1. H

    Excel struggles to respond with certain formula

    I enter the number 45 into cell A1. A2 formula: A1+1 (Returns "46") A3 formula: A2+1 (Returns "47") A4 formula: A3+1 (Returns "48") I have this sequence for about 200 rows. I understand that you are able to just drag down to continue the sequence of consecutive numbers although this is in...
  2. T

    List Box and Bookmarks

    Is it possible to create a list box that when an item is selected will take you to a place on that sheet and how? Thank you!
  3. T

    Converting number to fixed length field

    Hi all, Not VBA related at this stage but I will be hoping to convert it into VBA in the long run. I need to convert a number, which will be of indeterminate length, into a text string of fixed length. The length is 14 characters long. To fill the length, I need to add leading zeros to the...
  4. H

    Format Cells

    Hello Friends, I want to format the cell that allows me to enter both positive & negative number with 1 decimal place. Like +1.0 or -1.0 regards, Humayun
  5. R

    Excel - non vba code - Calculate Prize Money by Place

    Prizes are award to individual players by Flight; 5 places are paid, in the event of a tie, the prize money is distributed between the players and rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount; i.e., Player 3, 4 and 5 are tied for 2nd place – the prize award for 2nd place is $6, 3rd place is $5 and...
  6. H

    Increase OR Decrease the complete value

    Column B is updated with RTD Output required in Column C as: If 3rd decimal place >=5, then INCREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple ELSE DECREASE the 2nd decimal place by 1 value & COMPLETE VALUE to nearest .05 multiple Thanx in adv I am using...
  7. I

    PLACE TEXT RIGHT: place a character to the right in same place

    I am trying to put asingle text character al the way right when using "courier new" itlines up in he same place. The setup is: Name cell: Last, First Group cell: can be character two, three, or fourcharacters, and will be listed first Using FIND to get just the LEN of Last nameand comma...
  8. J

    Lowest decimal place value from a range of data

    I have this array formula which calculates the highest decimal place in a range. {=MAX(LEN(SUBSTITUTE($A$1:$A$9,TRUNC($A$1:$A$9)&"","",1))-1)} How can this be modified to return the lowest decimal place in a range?
  9. I

    Can I copy only certain data from a cell?

    Hi I have sheet1 with the date and time in this format in cell A1, like this.... 06/08/2019 20:20:00 Is it possible to vlookup this cell to place only the time on to sheet2 in cell A1? Thanks Ian
  10. J

    Formula to convert Oz back into autosum and add to left of decimal place

    Help please, I have a fishing club workbook that I have to sit and work out in Lbs and Ounces. I have the format for cells as ustom 0" lb". 00" oz." Once autosum has been applied to a range it will give a total in LBs and Ounces but counts all of the ounces up. Is there a formula that anyone...
  11. M

    automatically extract data from separate cells with variable rows inbetween when criteria met

    Hi Im using excell 2016 i wish to exctract rows of certain cells of data into a new sheet when the two criteria are met in column "B" my sheet has a 5000 rows and a just require a summary sheet search column "B" 1st criteria = Name:(B:9) extract cell E:9 D:9 & C:9 and place in a new sheet...
  12. P

    Insert rows below and place the text from above cells

    Hi all, kindly require to provide me a VBA code so that to insert rows below and place exactly the same contents (e.g. numbers, dates, descriptions e.t.c.) as from above rows cells, except the contents in col. "E" and "J". Thank you all in advance
  13. P

    Place number in adjacent cell

    Hi to all of you, kindly require to provide me support so that a VBA code to run through column "H" and where cells contains the text like "Electricity" should place the code "105020100". in adjacent cell in col. "F" Thank you all in advance
  14. R

    Table Viz not displaying zero (problem is not "show items with no data")

    I have a table visualization on the canvas set up that currently looks like this: <tbody> Company Place Incident Count (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) (Blank) Company A Place 1 1 Company A Place 2 1 Company A Place 3 (Blank) Company B Place 4 2 Company C Place 5 1...
  15. X

    Drag and drop cell by selecting any place inside a cell

    Hi, I like to move cells around the sheet in my work, to do so, you have to select border of the cell, only then you can move the whole cell. My question: is it possible to enable either through settings or VBA - ability to move cells by selecting any place inside the cell, not only the corner...
  16. D

    Overlapping Pivot Table - that I can't fix

    I have a massive workbook, that has macros, and pulls data and places it in another file. When I place it manually, and then update the pivot tables, it has no problem. When I allow the macro to place the data, (it places it in exactly the same place), then I refresh the pivots, it tells me...
  17. D

    Pulling substring of numbers into Macro data pull from a specified ID.

    Nuance is a bear. My code needs to look through a string of numbers for a specified text,"(10)" and then extract number for a function to the next "(" usually 7 characters. I can extract part of the string with Left, Mid, Right functions but I get all the other numbers again. My code is all...
  18. R

    Split Text in to adress format

    Hi, Can some body help me to split the excel value. I have a list of address's in one excel and I want to split it into the normal address format. for eg. my current value is something like this, <tbody> Abraham , XXX HOUSE, yyyy POST PLACE 689121 </tbody> I want to split it like...
  19. C

    Need Formulas Col G formula to place digits in col B low to high Col D formula to place OE count in col D Col F formula to place LH count in col F Thanks for all the suggestions!
  20. redspanna

    code to extract text from string

    Hi all Can someone please help to suggest code for following through column B I have date/time entries like following.. 18-05-19 14:40 ..and similar through column C 18-05-19 21:57 I'd like the code to..... extract the date from the string through column B and place into column E extract...

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