1. N

    Ribbon for Addin

    Ok, so if I create a Ribbon tab - using customize ribbon for macros in an addin. How do I make those portable so that they can be distributed with the addin ?
  2. Wessie

    Opening a PDF document from within an Excel file

    Hi all I have a quick question that is puzzling me. I want to attach a PDF help file on an Excel file / sheet / workbook that is fully portable. I want to program a button on a userform that will open this PDF document, and if possible, make the PDF file accessible if you press the F1 help...
  3. D

    Make pivot table portable

    I have a workbook with a pivot table which is based on an Access table. I was under the impression that once you refresh the pivot table, excel would store the necessary data internally. I e-mailed my workbook to my home from the office and when I opened it, there was no longer a pivot table. It...

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