pivot table sorting

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    Pivot table sorting

    I would like to sort a column in a pivot table by "A". The column is called memo currently holds values called A,B,C and n/a but I will not always know what the values will be in the future. I need something like .PivotItems("All").Visible = false .PivotItems("A").Visible = true Thanks for the...
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    Pivot table sorting

    I want to sort by a specific pivot table column, ultimately to copy and past the copied column into a new worksheet. This needs to happen for memo line A B and C. The column is called "Memo" and contains memo line A,B,C and N/A. Problem: I want to deselect all pivot table items then make the...
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    Multiple sorts in pivot table

    On a regular excel spreadsheet, we can tell when multiple columns have been sorted in a certain order. For example, let's say one column contains labels and another contains amounts. In this case, we can sort by amount descending and then label ascending to see biggest to smallest within each...
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    Pivot Table sorting with Multiple Columns of Numbers

    I have been trying to find a way to sort my PV table by the number of Accounts each sales person has sold from Largest to smallest. The problem I have been running into is there is more then one column with numbers. The territory for example is also labeled by number. Example territory 1-50...
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    Pivot Table Sort not following my orders!

    First Post - Hope I do this right....:) Currently we are using Dynamic Great Plains for our MRP system. I'm trying to make a report that shows a bunch of information and i'm having a very hard time sorting the data so i will try and list everything I have so far. We have a view that was...
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    VBA sort in pivot table; clueless.

    Hi all, I use Excel 2003. I have a pivot table to make a pivot graph. It's a graph about the percentage of production per employee that was faultless. The pivot table looks something like this: <TABLE style="WIDTH: 268pt; BORDER-COLLAPSE: collapse" cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=0 width=357...
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    Sorting in a pivot table

    I've built a pivot table, and put a field in the 'Drop Page Fields Here' box. However, (using State abbr) the states are appearing in what looks like a random order. How can I sort this alphabetically? Thanks, Clint

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