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    Color code every other group of cells

    I need to color code a group of cells every time a value changes. For example, in column A, I have the word Truck in the first 5 cells, then the word Horse in the next 5 cells, then the word Plane in the next 8 cells, etc. I need a formula to color cod each group of cells whenever the value...
  2. B

    Sort multiple tabs

    Thank you in anticipation. I have multiple tabs on a worksheet that are ordered thus (the numerals are times but set as text): Bus 14.10 Bus 14.40 Bus 15.10 Car 14.15 Car 14.45 Car 15.15 Plane 14.20 Plane 14.50 Plane 15.20 I would like to sort the tabs in TIME order.
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    Excel Solver Airplane Scheduling

    We have let's say 10 private planes that we use to transport customers. Each customer has their own departure and arrival airports. I am trying to see if Excel Solver can help me decide which plane to use for any of the customers based upon closeness and meeting the departure/arrival time in...
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    VBA Copy rows to another sheet

    Hey everyone! Hope everybody is doing well. I've bee searching around and I've found some threads that are similar to what I'm trying to do but small differences completely change the results. I have a spreadsheet that is e-mailed to me daily. It has hundreds of lines that need to be...
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    Using X,Y coords to assign grid area

    I have a list of x and y values for a 600x600 coordinate plane. I want the plane divided up into 9 equal grids (200x200). Is there a formula to return which grid the x,y coordinate exists in? As of now, I think I can do it using several IF AND formulas in multiple cells. (ie. IF (A2>0 AND...
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    Using VLOOKUP and SUMIFS at the same time

    Hey guys and gals, I have a question about a formula im trying to build. I'll type an example below because im as bad at explaining as I am at writing formulas apparently...So, on Sheet1 I have the following In example data in rows: A1 B1 C1 D1 car RV boat plane boat car...

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