1. C

    Loss of pivot columns when using pivotcaches.create with new data source

    I am faced with an issue with my data and pivot table VBA. My data now adds a new blank column on the far left. I must delete this column so that my data fits in the correct range and the column all have a header as before. When I delete this column the range of the source data changes minus the...
  2. A

    VBA code Error on Pivot

    Hi, I'm quite new with excel VBA coding. May I seek for your assistance for the debugging issue I encountered in this codes Sub Transfer() Sheets("PivotTable").Select ActiveSheet.PivotTables("OOMPivotTable").PivotFields("Account Number"). _ CurrentPage = "(All)" With...
  3. J

    Guidance: Data table setup for Dashboard (Pivot Charts) Output

    Hi, Looking for guidance to create a Dashboard for quanties of stock, cashflow and other KPIs. I have table of data where: Column A = Date (ordered, earliest to latest) Column B = "In" or "Out" (if it's stock received or stock dispatched) Column C = Product code (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Column D =...
  4. H

    macro to select year in Filter omn Pivot table

    I have a pivot Table on sheet "summary" Where the value in C10 in sheet "Data" is zero, the year to be selected on Pivot filter in B2 must be blank , otherwise select highest year It would be appreciated if some could provide me with code to do this <b></b><table cellpadding="2.5px"...
  5. L

    Same Store Sales Analysis using Measures

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum but have spent a lot of time reading through other's posts, which are often very helpful. I haven't found a definitive answer to the following question and hoping you all might be able to provide some guidance. I am pretty new to Power Pivot - thank you in...
  6. M

    Apply filter on one column of a pivot table

    Hi I need to use a filter on my pivot table. (Placing the field into the folder box) I only want this to apply to one of my columns - is this possible? Jess
  7. U

    Reverse pivot a pivoted range (Column to Matrix) using VBA

    Hello I need a vba solution to reverse pivot a pivoted range There is a simaler question here https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/1101448-un-pivoting-pivoted-range.html But it gives a Power Pivot (I think) solution to this question. But need a VBA method. I am just going to use...
  8. K

    Timeline slicer: 2x click total of the pivot provides too many lines

    Hi, I have set up a timeline slicer on a pivot for a tool in Office 365. The users use Office 2013 and the pivot behaves exactly the same on both versions: if we put the slicer on today's date, we have the result of all the lines of today. But we need more than that. In my version, if I double...
  9. C

    Pivot table conditional formatting, from another sheet?

    Hello, I have a table with many rows and columns. Each row represents a course a user still needs to complete. The row will have the user's name, and a bunch of other columns, including a "People.Temporary" column which indicates if the user is a temporary employee. If the user has more than...
  10. A

    Show Pivot Table data connection name

    Is there anyway to show the name of the data connection either in or outside the pivot table?
  11. H

    Pivot Table returning Zero instead of Blanks

    Hi I have a pivot table which is taking data from a field which is populated as follows =IF(VLOOKUP(B90,'Order Download'!A:BP,62,0)="","",VLOOKUP(B90,'Order Download'!A:BP,62,0)) If this lookup returns a value, all good and i get that into the pivot. If it returns blank (which is the same...
  12. S

    Difference between summary column in PIVOT

    Good Morning We have employee advance and their repayment details in excel. Each advance having one row with employee no, name, date, advance_amount Each Receive(Repayment) having one row with Employee no, name, date and repayment_amount Now we made PIVOT with employee name , sum of...
  13. A

    set up blank pivot tables for future

    folks, I am trying to set up a model that will report for the next twelve months. Each month is on a separate worksheet. I need to show salesperson and sales amount in one of the graphs. Given that sales people may or may not achieve a sale in any one month, I thought that using a pivot table...
  14. S

    "Hide Items with No Data" greyed out in Slicer Settings

    Hi All, I'm using Excel for Mac, and am working on my budget. I've created a pivot chart with a slicer for my monthly categories, but would like for the categories with no values for the month selected to be removed from the slicer. I've googled a good bit, and tried unchecking "Hide Items with...
  15. H

    Pivot Table Sub Total

    Afternoon kind folks. I have a pivot table which I want to add a extra subtotal to. The pivot table shows a list of Business Reports in rows then the columns show the percentage complete by how well its done good/bad/not started etc. Currently I have to add an extra column on the worksheet...
  16. A

    Run-time error '-2147024809(80070057)' - The PivotTable field name is not valid

    Trying to updated pivot table filters of different sheets of different workbook, but the getting error message "Run-time error '-2147024809(80070057)' - The PivotTable field name is not valid... " Need help to resolve the issue and get the code running. Private Function UPivot(PName As...
  17. M

    Formatting OLAP Pivot Table Measures via VBA...

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of applying formats to pivot table measures conditionally based on their name? For example, if my measure has a (£) in its name, then apply a currency format, else apply a simple numeric format. I've done this kind of thing successfully with ordinary pivot...
  18. I

    Data Conversion

    Hello - thanks in advance for the help. How do I convert the following "2019-Q3" which is formatted in excel as "General" to a date format so I can run a pivot table and be able to group by the date? Thank you
  19. J

    OLAP Pivot

    Hello, This is the 1st time I am working with OLAP Cube Pivots. Need help please. I have a OLAP Cube pivot that has years from 1900 to current year. However it is missing few years in between. I need to be able to select all the years except for the last 15 years (2004 to 2019 needs to be...
  20. T

    Pivot Tables with multiple data tables

    I need to create a pivot table that references two data tables -- Budget table and an Actual Table. They are on separate worksheets, but how do I reference both data sheets? Thank you, Tom

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