1. B

    Extract Multiple Sections of Text in a String, Between Two Repeating Words

    Hi All, I have a bit of a challenge and was hoping for some guidance. I have a very long string of text in a single cell and I need to extract multiple sections of text that appear between two words that repeat in the string. For example, here is a very simplified version of the text string...
  2. A

    Cannot post the body of my question, it only posts the first two lines

    I have tried to post a question with a couple of lines of example, but it only posts the first couple of lines -why?
  3. MrDB4Excel

    Email notification of replies

    I have been trying to determine if I have indicated anywhere to be notified by email of replies to my submitted posts, but do not see this information anywhere. Please help!
  4. L

    Can I refer to one of my posts?

    Is it within rules to refer to my post that hasn't had any replies other than my own?
  5. A

    Setting up a discussion forum: user ranks

    A friend is setting up a discussion forum and he is looking for a way to rank the users according to post count. For example: 0-10 posts: rookie 11-49: beginner etc etc etc Any ideas?
  6. I

    Excel Cell common Text

    Hi, I am trying to find the common/repeated text in Cell A2 AND Cell B2 and show the results in Cell C3 Eg: Cell A2 Nice Job, agent 104 Cell B2 Great and nice, but what about 106 Result Cell C3 nice Referred some of the posts but they compare with the whole column which is not required...
  7. E

    Refreshing forgotten posts

    Hello Friends! It can happen to everyone from time to time. When we post questions, help requests etc, some forum members are replaying with no answer or the problem is just above their skills. They are asking for some explenations and the post is getting more and more replays with no...
  8. M


    How I can find ald posts 1 year ago? thank you
  9. B

    Conditional formatting

    This seems like it should be easy enough, but I can't seem to find an easy answer. I have information on column A and column B but I want the cells in column B to be highlighted if it doesn't match column A. I could do it one at a time but with a few hundred lines, it would take a while...
  10. barry houdini

    Search New Posts

    Hello All, I haven't been around for a while and I know there have been problems with the board during that time. I often use "Search New Posts" to get all the latest activity across all forums and hopefully see any replies to threads in which I have posted.........but this doesn't currently...
  11. S

    how do I search for my posts...

    I swear there's a simple way but I can't find it...sorry!
  12. T

    Countifs syntax fail

    People Could someone help me out with my countifs problem. I'm trying to count where in col AM the string reads 'Dog' that the corresponding cell in columns BA:BB reads 'Yes'. I've fannied around with this for an hour or so and even tried searching old posts. To no avail. This is my doomed...
  13. motherteresa

    Etiquette on Number of Posts

    This forum is super awesome!! Anyone have a guide to go by for number of postings? Is there an excepted idea?? Do new rookies like me irritate the ex(cel)perts with rookie questions? Sorry, but I didn't see it addressed. I need help on a few different things beyond my knowledge, but I don't...

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