1. B

    Add in to identify unused variables

    A couple years ago I came across an excellent utility (free also...) that would go through my code and provide a report that included all the variables I created while I was stumbling along and ended up not using, but I can't for the life of me recall the name of it and no longer have access to...
  2. A

    Want to capture the OLEOBJECTS button Ids/Name on their DblClick event

    Hi, I have one requirement in which i have dynamically created oleobjects button through COMMAND BUTTON CLASS. Now what i want is i want to change their basic properties like backColor, Font etc through Modal form. so i want to handle their DoubleClick event where i can get the Name of the...
  3. N

    Macro needed

    Hi, I am in some major need of help. I'd like a macro -- actually a plug in/add-in if that can be set up -- that finds the maximum DPI print quality setting of a worksheet within an Excel workbook (this is the setting under File | Page Setup | Page tab | Print Quality), and will take that max...

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