1. K

    Dynamic DAX calculation between two rows of same DAX measure (filtered rows)

    Background: I have a measure that calculates Total sales from a master sales data that captures actual sales and forecasted sales on a monthly basis. Sample data: And a sample looks like below: So, the June cycle and July cycle are actual sales upto Jun and Forecasted Sales from Jul to Dec...
  2. F

    How to set Pivot Table to get unique values and desired output

    Hello, I have this table in columns A to F <tbody> File1 Record ID ABKs MNKs Date Seg NewRecord 972567676 34305 72358 3/4/2019 22:13 21 NewRecord 685206308 8198 27174 3/4/2019 22:16 61 NewRecord 300264531 393064 10093118 3/4/2019 22:18 238 NewRecord 300264531...
  3. D

    Pivot-Table - Difference from total runing-in

    Hello everyone, I am building a cash management file and I managed to get it well untill I want to finalize my pivot-table report. The thing I am trying to obtain is exactly describe here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5M20UwxY1Q but for a confusing reason I don't obtain the same result...
  4. A

    Excel Pivot-table with constraints

    I am having difficulties completing an assignment, completing a pivot-table with constraints. Could anyone offer some assistance? I could email, I don't see where I can upload documents.
  5. J

    VBA to run through slicer

    Hi all, I am having trouble coming up with code to select the first slicer item creating a PDF, and then deselecting that first slicer item and moving to the next one, creating a PDF and so on until the end of the slicer Is there anyone that can help? Thank you
  6. M

    Display results of slicer in new worksheet

    I'm working for a construction company which bids on jobs nationwide. I have a spreadsheet with several slicers. This allows data to be restricted, of course. What I'm looking for is any way the results of this filtering can be displayed in a new worksheet. So, If I select jobs in California, in...
  7. D

    Pivot-Table DATE-FILTER Dialog Box

    Hello, I have a PT named "TAL". I want to pop-up the DATE-FILTER Dialog Box by vba code. This code: Application.Dialogs (xlDialogPivotFilters).Show Dose'nt work! Is there a way to do this?... TNX!

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