1. K

    Charts changing section colors with slicers

    Hello! I have an interesting problem that I am occurring. I have created some charts that is looking at racial data through pivots. When using some slicers to within the data that I have, it takes away some of the racial information that is located. You can see with the images below. While...
  2. H

    Pivot Table (from Database): count total of grouped items

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to display the number of grouped items as a value or as a bracketed suffix to the name? For example: Accessoires would show "Accessoires (12)" and Accessoires Indoor would be "Accessoires Indoor (39)" even though it is collapsed. Alternatively, B3 would show the...
  3. E

    Sumifs issue or pivot issue... Help please

    I have thousands of rows like below. I need to make a pivot for below data based on parent name. Now survey count in pivot shows as 48 which is wrong. If i do average, it gives me 7.4 and using max give me 10. But the correct survey count for ABC Corp. is 14(10+4). How can this be achieved in...
  4. E

    Macro to apply advanced pivot table filters based on cell value

    Hi Excel Geniuses, I have a pivot table that contains some location data called "Milepost". One column is Start Milepost and the other is End Milepost. I need to be able to be able to filter data that is greater than or equal to the Start Milepost AND less than or equal to the End Milepost...
  5. S

    Show true % of Grand Total as label on pivot bar chart

    I am using Power Pivot in Excel Office 365 and created a bar chart that currently shows the count as the label. I would like to show the label as a percent. The problem is I have the chart filtered to show only the top 8 items by count and when I convert the label to a percent of total, it is...
  6. K

    Display on pivot table a count of only those column values which has a unique ID (in a separate column)

    Explanation of my source table: I have column E which has data-validation dropdowns for Reviewer numbers, and column R which has traffic transaction details. Reviewer now check each of the transaction (Column R), and once review is done, will click on the dropdown (Column E) and select Reviewer#...
  7. J

    Pivot slicer not custom sorting like it should

    I have a custom sort list set up in Excel. The Pivot table is accepting the sort and sorting accordingly. However, the slicer is not sorting by the custom list. It is only sorting alphabetically. Is there something else that needs to happen to get the slicer to sort properly? As a...
  8. H

    ABS formula not working on pivot?

    Hi, I've got a spreadsheet that i've done an ABS sum on but when I copy it down it doesn't give the correct answer? Half of the spreadsheet is a pivot and the other half isn't? But when I enter the formula separately in each cell it returns the correct answer?
  9. M

    Best approach for top sales deals?

    Hi - Thank you in advance for the help. I'm working on a sales runbook that combines actual and pipeline data to get to a forecast for the quarter. The sales leaders need to be able to determine, at a specific opportunity level, if an opportunity is going to close this quarter or not. If it...
  10. K

    Rearrange / Transpose data, cases dividend by white row

    Hi all, I’m kind of a excel newbie so I tried to get the answer by searching the web but I can’t figure it out. I have a question regarding transposing my data. Al my data is vertical like this: Every case is separated by an empty row. I want to pivot the data per case. That it looks like...
  11. D

    Pivot table text not values

    Hello everyone, I am using Excel with a table dump from ERP system. In the example below I am trying to create PT that returns the text value instead of number or formula. In the column ADHOCV all the values under should be ADHOCV not 0. Is this possible? I can do find and replace but this...
  12. B

    Calculating Variances (Value and Percent) in Pivot (not using power pivot) - is it possible?

    I have financial data that I need to show variances against a number of dimensions. I need this in pivot so that I can use filters to create automatic views for different audiences (e.g. Divisions and Heads of Areas). In the pivot there are roll ups, so example income as a level with sub level...
  13. B

    How to change Pivot Format

    I have data of image links in excel. Some of my SKUs have 2-3 images. But the problem is all of them are in different rows. I want my images to be displayed as Main SKUs in Rows and their multiple image links in columns in front of them. Please help, Thanx. Raw Data Main SKU Image Links...
  14. N


    I have some problems with doing these reports, can anyone help me? https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=30339B713429A885!1448&ithint=file%2cxlsx&authkey=!ADupp2Ig0QcS5Lg The report must be done with some condition mapping following the mapping rules which I have added it in the first sheet...
  15. A

    Consolidate sheets into one tab?

    Hi, I have a workbook containing multiple sheets with same formatting in each tab. I am trying to take all the sheets and create a pivot table containing the data from each sheet. Is this possible to do? I am trying to avoid using a master tab because the information changes daily and the same...
  16. A

    Subtotal above the pivot table

    Hello Guys, I have a Pivot table, where i need to add new row above the pivot table and show the subtotal of each column till last available Column. (Pivot range may vary) Below is the code which i tried but it was not working correctly. Please help. LR = ActiveSheet.Cells.Find("*"...
  17. G

    Excel Re-arranging data - row to column

    Hi, I have this data on excel SCALE_NO SCALE_NAME SIZ 1 DUAL 3942 1 DUAL 4346 1 DUAL L/XL 1 DUAL M/L 1 DUAL S/M 1 DUAL XS/S 2 ONE SIZE O/S 3 TALLA L 3 TALLA M 3 TALLA S 3 TALLA XL 3 TALLA XS 3 TALLA XXL 3 TALLA XXS if possible rearrange with some steps like...
  18. S

    Generate metrics for one vehicle when fleet, make or specific registration is selected

    Hi, We've got a fleet of 58 vehicles that we used to manage by registration, so for example we would get individual requests per vehicle for MOTs, servicing, breakdowns, repairs etc. Every entry is tied to an individual vehicle, so there are hundreds of entries but it's fairly straightforward...
  19. H

    Problems with pivot and calcuated fields!

    Hi All, I have a major problem with Pivot – here a short description. I’m trying to calculate how many units per departure we have on a ferry. The raw data looks like following: Date Month Time Product Length Amount Departures 23.3.2020 March 18:30 CAR 6 2 1 23.3.2020 March 18:30 VAN 8 2...
  20. V

    Weighted Utilization % in Pivot based on Volume, Plant & Product Group

    Hi All, Really hoping for some help here in calculating the correct weighted utilization. The idea is you have multiple plants within each product group and within each plant you have multiple lines with different possible volumes. Based on the volume assigned to the line you have a...

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