1. wsnyder

    Run Time Error 1004 'Unable to get the PivotFields property of the PivotTable class

    Hi all, Using Excel365 My code is retuning an error Not sure why? I am trying to add 4 Row Fields to the Pivot Table. The first 3 are added to the Pivot, but not the 4th. I see the column in the data source I can manually drag the field from the Field List to the Rows Fields Not adding the...
  2. B

    Create Same Pivot but filter differnt value in each workbook

    Hi Team, I have below code where I am creating new worksheet for each director in the list and named the worksheets to the directors name. Sub test() Dim a As Variant Dim i As Long Dim ws As Worksheet a = Cells(2, 2).Resize(Cells(Rows.Count, 2).End(xlUp).Row - 1) For i = 1...
  3. J

    Unable to set the currentpage property of the pivotfield class

    Hi there, Leveraging some posts online, I have created a macro that should allow the user to make filter selections on one sheet while having the actual pivot table on another sheet. Sub Update_Pivot() Dim ws As Worksheet Set ws = ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet Dim wsname...
  4. B

    VBA to set PivotField value

    I have recently converted a project to use the Data Model and Power Pivots. This project has numerous Pivots on a template. The Pivots need to set the value of a PivotField to change the view between various departments. When I recorded the actions, I got a line that looks like this...
  5. V

    Can't refresh column filter in Pivot Table through VBA

    I am trying to use the following macro to automatically update a pivot table when something changes (just the barebones changes below) : Dim pf As PivotField Dim pt As PivotTable Set pt = Sheets("Top 10 Pivots").PivotTables("TotalUS") Set pf = pt.PivotFields("[MonthOnlyDateTable].[Fiscal...
  6. H

    Sub or Function not defined

    Hi, I modified the following code to refresh a set of filters in a pivot table based upon the values that are placed in cell range. I thought this code could work but I'm getting a "Sub or Function not defined" error. Any idea where I could have messed up this code? Do you think this will...
  7. J

    PivotTable Data Type Error

    Hey everyone.... I'm looking to create a macro that will update a PivotTable filter to the most current/recent date -- this date will be end of month (so a 01-31 for example, these dates are formatted like -- 2018-01-31T00:00:00). The idea is that the code will reference a cell within my...
  8. A

    VBA to change Power Pivot Filters

    Hi all, I have built a pivot table using power pivot; it's set to tabular view so that Customer Code and Company Name are in columns A and B. When a user clicks on the Company Code or Company Name then the Macro needs to jump to the P&L Sheet and change the customer Code to match... Option...
  9. G

    VBA - Move all Row Fields to Report Filter, Regardless of Field Name

    Hi, I'm building a macro right now that reads some filters a pivot table based on data entered in another master workbook. This file has to work with multiple (10+) different pivot tables, which are generated daily, and all of which have different Pivot Fields available. I've gotten to where...
  10. B

    VBA To make pivotfield use its source datas format

    Hi, As the title says I am trying to have my pivot table use the format for each field that its source data uses. I have used this code to change the names of each of the pivotfields in the pivot table and would preferably like a way to do this using the for loop indicated below when changing...
  11. G

    VBA Pivot Table - Pivotfield Dynamic?

    Hi, I have been looking for a solution to this for a while, I have found things that come close but when I try to emulate it, it fails. I have a file that I run at any given time that has 13 months of financial account balances. Those 13 months change each month based on the current month. For...
  12. P

    Trying to loop through data in the second column of a pivot table. Stuck. Need Help.

    Hi, I have a pivot table with two columns: Code and Quantity. I want to loop through the Quantity column and hide all values = 0. I can do this easily by incorporating this into my code: pt.PivotFields("Code").PivotFilters.Add _ Type:=xlValueDoesNotEqual...
  13. rkol297

    CRITICAL TIME FRAME - SUPER STUMPED!!!!! - Run-time error '1004': Unable to get the PivotItems property of the PivotField class

    I have this large macro that when it is contained as one large macro the code runs perfectly without issue. Sub RSLDashboardtesting() Dim APPSPD As Worksheet With Application .ScreenUpdating = False .Calculation = xlCalculationManual .DisplayAlerts = False...
  14. C

    Updating Pivotfields from a Data Validation list across multiple Pivot Tables on Multiple sheets

    Hello I have an issue that i have been playing around with my self for quite sometime now. I found a code that should work but for some reason it is not working and I haven't a clue why. Any help would be appreciated. Goal : Code that will take a drop list and modify the pivot filters on...
  15. I

    can I choose which pivotTable rows to subtotal?

    Do pivotFields have a property to let me not do any subtotal at all? For example, I have 'order by date' and 'item' as my rows, with 'amount' and 'deliver by date' as my values. I want to total amount, but totaling the dates doesn't make sense to me. I've been going with 'min of deliver by...
  16. S

    VBA: How do I use/fix pivot item and pivot field?

    I found some VBA code to separate a detailed list based on a pivot table filter. I modified the code from creating a separate file for each pivot item to creating a separate tab. That part works great. The detailed list is tasks by employee and the separated filter is director. The detailed...
  17. L

    Quick Question- VBA to swap Pivot Table Fields

    Quick question- I'd like to put in some code to swap the first field item in the row label section. I can do this by specifying the specific field I want to remove, but how can I get rid of the current "first field" if I don't know what it is? So I might have my Row Labels as: Name State...
  18. W

    Removing Column, Row and PageFields in Pivot Table

    Hey guys, I have the following problem. I have a Pivot Table that is linked to an Access Database. In order to get the required results for my management report I need to remove and drop a lot of column, row and page fields which requires a lot of time. I have recorded and tweaked over 40...
  19. M

    unable to get the pivotfields property of the pivottable class

    When I record a macro to remove a data field from a pivot table, I get this: ActiveChart.PivotLayout.PivotTable.PivotFields("Sum of orders").Orientation = xlHidden I then return the pivot table to the exact state it was in before I recorded the macro and run the exact code that was recorded...

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