1. J

    Employee Headcount by Title over Time

    Hello, I'd like to create a visual that shows change in employee headcount by title over time (e.g. change in number of Directors vs Vice President, from 2007-2017). What is the best way to show this data? Could you also include instructions with your suggestion? Thank you!
  2. H

    Excel Crashes When Inserting Row(s)

    Hello all, I'm having an issue, which I found is quite common (nevertheless, I haven't found an answer for it). Basically, I'm trying to add new rows (5 new rows, to be specific) on top of a table I previously created and formatted. When I try to insert new rows, Excel crashes and gives me...
  3. D

    Using cells to filter page fields in pivot tables thorughout workbook

    Hello, I have a series of pivot tables in different worksheets that filter various metrics by date. On my front sheet, I have two cells that reference start date and end date for the chosen period (they are an output from other data validation cells). I'm hoping to find some VBA code that...
  4. L

    Pivot Table Calculated value based on another item

    Hello I need to provide a '% of' type of calculation but based on another item. I guess it's best explained with an example. Here's an excerpt from my Pivot Table (%Comm column was added to the example): <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco...
  5. R

    Dashboard header sheets and pivot tables - creating a drop down data selector box to drive the dashboard

    I'm creating a set of pivot table reports in Excel 2007 with a separate reporting dashboard sheet where I want to have a drop down selector for a specific field - supplier name which will drive all the pivot table reports on a the separate sheet and hence update the charts linked on the...
  6. S

    Pivot Grand Total Sum & %

    Hello, I have a Pivot table in which I have Grand Total for rows as Sum. I want to add another Grand total with percentages BUT I need the percentages only in the Grand Total and not for each column within the table (Which seems to be the default). Any idea on how to solve this? Thanks, D
  7. D

    Filter only results in the next 28 days from Pivot Table using VBA

    Hi, I am looking to filter my table to show only the data from the next 28 days, I tried using the below but it returned an error. Included full example below pt.PivotFields("Dates").PivotFilters.Add Type:=xlDateBetween, Value1:=Today(), Value2:=Today() + 28 Sub PTFour()...
  8. D

    Macro To Build Custom Pivot Table

    Hi, I want my workbook (2007) to contain a button that when clicked, pops up with a selection window for pivot table fields, is this possible? I have a few buttons that create specific pivot tables but I also would like a button that would offer the user the chance to construct a custom PT if...
  9. K

    Subtotal in PivotTable Excel 2007

    Hi, I know that there is a way to remove or add subtotal for different fields, however does anyone know how to add subtotal only for the fields that have more than 1 value? I don't want to to subtotal for anything that has only 1 value. Thanks guys,
  10. T

    Custom Views and Pivot Table Efficiency

    Hello All, That time of the year(budget time). In order to give department heads something to base next years budget on, I have an Excel spreadsheet that contains all transactions for all departments for a 12 month period, it's only 17,000 rows. I have developed a pivot table that summarizes...
  11. H

    VBA Code to change pivot tables to classic view

    Hi guys I am working with excel 2007 and was just wondering if anyone has some code which turns the pivot table layout into the "Classic PivotTable layout" Basically some code which mimics the following Right click on the pivot table click PivotTable options... click Display check "Classic...
  12. C

    Method 'CreatePivotTable' of object 'PivotCache' failed.

    Hi I dont know why this error coming while creating pivot table. I have used datasource as rng, and rng is caluculated this way last_row = Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row last_col = Range("XFD1").End(xlToLeft).Column Set rng = Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(last_row...
  13. O

    Change source worksheet for pivot based on cell value

    Hi, I need to change the source for a pivot table based on the value in a cell. I have a worksheet named 'Summary' with a cell (A1) that has a dropdown containing the choices of Option1 and Option2 which refer to worksheets named 'Option1' and 'Option2' (this changes dynamically and there may...
  14. B

    Macro not re-creating my pivot table

    Good morning / afternoon everyone. I have a macro that is not completing the pivots which were recorded. This happens with not only deleting the pivot information but also creating a new table.:confused: I'm not sure if anyone know a good solution for this as I have tried several times to...
  15. P

    Pivot Table improperly displaying data

    I have a Pivot Table in Excel 2007 I'm trying to use it to display max lead times for components being brought into a business. I have a large spreadsheet with raw data, and the last col of that sheet is the lead times. These lead times are vlookuped off another sheet and then the Pivot Table...
  16. R

    Pivot Table - Date values shown as serial number

    I have a pivot table with a date value as one of the columns in the data that I want to use as a report filter. For some reason the dates are showing as serial numbers rather than dates. The column of data is formatted as date and shows properly in the data but not pivot table. Here is a...
  17. H

    Data range in Pivot Table with VBA statement

    Good evening all, I have the following situation: From a data base I retrieve data (with sql statements) which I convert into a pivot table. This proces I do in a vba programme in a constant flow (data from different suppliers of goods to our company). The output is a number of Excel files...
  18. M

    disagreeing pivot tables

    I have two pivot tables that seem to produce different results (in the summed numerical data), even though, as far as I can tell, they are identical in every other way. One of them has been in the workbook for a very long time. That one is the incorrect one. The other one, which I created a...
  19. P

    Pivot Tables - Counting Unique Values XL2007

    Hello All, I have a pivot table set up and I need to show a count of the number of students there are within a certain course. The problem I have is that the same student is on multiple rows as they attend several training units within the course. So when I use the count option it is counting...
  20. R

    How do I loop through source data to update font attribs in Pivot Tables?

    Hi All, Hope one of you can help me out... I have an Excel 2007 workbook that has some pivot tables in it and as we are all aware, the formatting from the source data does not carry over into the pivot table and even if you manage to reformat the data in the pivot table it gets whacked every...

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