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    How to disable data prediction in power bi

    I am trying to graph some data from 5 years, on a line graph, and since I have the latest version of power bi, it has added data it has predicted, for the following years, and I would like to graph only the data I currently have on my database on power bi. How can I do this? Thanks.
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    PowerBI - Weekly average volume that runs from March 2019 to February 2020

    Hello everyone, I am trying to make a visual that uses stacked area chart which has the average volume per week. The problem is that I have a date table and a column in it to get the week number "=WEEKNUM('Reported Date'[Reported Date]')". Whenever I am using this as an x axis, the type is...
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    Unable to Set Relationship with Date Table with Multiple Table in Power BI

    I have just started using Power BI. I have created below tables: 1. Date Table 2. Purchase Table 3. Sales Table 4. Purchase Return Table 5. Sales Return Table 6. Scrap Table All tables are having a field of "Date". I want relationship of Date Table with ALL other tables as "Date" field is...
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    Adopting page filters in a report for calculate DAX expressions

    Hello I am facing a problem with filters when using a calculate function. To paraphrase an example, say I have a table of sales with a date and a sale method of either internet or store. In a second table, I would like to create a monthly summary of the number of sales - so I create a date...
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    Dynamic slicer

    I wish to create a measure, so I can dynamically populate a slicer, but the slicers don't accept a measure as input, so I don't know what to do. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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    What is the Substitute for COUNTIFS date based formula ?

    So I have this formula in excel in my raw data =COUNTIFS([Date range],">="&(EOMONTH(Date,-1)+1),[Date range],"<="&EOMONTH(Date,0)) Power BI however doesn't have this function. I tried to use Calculate, but it is still confusing for me to understand some of these formulas. Can you please show me...
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    PowerBI: How to calculate/convert Time into Percentage using DAX/Measure

    Hi to all, I managed to get in Excel desired % of time difference from column E, easy job just changed the Data Type to Percentage. What are we calculating is % of these TimeDifferences, one per one (other columns inconsiderable). The calculation I used is: MOD(D3-D2;1) and Column F (%) is just...
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    Forecasting and what if parameters in Power Bi Desktop

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to do some predictive forecasting with parameters but I'm coming across an issue when using parameters into the future. What i'm trying to do is forecast the amount of people on a waiting list in the future but this can be altered by using parameters which will remove...
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    Power BI: Missing Relationship or DAX query needed?

    Hello everyone! Hope you can help me on this Here's the problem: I'm trying to automate wih power BI something that takes me 4 hours to do. In a first source I get the following information (Excell file) * Reference number * Reference date * Customer * Country * Duration in minutes * Number of...
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    Multiple date slicers

    I am very new to Power Bi and need some help in solving a charting issue. I have multiple charts that use different date ranges in them. 13 month, 12 month, 6 month, 3 month and monthly. How do I have multiple date slicers or a master date slicer that controls multiples for my charts? I would...
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    Non Standard Calendar June 18 - June 19

    Hi, I am doing a piece of work with one of my customers data, unfortunately they do not use a standard calendar the financial year is between 29th June 18 - 27th June 19. i have attached a link to the excel spreadsheet with the week commencing date / Month and period number. if anyone knows...
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    Visual needs to show months by year month not Jan thru Dec

    I am pretty new to PowerBi and am having some difficulty understanding how to make my chart show a run as a running year and not Jan thru Dec. The month I am reporting on starts with the previous month and I need my chart to show May thru April and not January thru December. Some of my months...
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    DAX Top 10 and others

    Hi, I am new to DAX and struggling to find a formula to show me the top 10 customers then all others grouped together under "Others", as i want a clean looking pie chart. the field names are "SupplierName" and the values are "YTD Sales" not sure what other information is required. thanks...
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    Access Table loading slow to SharePoint List

    Good morning, I have a question about why I cannot load a table onto my SharePoint site using the SharePoint Lists command in Access. My data gets to 33% and goes very slowly from that point. I have not been able to load up any table I have tried. There is a large amount of data in the tables...
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    Appending - Refresh one table and not the other

    I am trying to improve the performance of my Power BI queries. From an SQL database I created two tables "Data-Historical" which is set for data pre-2018, I have also Unchecked both Enable Load and Include in report refresh "Data-Current" which is set for data in 2018, I have also Unchecked...
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    Power BI Visualisation Filter issue

    Hi Everyone, I Have a following table from which i created my Power BI Dashboard. <tbody> Table:-1 City Product Revenue Mumbai Desktop 953774 Mumbai Keyboard 793440 Chennai Laptop 391087 Kolkata Mouse 188533 Delhi Keyboard 943413 Mumbai Laptop 317314 Chennai CFL 157082...
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    Return and visualise a table from a filter selected in a matrix?

    The reporting in our hospital's electronic medical record system is horrible, so I've exported some of the data, and I'm using Power BI to create reports and dashboards for the Physio department. There are 2 main fact tables - one with all the encounters that patients have with doctors (fDr...
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    Hów to create a loop in Power BI, using Power query?

    Hello everyone! I have a query here wich contains 10 different columns. I need to create 4 other columns (A B C D), with formulas that contains values from this 10 first columns. One of my inicial columns is called "Period", and it starts in 1. So, when period is equal 1, colunm A is...
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    Update Power BI after importing data model?

    I have a desktop PowerBI file created from a PowerPivot model using File | Import. I updated the source Excel file with a new table using PowerQuery and I would like that table to also appear in the PowerBI file. I can't figure out how to do that. If I try File | Import again it blows away my...
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    How to remove (blank) from Power BI Desktop tile

    Hi Does anyone know how to remove (Blank) from a tile when no data is present and replace with a zero? im new to the tool so any help will be greatly appreciated Rosco

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