1. V

    Return percentage value if match two cell ranges text value same with condition

    Dear Friends, anybody can help me to find a formula to get the result. I have an inspection plan for employees to perform their job and tracking their data entry to get the result of how much percentage they did their inspection. Employees will enter each inspection job in the "INSPECTION JOB...
  2. V

    Conditional formatting colour scales on different cell

    Hi, I have used colour scale to format the % complete cell but I need the format to be the same in column a so I can hide column b. Is there an easy way of doing this I want to keep the colour scale? Thanks <tbody> <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> Status percent complete Complete 100%...
  3. G

    how to simplify nested if

    this is my formula for IF...
  4. V

    Struggling to produce report based on horizontal table.

    Hello All, This is my fist post here so please accept my apologies if this doesn't followthe usual format for asking questions. I have a worksheet which I use to monitor staff holidays and plan resourcesaccordingly. Part of this sheet is a table with a list of about 50 staff on theleft and the...
  5. O

    Formatting report - Pivot table

    I have a spreadsheet to track documents issued, when and a transmittal number. The transmittal can have multiple documents and each document can have multiple revisions. Where I am stuck is trying to format this data into a report based on documents or on transmittal. I have tried using a...
  6. A

    How to stop entries in excel if it’s value above the set of target

    Hai , can any one help me to solve this issue Am creating one leave plan template , I want to restrict the entry if the leave is crossing above the target . In my template row is employee names and column follow dates, And for leave plan i put code for leave as “V” and total count by using...
  7. O

    Help with csv data import

    Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help. I am looking to do a data import from an excel csv. I want to use this for a table seating plan. On the plan, there will be upto 50 tables. Each table will have a title (table 1, table 2, table 3 etc). Under each table there will be upto 15 guests...
  8. D

    Complex Nested IF AND

    Hi everyone, I could use some help. I'm trying to draft a complex IF statement to break various customers into a green, yellow, orange, or red status. I have a column to specifically state this, which will use conditional formatting per color, so our leadership can more easily see which of...
  9. ragav_in

    Need Autofilter for more than 2 criteria - Array is not working

    Dear All, I am trying to filter a range in excel (15 columns) and the filter criteria to be applied on a column (Column 2) which contains description. I want to apply filter on that column to get only the rows of data that meet 3 criteria such as "PMP", "PM Plan", "Project Management Plan". If...
  10. S

    VBA Code for transpose for Large Data Set

    Dear All, Can you please help me to transpose data. I have three columns "Emp_ID, Compensation Plan and Amount. I want Compensation Plan to be transposed to Basic salary, HRA, Bonus and Commuting Allowance by Columns. I have 4000 employees list which has more than 18k rows. Please help...
  11. L

    Test Plan FOR Excel Workbook

    I maintain an aged workbook for my company that is twenty years old (approximately), containing over 20,000 lines of code. There is no documentation for the workbook. I am having difficulty successfully publishing updates to it because there is no test plan. If anyone has a guide, or a link...
  12. B

    Checkbox Macro - Multiple Checkbox

    Hello, I have a workbook with 2 sheets. Sheet 1 contains 3 rate plans all with their own checkbox (form) 1. Basic 2. Advantage 3. Gold I have a second sheet that all the inclusions of the rate plans. I have added on the top of the sheet the rate plans and a check box next to the inclusion...
  13. H

    Hyperlink with IF functions and vlookups

    Hoping someone can provide some help on this. I have a spreadsheet where people fill out the sheet with their skill assessments. Once those are filled out, the responses using the IF function and vlookup would populate the Development plan tab. Some of the items that get pulled into the...
  14. J

    Dynamic List, with a catch

    Hello all. First post... Here is a simplified example of what I want to accomplish. I can change the individual's mobile data rate plan for my group each month, depending on usage. I have ~1000 lines to work with. The plans are only grouped for readability. Rate plans are: 01. 1 MB Plan -...
  15. T

    Project Plan Dependencies Formula

    I have a project plan that works fine. I'd like to add a column for dependency and the date would be updated based on the finish date of the row id that is entered. Any suggestions on if this is possible?
  16. N

    Sum every nth column for x instances (to get a weekly YTD number)

    Hi, I'm trying to sum every 3rd column up to the current week in order to have a current year to date sum up to our current fiscal week (or any fiscal week chosen). Below is the current setup, any ideas with sumproduct, offset, mod probably make sense but I can't wrap my head around what the...
  17. A

    Adding Suffix to a cell based on value of a another Cell

    i'm dealing with columns A and F. I need to add letter A to end all values in Columns A if Column F has Level or Roof in columns F. Data before modified Column A Column F <colgroup><col><col></colgroup><tbody> P1.00 LEVEL P1.09 LEVEL P1.10 LEVEL M1.11 ROOF PLAN M1.12 ROOF PLAN...
  18. M

    Complex Index match or sumproduct?

    Hi I'm stuck. I have a table where I want to read the dates depending on country and row type. THEN - populate this on another table under the relevant date with a code. So here's my table I am reading from (sorry I can't paste it as a table for some reason?)...
  19. rogerfoster88

    Dragging my formula to the right that goes straight from $C$8:$C$12 to $C$14:$C$18 and so on, without breaking the whole formula

    A huge thanks to Fluff and Jack for helping me get to where i am with my formula. =SUMIF('[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$C$8:$C$12,B138,'[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$D$8:$D$12)/6+SUMIF('[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$J$8:$J$12,B138,'[Production...
  20. D

    VBA Range.value = does not populate cell is there is existing data in cell

    Hi All I have a simple code blow that i have in my excel. As the Value of F4 changes from time to time, the values to be populated in the Range changes. But i find that if once a value has been populated, the new option cannot overwrite the cell. Ie, if Plan A was chosen, and Cell G5 is already...
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