1. A

    Referencing Drop-down list error #n/a

    Hello, I have a multi-sheet workbook and I am having problems with a cell in sheet 1 that references another cell in sheet 2. That second cell is populated by means of a drop-down list and I’m sure that’s where my problem lies but I don’t know how to fix it. I keep getting the #N/A error...
  2. J


    I want to build a hyperlink or a macro which when clicked on will open an new Outlook email with a copy of the file and the email address automatically populated. Is this possible? Ian
  3. P

    IF "x" is within all columns

    I'm looking for a formula to put in 100 rows to tell me if "exclude" is populated in any of the 250 columns. If yes, then "exclude included" If no, then "Exclude not included" Any ideas?
  4. K

    Removing blanks from data set populated with formulas

    Hi, can you help please? I have a data set that is populated with data from a set of formulas. There are multiple rows and multiple columns. The data set contains blank cells where the formula returns no results. What i want to do is to create a single list in one column that will be the...
  5. D

    Data Validation - Locking cells until another cell has been populated with any data (number or text)

    I am trying to lock cells (starting from D16 to D2005) and only unlock the in cell in Column D cells when adjacent cells in column C has been populated with any data (text or numbers). For example if C20 has NOT been populated then D20 remains locked and if any attempt to populate D20 will...
  6. T

    Macro - Cycle through a validated drop down list until reaching the end of the list

    Good afternoon, I need the code for a macro that will select an item from a validated drop down list and then break whilst a form populated from a database is populated. This then needs top reapeat 200+ times cycling to the bottom of the list until there is no more data to pull through. I...
  7. S

    Sort Populated Data

    Hi, I am trying to sort the populated data in a worksheet. Column A has a few records with the cell blank and I want these at the bottom. I have the code below. It runs with no errors but doesn't seem to be sorting correctly. Sub Sort() Sheets("XXXX").Activate ActiveSheet.UsedRange.Select...
  8. V

    Creating a conditional hyperlink...

    I'm an Excel novice, so I appreciate any help anyone can provide on this. Here's the situation: 1. I have a cell on a sheet that will be either remain empty or be populated with text, depending upon the value of another cell. Let's say the text that'll appear is "Opp" 2. If the text "Opp"...
  9. W

    Proper case -- speed issue

    I use this on many work sheets and it works well. But i am working on a table and I think it is doing the entire possible range rather than the populated range. How can I modify this so it only works on populated cells? Sub ProperCase() awsn = ActiveSheet.Name ib = InputBox("Count What Row")...

    Help with renaming a value in a cell with a letter

    Hello to all, We have a WB1 that upon opening evaluates cell d37 if D37 is blank then VB will go out to the network, search another wb2, and retrieve a number and apply that number to D37 of the current WB1. Next, if d37 of wb1 is populated we use this: If Range("D37").Value <> "" Then Exit...
  11. cmschmitz24

    Excel Function to Produce Correct Date

    Hello, I need help with a function to populate the right date depending on what date another cell is: I need to have either 10/1/"current year" or 10/1/"next year" populated in cell D60 based on what date cell B60 is populated. If B60 is before 10/1/"current year", then I need to have...
  12. M

    populate values in a cell based on date criteria

    Hi All, I required assistance on the below. Would be great if someone could help me out with it. I have the below file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5wzide7bso...%203.xlsx?dl=0 I have to look at the below columns I - Usage , column L - Batch creation Date , M - Batch Expiry Date and N -...
  13. W

    Formulas feeding with VBA populated range

    Hello, I have sheet (VAT registrations) where certain columns are populated by VBA with todays date (N and P), based on condition selected by a drop down list. I have another summary sheet with few SUMIFS and COUNTIFS formulas, with ranges the columns populated by the VBA (N and P). The...
  14. W

    VBA calculating dates difference

    Hello, I am trying to write some code that will calculate the days between two dates if cell in column "A" is populated. Currently i have this bit (if A is populated, Q(offset 16) should equal the difference between N(offset 13) and P(offset 15): Dim cell As Range For Each cell In...
  15. J

    Circular Reference - Worksheet Cells Dependency

    I have an issue that is similar to the one discussed in the thread at https://www.mrexcel.com/forum/excel-questions/769002-worksheet-cells-dependant-eachother-circular-reference-problem.html; however, it stretches across multiple tabs. This is a spreadsheet used as a statistical scorecard for...
  16. O

    Populate a cell based on data in other cells

    Help Please! I am trying to populate column F based of the information in columns A-E. The cells I have labeled as Yes/No will initially be blank and will have a data validation to be either Yes or No. An ideas are most appreciated! <tbody> A B C D E F 1 Build Yes/No...
  17. D

    Charting only populated cells within a chart range

    I have a chart which has a data range of M$2:M$200, but often only some of the cells will be populated and the rest would be blank. I want the chart to ignore the empty cells and only chart up to the ones that are populated. Thanks.
  18. Y

    Formula Help

    Hello, Cell V16 contains following formula "=G16+H16-U16@ , what i want is if Cell O3 is populated then Cell V16 = 0, if not populated should run the formula. Best Regards.
  19. detriez

    Apply formula to Column AJ as long as column A is populated

    I am trying to apply this formula to column AJ where column A is populated My sheet has headers and this formula will result in some blank AJ cells. Column A is always populated =IF(AK2<>"",CONCATENATE(($AK$1&": "),AK2)&CHAR(10),"")&IF(AL2<>"",CONCATENATE(($AL$1&"...
  20. A

    If Statement Query

    Hi All, I have the following in a worksheet "=IF(F2>=801;3;2)" It worked perfectly if the value in cell "F2" was populated from another cell on a different worksheet, within the same workbook. When the value in cell "F2" is populated from a text box on a user form it no longer works. Why...

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