populate form

  1. R

    Populate Form Based On Non Unique Number and Display Next 3 Instances of that number

    Hello all! It's been a few years since I've needed your assistance, but alas, the draw of programming VBA sucked me in once again. I've developed a program for data entry for a record store that sells online years ago and the code still functions fine although some modules need improvement...
  2. C

    Using VBA Userform to populate an excel spreadsheet,

    Hi, I'm new to VBA so only have a basic understanding so please bear with me. I need some help with this: I'm trying to set up a VBA userform that will input information directly into a spread sheet. All the user has to do is click the userform, add the info and click populate, and the entered...
  3. X

    auto fill of data

    afternnon chaps first post here so go easy I have basic knowledge of excel but require a bit more help i have a spreadsheet(inherited from a former employee) one woorksheet contains lists of data and onother worksheet contains a printable form. i would like to populate this form with data...
  4. T

    Automatically fill web form with data from excel sheet

    I need to sign up several persons on a site. the data to be used is in an excel sheet. How can I automatically fill the signup form on the website using the excel data for each person. Thanks for assisting.
  5. T

    Populating a listbox with text from worksheet

    Hello, I am fairly new to VBA and am trying to do a complex macro (I think). I have not been able to find a solution online. Here is what my goal is: I have 10 sheets in my worksheet that all have seperate calendar dates starting on cell O1 and ranging to AE1. I would like to create a...
  6. EXCELlant

    Creating worksheets from a database

    I have a contract in an excel worksheet and a list of 50 names in a database (in Column A). is there a way to duplicate the contract to make 50 tabs with each contract having the persons name from the database? e.g Contract 1; Mr Smith Contract 2; Mr Brown the name need to populate in...
  7. H

    Combo Box selection to populate Form

    Hello I am working on a form where when a selection is made from a combo box the next box is populated automatically from information entered earlier in a worksheet (GolferDB). Specifically when the last name is selected from a combo box the first name appears in the next combo box...

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