pivot table formating

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    Pivot Value Number Formatting

    Hi All, This has been a peeve of mine for years so I finally decided to do something about it. I use pivot tables all the time and have to manually change the formatting of each field because I usually have both units and revenue in the same pivot. (Each needs a different format) I've built the...
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    Automated Headers and Footers when opening Pivot cells

    Hi all, I have learned a lot about excel in this forum and in other forums, but I now have a question that I have not found an answer to yet. I have been helping out our finance team/billing crew at the lab that I work at, and the problem we are experiencing rests on pivot tables. I have been...
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    Value Table Settings - Pivot Table

    Is it possible using Excel 2007, to change the Value Table Settings in multiple columns at one time. I can change one column at a time but want "none" to apply to multiple columns. A kind of "formula Painter" would be ideal. Thanks
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    Pivot table question regarding calculations

    I have a question about pivotables. In essence when I add a field to the pivot table it gives me a new field "sum of field" or "average of field" etc. It doesn't appear I can reference these values though. If I can I want to know how. I was thrying to find out the individual variation of each...
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    Removing "Sum of" from pivot table column labels

    Does anyone know how to remove "Sum of" out of pivot table column labels in 2007?

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