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    Matching/Comparing Data between Sheets According to Date

    I have the following macro (that works): Private Declare Function PlaySound Lib "winmm.dll" _ Alias "PlaySoundA" (ByVal lpszName As String, _ ByVal hModule As Long, ByVal dwFlags As Long) As Long Const SND_SYNC = &H0 Const SND_ASYNC = &H1 Const SND_FILENAME = &H20000 Private...
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    How to program Excel 2010 Win7 64bit to play audio waves in response to changing variables

    Operating environment: Windows 7 64 bit running Excel 2010. My present application processes streaming data and generates constantly changing visual interpretations. Now I want to make the application talk to me in English. My plan: 1. Record a variety of alert messages and action commands as...
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    PlaySound issue with Windows 7 64 bit

    I have a popular fantasy football spreadsheet package which I've sold for years. One of the features (frills) in one of the files is the ability to play "trash talking" sound effects. Someone in your fantasy draft makes a pick you want to laugh at, click the appropriate sound file, and hit play...

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