pivot table 2013

  1. adrienne0914

    Average Calculated Field on Pivot Table

    I am trying to insert a calculated into field my pivot table so that it gives me the average for the last 3 months in the last column. When I use the formula =AVERAGE(Last 3 months), it inserts a formula between each column, rather than giving me an average to the right. I'm sure there is a...
  2. G

    Can't seem to add field at end of pivot table

    Hello everyone. I am new to this forum, but have been hacking away at Excel for a long time. I never really became proficient, but just use it enough to get frustrated whenever I try to do something that requires a little more than basic knowledge. Having said that, I have a workbook for all of...
  3. S

    Update Pivot Chart upon use of slicer

    So I have 3 worksheets that each have a number of pivot charts on them. The pivot data is on a different sheet than the pivot charts. Charts and Data are on separate sheets. I have a number of slicers (4) on each sheet too .... all three sheets have the same slicers so that if I make a change...
  4. S

    Pivot Table with both % & Text - Showing 0 (zero)

    My data table has several columns with both numbers, displayed as %, and Text. The text is: N/A. Please note, it is not #N/A, just simply N/A, and is text, not the result of a formula/function. When I pivot out the data table, the N/A are being shown as a 0 and thus 0.00%. I need to carry...
  5. C

    VBA---quicker to set pivot table filters or loops through slicers?

    I have a dilemma that I'm faced with. I have 30 slicers(3 each for 10 different sets of pivot tables). I need to update all of the slicers based on the user selecting from a single set of slicers(all of the slicers have the same info from different days). I have it set up to do this via...
  6. M

    Pivot Table

    Hello there everyone, i have a question about pivot tables, or i think thats the best way to do what i want to accomplish. so i have a table of data that looks as follows: <tbody> Part # Part Name Dept. Op Description Mag 1 Mag 1 Build up Mag 2 Mag 2 Build up Mag 3 Mag 3 Build up...
  7. T

    Pivot tables - cannot suppress No Value results

    Hello, I have a large pivot report and with calculated items. The values of the calculated items go in the columns section. If I have one row this works well. But when I add additional rows the No Data cells appear and I cannot suppress them. I cannot access the "Show items with no data on...
  8. K

    SheetPivotTableChangeSync to Stop Wkbk Calculations

    Problem: I have a customer complainingthat every time they manipulate a pivot table in the workbook, that the workbookstarts calculating, which takes a long time and freezes the users Excel untilcalculations are finished. My Thinking on a Solution: My thinkingis to use a workbook level event...
  9. D

    Pivot table for more than two variables?

    How can I get a pivot table telling me which observations with certain variable values have another variable value. All my variables are binary. Since that might be a little hard to understand, here is an example: <tbody> Employement Black College Citizen TRUE 75% 95% 85% FALSE 25% 5%...
  10. D

    Pivot Table

    I am attempting to create a pivot table from a report that I have but the pivot table is not going in order. I know it is because Here is a sample: <tbody> Month Submitted Due Date Person Requesting =TEXT(B2,"MMM YYYY") ##/##/#### John, Chris Jamie, or Sam This is the formula that is...
  11. K

    Updated Pivot Table Values Go To BOTTOM!?

    I have a long list of names in a pivot table, I am trying to standardize the names and every time I refresh, the edits I have made go to the BOTTOM of the list! This is maddening. I just want the list to stay the same and show the list in its original order with the edits in place. The edits are...
  12. L

    PivotTables with same Date slicer?

    Hello! Question: Is it possible to have ONE Date slicer for TWO or more, UNCASHED PivotTables, which are from ONE excel table? I have one Table1, from which are two PivotTables(cashed). In first pivot table I have Date grouped by Months&Years. In second I would like to have grouped by...
  13. M

    What is the Most Resource Efficient way to LINK a pivottable to a data set?

    The problem: I have a very large Table in excel (795,000 lines across 100 columns). I have linked a pivot table in a separate workbook to this data set in three different ways and I am unsure what the "best" way is. The best way would be a way that allows the pivot table to filter quickly...
  14. D

    Pivot Table Does Not Show Separate Lines for 2 Rows of Data That Match

    I am using Excel 2013. I have a large data field from which I have created a Pivot Table. One of my fields is "Amount". When two rows in the data field exactly match one another, the Pivot Table Rows area only shows one of the rows, but the Values area Sums the two rows for Amount. I would...
  15. M

    Change Pivot Filter

    Hi, I am trying to create a script that will change the filtered date to the date a week ago when I cue the macro. Posted below is the code I came up with, but it is giving me a run time error. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Sub PivotTableFilter() Dim PvtTbl As PivotTable Set...
  16. M

    Update a linked file to Pivot Table

    Hi all, I have a pivot table reading data from an excel file an a folder. This excel file is auto-saved daily from outlook. Issue is, the file name is dynamic and changes with some kind of a code in the end so I have to updated the link manually in the pivot table to read from the recent file...
  17. S

    Need a Useful Pivot Table from a SharePoint Document Set Export

    Hello Team, I've exported a list of metadata from my SharePoint Document Set library. The library is where we manage our "kaizens" which are a kind of standardized meeting. For each kaizen, I've captured the Topic, Date, and Members who attended the meeting. Because the Member field in...
  18. R

    Find row for max value of all columns in a pivot table

    Hi, I have a pivot table as follows: A B C D 1 company name country1 country2 country3 ... 2 company1 10 2 3 3 company2 1 35 5 4 company3 0...
  19. P

    Pivot table field name is not valid - Error

    Hi, I am working with an excel which has not been created by me so i donot know if any pivot table is being used. When this excel is being called from the front end it gives this error 'pivot table field name is not valid'. I am unable to locate the table. Ideally there shouldnt be an pivot...
  20. E

    How to automate pivot Source

    HI All, I have written a pretty extensive macro but I am unfortunately stuck at a part back in the beginning. The issue I have is that the macro needs to allow for the user to select where 4 separate pivot tables are coming from automatically. Right now the only solution I have is a command...

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