1. V

    Search in Excel

    Hi, Thanks in advance. May i search the following value/text 13452 3009 12744 in given sheet Excel 2010 32 bit AB 1 210089 33363 413452 53009 612744 712744 856000 956000 1066080 1156000 1210620 1317700 1410620 1517700 1610620 175310 187080 197080...
  2. H

    VBA: Change text colour to red

    Hi, I need a function not macro. to change Column I , ERROR! to red. e.g ERROR! Pls check the file ERROR! Pls check the folder I know can use conditional formulas but conditional dont found at older excel format. SO i like to use vba
  3. V

    Workbook should not open - code require

    Hi All Board members, Can any one please provide me code.. the excel file which i will share today with someone..should not open that workbook without password.. Pls assist..
  4. V

    Need formula understanding

    =(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)-1)*("19:00"-"7:00")+IF(NETWORKDAYS($AG2,$AG2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10),MEDIAN(MOD($AG2,1),"19:00","7:00"),"19:00")-MEDIAN(NETWORKDAYS($AF2,$AF2,Lookup_table!$J$2:$J$10)*MOD($AF2,1),"19:00","7:00") can anyone pls explain and understand me how this...
  5. X

    How To Sum Every 5 Rows?

    Dear All, I do have a huge data set spread across 1000 of rows. I would like to add every 5 rows as per following sample. My Data is across column B & the result should get populated in the column C. Pls help with the formula. <tbody> Amount Desired Result 100 50 30 150 70 400...
  6. R

    Get all possible permutations

    Hello Team, I want to make all possible permutations of a name. I have a name like X Y Z and i have separate this name on the basis of space so now I have A1 - X B1 - Y C1 - Z In D1 I want to get all possible permutation of X Y Z for example X Y Z or Y X Z or Z X Y and so on.. or should be...
  7. M

    Vba macro

    Pls can someone pls help with a vba macro to enable send me auto remainder from excel to gmail of my boss
  8. B

    IF function

    i want to copy all items on F column to G column without blank. i tried using "if" function but i think im missing something. pls help me
  9. V

    Need understanding on - Network formula + some nested formula's

    Dear All, Can any one pls explain me how this formula works.. *Lookup_table sheet = J2 - J10 = holiday list *AF = start date *AG = close date Pls explain..
  10. X

    Convert Total OT Hour Conditionally?

    Dear All, I have the following sample Monthly OT Hour(Aggregated) which I need to covert as follows:- Could somebody help me out with the formula pls? Sample data set along with the desired results as follows:- 30:50:00=31:00 30:29:00=30:00 Regards
  11. J

    please help me

    <tbody> A B C D E F 25 10 0 250 60 125 7 500 100 336 33 600 369.25 1425 526 181 </tbody> I want A x B = answer in two raw ( last 3 digit n "F" and first any amount digit in "E") what can i do ? pls help me
  12. E


    Hello I have a spreadsheet full of orders for Jan-18 to Sep-18. I am trying to extract data from it - I have managed to extract the most popular product per month using this formula -...
  13. G

    Delete thousand separator

    I want to automatically delete the thousand separator in this value. Can someone pls. help me with a Excel formula? 1.500.00
  14. R

    Identify Unique Value Only

    Hello Everyone, Hope you are fine. I have a spreadsheet and there is a column contain duplicate value. Pls find below for example <tbody> A B C D 1 1200 2 1500 3 1200 4 1700 5 1200 </tbody> I need a formula in B1 where result should be like below: <tbody>...
  15. V

    Run time error 1004

    Getting an error on this.. Run time error 1004 Analysis.xlsx could not be found. Path is correct.. What it can be, pls guide.. Range("A4").Select ActiveSheet.PivotTables("PivotTable2").ChangePivotCache ActiveWorkbook. _ PivotCaches.Create(SourceType:=xlDatabase, SourceData:=Pth & "\" &...
  16. E

    Sumif formula using with subtotal

    Sir pls clarify i want to total only the negative values only with using subtotal and sumif formulas pls help =Subtotal(9,Sumif(D1:D500,"<0")) this will formula getting error
  17. K

    Adding a formula into a statement

    Hi I would like to input a date formula into the middle of a statement, i believe the concatenate formula can be used but i can't get the formula to work, any help pls
  18. P

    Hlookup pick the row

    Hi.. I have 5X5 array table. I would like to know the project name, if one who save hours in the corresponding project. for an example if i am selecting the name Name E from drop down list, the output supposed to be <colgroup><col width="64" span="2" style="width:48pt"> </colgroup><tbody>...
  19. V

    Need urgent advise on workbook lost

    Dear All, I have one workbook, very very mistaken, I delete the data and got was all about, employee presence and absence... can you all, who know, any possiblity, to get that file again before saved...Pls suggest..
  20. E

    Copy every other row

    HI I have a worksheet and I want to copy the contents of every other row for 400 rows like below with drag and fill. Excel does not understand the algorithm. How can I do that? It's 400 rows!! This goes on for columns B to F too. Pls help. [A2]=IF(H2<>"",H2,"") [A3]=IF(H4<>"",H4,"")...

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