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    Opening a linked image popup upon mouse rollover?

    Hello everyone, I've been having trouble trying to figure this out, and any help would be greatly appreciated. Right now, I have a map of the United States made up of shapes linking to a dataset (i.e.: when sales are $X and above in state XYZ -> color blue). I'm thinking creating a popup of...
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    Image Popup Coding

    Hello all, Hopefully someone can help. I have a spreadsheet that I've set up at work to list parts. Each part has three associated files, a CAD Model, a technical drawing, and jpg. The CAD model and technical drawing both require special software to open and not every computer at work has this...
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    MS Word: Screen tip question

    Is it possible in word to have an image pop up instead of the text in the screen tip during a mouse rollover or hover? I've been looking for a while and cant seem to find an answer. I'm thinking it could be done with hyperlinks, but have had no luck. We are currently using MS Word 2000.
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    image pop ups

    Is it possible to have an image pop up when i place my curser over a cell? I have a list of nearly 1,000 dvds in a spreadsheet and have trouble remembering what they are and being able to see an image of the cover would help a great deal when trying to find a film to watch. Thanks

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