1. D

    Looking to improve efficiency of code

    The following code was taken from a macro I have been working on .... most of which is due to the help of people within this Forum... so thank you. Unfortunately, it takes over 60 seconds to run. I can't blame those who helped me in the past because I never conveyed the entire scope of the...
  2. S

    Combinations and permutations

    I have some work, in an Excel spreadsheet. Create an excel where there are 22 players list and create all the possible combinations for 11 players team. The conditions are as below :- Create your Dream11 team by picking 11 players as per the following combinations (C1,C2,C3...) within a budget...
  3. D

    Initial population of an ARRAY in Excel

    I currently have a spreadsheet that is filled with functions and. using macros. loops through thousands of potential combinations searching for the best possible solution. This is all being done to try and match up tennis players who have competed the least amount of times against one...
  4. gravanoc

    How to combine totals for a sheet with multiple entries for the same thing

    I have a large sheet with soccer players & the number of goals they have scored each season (each column is 1999-2000, 2001-2002, etc. up to 2019-2020). The players names are often duplicated down about 3500 rows of data. How can I get a single row count of all their goals? For example...
  5. R

    Excel - non vba code - Calculate Prize Money by Place

    Prizes are award to individual players by Flight; 5 places are paid, in the event of a tie, the prize money is distributed between the players and rounded to the nearest whole dollar amount; i.e., Player 3, 4 and 5 are tied for 2nd place – the prize award for 2nd place is $6, 3rd place is $5 and...
  6. D

    Hockey Pool Updates - Need VBA Help

    What I am attempting to is streamline my process of updating my hockey pool each season. It is a keeper league, and so each team can keep up to 4 players from their previous season's team. The other thing is that when a player is kept, his "draft pick value" is one round higher than his previous...
  7. S

    How to assign a numerical value to a name

    Please help, I’m a excel beginner and have tried everything I could to figure my problem out. I am trying to create a spreadsheet for a team. I want to be able to get an average rating between my players. So I’m trying to list 1 players name and their rating and then be able to list all players...
  8. B

    Can I do this?

    I draft a bunch of fantasy football teams and would like to take all the players I have drafted (from about 20 drafts, 28 players each) place them into an Excel file to determine ownership percentages. Trying to determine my exposure to player. The app I use to do the drafts allows me to...
  9. V

    Trouble with Import functions

    I have a golf spreadsheet I've been using and want to try and take it to the next level. I want to be able to automatically update players handicaps from a website, specifically On that website you can lookup a players handicap by name or by course. However, once you're in this...
  10. R

    Excel - non vba code - Associate a Text Phrase to a Group of Ranked Numbers

    I have ranked a list of players by score (low to high using the Rank function) and wish to designate (using text) the present standing (1 to 5 places) of the player. If 2 players are ranked 1, the next lowest player(s) would be ranked 3, etc. I would like to designate, via text in a Notes column...
  11. G

    Not sure if this is possible......BUT

    I'm trying to make a fantasy football draft tool. I want to take a ranking system from one page where the players are listed as Patrick Mahomes KC (12) and match them to players already on a team through another website that are listed as Mahomes, Patrick KCC QB. And then remove those already...
  12. C

    Web-Based Data in Different Tabs of Same Workbook?

    I have a spreadsheet into which I pull data from a web page-based table that gets updated every day with a refresh command. I actually have two tabs for this purpose: one tab reflects "all players", and the other reflects "active roster" players only. These are two different subsets of total...
  13. A

    Ranking outcome

    <tbody> NAME NUMBER WEIGHT POINTS RANK JOHN 1 0.5 15 5 PETER 5 5.0 100 1 GERRY 6 CHARLES 2 4 60 2 TANK 3 6 50 3 BILL 1 3 40 4 1ST PLACE 2ND 3RD NAME? NAME? NAME? </tbody> Good day all, please assist me with a...
  14. L

    Getting results with multiple criteria and multiple results

    Hello all, I have a worksheet that has all my board games and relevant playing data. Column A is the minimum players Column B is the Maximum players Column C is the Game Type (Board, Dice, Etc.) Column D is the Play Type (Co-Op or Comp) Column E is the Game’s Title I was to have a section...
  15. G

    20 golfers over 3 days playing in foursomes

    I'm trying to create a spreadsheet where I can 20 golfers playing over 3 days and none of the golfers play with each other twice. On each team will be two "A" players and two "B" players. I've figured out how to make the 1st day random but I can't figure out out to make days 2 & 3 where the...
  16. R

    Division Formula & ROUNDING UP

    Im running a league and I have x amount of players paying $13.50 a week. I am trying to get a formula set-up for this that ROUNDSUP Example for week #1 the total money collected was $1,374 If I divide that =C9/13.5 by $13.50 it comes up with 101.7777778 Now what I am trying to come up with...
  17. Nitehawkhp

    Load FORM with data from Excel worksheet

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. The 'Yes' and 'No' cells also have radio buttons to select who will be playing during that round of competition. I have been unsuccessful at...
  18. Nitehawkhp

    Load player names into FORM automatically

    Hello again, I have a FORM that is used to select players/teams to play in a tournament, and then macros will generate brackets for the competition. On the FORM there are radio buttons before the 'Yes' and 'no' words. They are used to select who will be playing during that round of...
  19. G

    Autofill a column with unique text entries from data from another column

    Hi, Please take a look at the image I linked below pertaining to my question. The above image is a spreadsheet keeping score of a sport league. The games are played on different dates and there are different players coming to different games (some players come...
  20. Nitehawkhp

    Extract data from TABLE, based on DATE and find MAX score, #of players, and player's name.

    Hello, First let me give you a little background on my problem. This is my first post in this forum. I have tried to find a solution to my problem by searching the web and several forums. However, I have not found one. I have been able to get some segments to work but need some assistance to...

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