1. T

    Posting Screen Prints to Questions

    I have a basic question that I haven't figured out. How do I post (paste) a screen print to a message I am posting? I see the Insert Image icon in the ribbon, but when selected it prompts for a URL. How do I post a picture stored locally on my computer to the question I am posting? Thank you...
  2. B

    Posting Pivot Table to Outlook

    Good evening, I'm posting a long Pivot Table from Excel to Outlook. I copy the Pivot table in Excel and go to Outlook and click on Paste, then click Paste Special, then I select Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object, then Ok. Only half of the Pivot Table is posted to Outlook. Help, what am I doing...
  3. MUKESHY12390

    Do we have Option ?

    Hi All Do we have option where we can attached "File" while posting question/Answer to this forum? It's been years I have been using this forum but never seen that option. Thanks, Mukesh
  4. J

    How to include image in posting?

    Is there any way to include an image in a posting? I know that I can upload the image to a file-sharing website and enter its URL in the posting. I would prefer that the image appear within the posting when the webpage is rendered, without the reader having to click on the URL.
  5. JenniferMurphy

    Posting screen shots

    This thread lists 4 ways to post "small screen shots of your sheet(s)": Are they only good for screen shots of cell ranges or can they be used for any screen object? I would like to post a screen show of the Name Manager...
  6. A

    Dax function

    I please need to replicate the sumif calculation on column Z and AA on a power pivot using the function calculate without success. . Can anybody help me, please? Also, this is my first time posting and I did not see where to upload the file.
  7. M

    Duration countdown (single input)

    Greetings, As a policy in other forums, I am posting the same thread below perhaps you have a proper solution for the query ThanksGreetings, As a policy in other forums, I am...
  8. gheyman

    Posting question

    I hope this is the write place for this. If not my apologies. How do you post a table in the forums (excel, Access...) I see where some people show a table with sample data to help explain their questions. Where/how do I learn how to do that?
  9. N

    Calculate Rate based on latest Date

    Hi All, I have below columns :- 1) Posting Date(Column I) 2) Total quantity(Column U) 3) Value in Obj. Crcy(Column V) 4) ESIGNAM(Column AG) Now in column AK I want to below mentioned logic :- For example A is repeated 3 time with 3(1-jan, 2-jan,3-jan) different posting dates, then I have...
  10. pcorpz

    lookup with multiple criteria including date range

    Hi mvps! My goal is to find out the vendor that the customer ordered from. In my lookup table (AP Report), I have the vendor name, and my criteria columns: customer name, itemnumber and the posting date. The customer and item number are exact matches, the posting date however, can be the same...
  11. B

    MS Outlook email tracking

    I need to start tracking our customer email response time from the customer emails in our shared mailbox in various sub-folders with the responses maintained by three members of staff. I don't know where to start as i have no VBA experience with outlook but have created a few macros in excel. I...
  12. Jaafar Tribak

    Posting XML code ?

    Is there a way of posting xml code on this forum without it disappearing ? Thank you.
  13. T

    sending my formula or excel sheet

    is there a way to attach my excel sheet onto my message so someone can see how my formula is working on my sheet and how at times It will give me problems? I tried posting the Formula before but I guess without seeing how my excel sheet is setup it's hard for me to get some help on it.
  14. X

    How To Populate Last "N" Entries Conditionally?

    Dear All, I do have a sample data-set across A1:C11 as follows. <tbody> SKU Location Posting Date 1 A 12-Jan 14-Jan 18-Jan 19-Jan 20-Jan 23-Jan 2 D 13-Dec 19-Dec 28-Dec 04-Jan </tbody> I would like to populate the last 3 posting date from the data set. The...
  15. T

    Converting calculated queries to an update query

    Hello, I've got a select query in which I've created a formula to work out if a 'deferral date' should be provided for an order line. A: IIf(DateDiff("m",[Instalment Posting Date],[Start date]) Is Null And DateDiff("m",Date(),[Start date])>=1,[Start Date],"") B: IIf(DateDiff("m",[Instalment...
  16. D

    Random percentages

    Hi, I need a bit of help for a work project i'm currently looking in to. I need to return a random value that is between 10-25% higher than a specified value. For example, I have a figure of £314.25 and, in the next cell, I need to get a figure that is randomly between 10-25% higher. I know...
  17. max_max

    cross posting

    Hello everyone. Is it possible in this forum for cross posting? max_max
  18. max_max

    correction formula given increase every 2 months

    Hello everyone. Is it possible in this forum for cross posting? max_max
  19. S


    Hello, somebody can tell me please, if I want to delete or unsubscribe my name from this forum, I mean delete all my posts inclunding my ID if course, what is the way to do that.
  20. R

    VBA Code to Post values to first available rows on a new sheet

    Hello, I believe this is pretty simple, however i am very new to VB, and i did not see an a clear sample on other searched threads. I have two sheets, the first one (sheet1) has a set of values in various cells, and (sheet2) is a summary table in which i want sheet1 values to 'post' to the...

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