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    Apply text to a cell userform to worksheet in current working code

    Good morning, The code in use is supplied below. Currently when i press my Postage Sheet Transfer Button the values are added to my worksheet and the cell in column G is applied the interior RGB colour Red. Please can you advise how i also have text in the same cell, so not only is it then...
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    Upon opening worksheet check value is present in userform

    Afternoon, When i open my worksheet i see a msgbox asking if the userform should be opened. Clicking on Yes should only open the form if NameForDateEntryBox.Text has a value in it. Below is my code attemp but returns variable not defined thus i dont see this msgbox question Private Sub...
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    MsgBox Yes / No to make cell interior Hot Pink

    Afternoon, I have in use the following code which transfers data from my userform to my worksheet. Before i see the message "Customer Postage Sheet Updated" i am looking for a Yes / No Msgbox. Where if No is selected then continue to show the "Customer Postage Sheet Updated" as normal BUT If...
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    Edit to existing working code

    Afternoon, The current working code is supplied below, Basically it allows me to keep certain information about my customers with regards their purchase from me. Currently it works like this. I enter the new customers name in TextBox 2 like example JOHN SMITH "this is his first purchase" I...
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    Vba code to rearrange data

    Hi All i have this "table" in sheet1 starts in cell A1 the mumber of rows will increase substantially as there other costs apart from Postage and courier <tbody> <tbody> OTHER FIXED COSTS TABLE </tbody> <tbody> Jan-18 </tbody> <tbody> Feb-18 </tbody> <tbody> Mar-18...
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    Royal Mail

    Hi first post so bear with me, I have an amazon small business - no more than 10 orders/day at best. I have a spreadsheet into which I import order reports and use VBA macros regularly to make life easy for myself. One time consuming task is typing the addresses of customers into Royal mail's...

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