pop up

  1. J

    Macro button to open up a pdf based on cell value

    HI, I am wanting a Macro button setup so that when a value is entered into cell E1 and then the button is clicked, a pdf opens up from a folder on X drive. Refer below snip. (Ignore the Display and Reset buttons, I am just after the Layout button) Can anyone help me with this please ...
  2. T

    SendKeys doesn't interact with popup window

    I've resorted to using SendKeys for the time being to create a PDF from my workbook using Acrobat (so the file has bookmarks). I've mapped out the key sequence: Sub exportPDF() Workbooks(ActiveWorkbook.Name).Activate SendKeys "%y2", True SendKeys "c", True SendKeys "w", True Application.Wait...
  3. F

    Excel VBA - How to add a popup that takes input number and adds/subtracts to cell?

    Hello! So I have a column in Excel titled "Number of Units" and I want a popup message to appear whenever someone presses on that column that asks the user to input a number. I want that number to be added to or subtracted from the current value in the cell (hence giving a the new value for the...
  4. A

    Titus classification pop up in VBA (outlook item)

    Hello, I am currently trying to send automatic emails in an excel workbook, but every time an email is sent, since my company is subject to TITUS classification, I have to manually select it in a pop up. I use a regular outlook protocol to send emails I have not been able to find anything to...
  5. D

    Classification pop up issue when saving file

    Hello all, I would like to get some help in how to automatically assign the classification as internal document. At my company we use some classification tool in excel called Secure Islands Classification, and whenever create new file it pop ups asking to set the classification, usually...
  6. D

    Message Box

    Hi, I would like to have a Pop up Message Box (with 'Yes / No' buttons) appear in Outlook when I click on the Send Button and also if possible change the wording of the 'Yes / No' buttons pls...
  7. U

    Popup when file name is "X" but when it is changed dont create popup

    Currently I am using the following in a spreadsheet we use for internal reviews. Private Sub Workbook_Open() MsgBox "Click OK, then please save with your file name before entering information onto the form", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, "ATTENTION!!!" End Sub Is there some language I can use to...
  8. W

    Pop up message if 2 criteria selected. Then go to different sheet when click OK

    I have a Data Validation - List with 15+ options in the data set. I would like the same pop up message when 2 of the set are chosen. Ideally, upon clicking "OK" on the pop up message I would like it to take me to a different tab within the workbook. Would this require a Macro? Or be done within...
  9. L

    Popup alert for expiring date

    Hello my life savers! How to set pop-up alert for expiring date in Excel2010. Like I have multiple Items and I only have producing date, but they all expire in 1 year, and I (my boss) would like to get notification one month before it expires. Something like that. Code I made only worked for the...
  10. velohead

    Edit Links Box Too Small

    I’m using Excel 2013 When I go to Data, Connections, Edit Links, and the “Edit Links” window pops up, I can see near the bottom left the “Location” of the file(s). Well, almost see, because when the pathname is long, (as it is in each corporate that I have worked for, over the decades), then one...
  11. C

    VBA - if false, pop up window to prompt user to enter value

    Hello, I am looking for a formula, using an IF statement, where if true, it populates a number, and if false, a pop-up window opens prompting user to enter the number that should be there. Formula i'm working working with: =IF(D2="OFF",8,AskForValue()) I've also entered a VBA Code i found...
  12. S

    Insert image comment to multiple column

    HELLO ! I am trying to create a vba codes to insert images to multiple cells in a row, which would also help to pop up the comment-images as i pass over them with the cursor. Any idea? Thanks in advance for your assistance!!
  13. K

    Opening macro enabled files.

    Hi, I want to open a number of macro enabled files, and use the data for consolidation. The problem is whenever the file opens the Enable/Disable macro prompt pops out and user action is to be taken. I am trying to consolidate data for around 50 files, without user intervention. How can I...
  14. P

    Cell Click Pop Up Calendar

    I have gone through the coding and now have the option to select a cell, right click, select "Insert Date" and then select a date from the pop-up calendar that...pops up.... The date is then input into that cell. I need to know now how to format that specific cell to pop up that calendar...
  15. R

    Pop up massage when cond. format kicks in

    Hi all, I have created a template for my colleagues, to ease their job and spare me some time fixing errors or rejecting requests. Meaning, a file that contains conditional formatting and VBA/Macro and makes all kind of checks. What i now want to include: Whenever conditional format detects...
  16. K

    Macro to Save As Backup File or Create a Pop Up to save File

    I am not GREAT at Macros, so I will try and explain what I need the best I can. We have a workbook that has a macro already with a Live Clock that calculates the job times etc. It is on a Server for remote access and used by many people 1 at a time. I look in the file at the data to send...
  17. L

    Pop-Up Message for only when a cell's value changes and not when other cells change

    I want to create a pop-up message for two of the cells that contain a formula. Cell A10 counts dates entered in column A for the current calendar year. E10 totals the hours and minutes in column E. I was able to create the following code: Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() If...
  18. T

    Pop up a message in vba

    I have below vba, which works fine with one cell but if I want to extend it to range of cells it bring run time error. <code style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: Consolas, Menlo, Monaco, 'Lucida Console', 'Liberation Mono', 'DejaVu Sans Mono'...
  19. T

    Issue with userform pop-up menu

    Hi Everyone, Using Excel 2013 (32bit) to build an add-in for my workplace. Done lots of this sort of thing before but new to Excel 2013. I have a userform with several controls on it, one of which is a TreeView. This TreeView control is used to display and interact with structured data from a...
  20. J

    Pop up message when data is entered

    Hello. I am new to the site but have already found a TON of helpful information! I would like some assistance with a 2007 Excel spreadsheet. My company currently shares ONE spreadsheet to generate new project numbers (Shown below). My issue is once a new number is assigned, it is supposed to...

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