popup menu

  1. H

    Issue with using the With End With Technique

    Hello Excel Masters This is my first question on Mr Excel I hope You can Help me I am new to VBA and I whenever I come across a new code I try to simplify before learning one of the things I do is I remove all With - End With and replace them with the original line so I can better understand...
  2. J

    Menus Create Another Sub Menu

    I have the following code which adds a Menu based on data in a spreadsheet, can any one help me with an additional code which will add in another POPUP menu level, I want the popup menus to extend from level 3, so there isn't just one popup menu but a popup menu of the popup menu. Sorry if...
  3. PetLahev

    Excel 2007 - name of popup menu for DataLabel on a chart

    Hello does anyone know how I can show up popup menu for datalabel on chart in Excel 2007 via VBA. For Eaxample; This command shows up popup menu for PlotArea CommandBars("Plot Area").ShowPopup I just want to add a my own button there Look at the picture

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